Gronstedt to discuss virtual strategic planning

Anders Gronstedt, president of the Gronstedt Group, presents a case study about how high-level executives make some of their biggest decisions in Second Life today at 2 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Eastern time at a live taping of the Virtual Worlds Keynote program.

Anders Gronstedt

Anders Gronstedt, someone with tremendous experience both as a developer and as a speaker on all things virtual.

Gronstedt will talk about how Schneider Electric and IBM, two global billion-dollar corporations, co-create value without the carbon footprint of flying executives around the world.

“How do companies build dialogue and consensus and collaborate and innovate with today’s post-bureaucracy organizations who work from coffee shops, kitchen tables and cubicles in four countries?” he said. “That was the question facing Schneider Electric and IBM. One thing is for sure: Few breakthrough ideas have ever been conceived while staring at the phone and talking to disembodied voices on a conference call, watching a death-by-PowerPoint webinar drone-a-thon or participating in a video conferencing session that brings the drama and depth of a C-SPAN program. Learn how they turned to the virtual world to create customer intimacy and break through innovation ideas.”

The main part of the conversation will be recorded, but the question-and-answer session will only be available at the live event, said program host Caleb Booker.

Last week’s session, in which Hélène Zuili, CEO of MakeMyWorlds presented a case study titled “Real World Expos in Virtual Spaces,” is here: