December OpenSim region counts

This list was researched in late December… then we forgot to post it because of the holidays.

In November, we counted up over 6,500 regions, so we’re continuing to see around 500 regions gained a month.

This list still has unconfirmed numbers for two grids — OpenLife Grid, and LegendCity. Despite repeated attempts over the past few months to contact the administrators of these grids, we haven’t been able to get up to date region counts, and are using the last known numbers for both grids.

(Image courtesy Boxster Karu of OSGrid.)

(Image courtesy Boxster Karu of OSGrid.)

The biggest gainer in relative terms was Giant Grid, almost doubling from 18 to 34 regions. But the growth winner in absolute numbers continues to be OSGrid, gaining 300 regions since last count. OSGrid is a large, open grid dedicated to community building and testing of the OpenSim environment. Anyone is free to connect a region hosted at home, or on a third-party server. This grid also has the largest user base of all the grids, the most shopping areas, and the most community events.

Other gainers include Meta7 (formerly K-Grid), which grew 29 percent from 146 to 189 regions.

A couple of grids lost ground — Metropolis from 122 to 117 regions, and Open Neuland from 73 to 72 regions, and the 11-region Cuon Grid has been shut down.

As before, this list only includes the top social grids and open grids. We are not counting private and stand-alone grids here, of which there are hundreds.

Total regions: 7,246

[Update: You can browse all hypergrid-enabled public OpenSim grids with Hyperica, the directory of hypergrid destinations. Directory indexes more than 100 shopping and freebie store locations. Updated hypergrid travel directions here.]

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3 Responses

  1.' Lee Bryan says:

    One stat I've been keeping an eye on recently is the week on week growth of regions in OS Grid. The last 4 weeks have been seeing between 5 and 10% per week! This is already starting to put strain on the infrastructure, as shown by the recent inventory crash. A question I wrestle with a lot is when does a "test grid" using Alpha software and with a primary function fo being a test grid become a full fledged resident driven community? I think we're going to have to think about that a lot more in the coming months if this growth rate continues.

  2.' trex blessed says:

    One thing that gets overlooked is the potential of hypergrid. At this moment, each grid is treated and tracked as an independent, isolated system. Hypergrid allows interactions between different grids systems. It may, in the long term, allow the developing communities to distribute the strain of rapid growth amongst the various grids while offering a greater end user experience.

  1. January 15, 2010

    […] blogging and no data was available.  However, Maria Korolov has recently come out with some December 2009 region numbers.  Comparing these to the numbers she had back in September 2009, the largest social grids appear […]