UBM Studios Unveils the Virtual Business Continuity Center

Press Release: Turnkey Portal Ensures Business Communications through Interruptions

Chicago, IL — Business continuity planning is an imperative business practice for organizations.  Business interruptions are difficult – whether they are related to volcano eruptions, supply chain issues or key employee announcements – and communications are imperative.  UBM Studios today unveiled a virtual platform specifically for business continuity – the Virtual Business Continuity Center ensures business communications through interruptions of any kind.

“Business interruptions are challenging for any organization and it’s critical for organizations to have plans in place which guarantee business continuity,” said Kate Spellman, SVP/Managing Director of UBM Studios.  “The Virtual Business Continuity Center provides businesses with a virtual solution that can be used in the event of a business interruption that limits attendees from attending an event in person or to bring a company or group of individuals within a company together quickly.”

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Businesses have embraced virtual business solutions as an effective communication tools for their audience experience, to improve communications and gain a competitive advantage.  The Virtual Business Continuity Center is a turnkey virtual communications portal that enables businesses to deliver vital communications in a secure, interactive environment and can be functional for any organization to connect and communicate in just days.

Components of the Virtual Business Continuity Center include:
•       Auditorium with optional group chat and a complete list of upcoming and available presentations.
•       Resource Library that hosts relevant materials such as presentation slides and supplemental material all in one handy location.
•       Help Booth for technical support.
•       Multiple options for interactivity including search, user profiles, pre-, during and post-event activities including group chat, one-to-one chats, email, blogging, surveys and polls.

The Virtual Business Continuity Center is a cost-effective solution that allows users to easily communicate and share content.  The Virtual Business Continuity Center is scalable for an organization of any size and complexity and can be created for both large and small events.

Virtual Business Continuity Center customers control the entire virtual solution by building and scheduling a webcast, conference and training, inviting target audiences and analyzing the results.  Additionally, using the templates provided, sponsorships and branding can be applied easily for each presentation.

The Virtual Business Continuity Center is highly interactive and engages attendees by including pre-, during and post-event activities including group chat, one-to-one chats, email, blogging, surveys and polls.  In addition, the Virtual Business Continuity Center is easy to use and does not require a download; all audiences are able to access the platform through a web browser and the Internet.  Access is security-controlled, ensuring that only registered attendees are able to participate.

For additional information on UBM Studios or to purchase the Virtual Business Continuity Center, contact Kate Spellman, SVP, Managing Director, UBM Studios at 516 562 7383 or [email protected].

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