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Press Release: UBM Studios Introduces LAUNCHPAD, New Virtual Platform to Launch Products and Product Enhancements

CHICAGO — UBM Studios, delivering a complete solution for virtual events and virtual business environments, today introduced LAUNCHPAD, an interactive platform that allows businesses to deliver targeted information and materials directly to key audiences to transform product launch products and product enhancements.  The first LAUNCHPAD program – CRN LAUNCHPAD™ – was created for UBM’s Everything Channel for the technology channel highlighting new product releases and program enhancements.

“CRN LAUNCHPAD™ assists technology vendors transform product announcements, new marketing opportunities and sales programs targeted to Solution Providers.  Through an engaging environment technology vendors can now successfully support launch initiatives in a single environment through demos, collateral, product specs and program communications,” said Robert C. DeMarzo, SVP, Strategic Content, Everything Channel.

“LAUNCHPAD offers a platform to allow businesses to prospect, educate, sell and communicate efficiently and effectively with the inclusion of social networking – ultimately transforming their launch strategies,” said Kate Spellman, SVP, Managing Director, UBM Studios.

Application examples for LAUNCHPAD include:

  • Product Launches. Allows businesses to launch new products to targeted audiences while also  showcasing demos, samples, product specifications, case studies, marketing collateral and sales tools, while also combining product, program, support, sales and marketing initiatives and resources in a single environment.
  • Program Launches. Simplifies the range of program communications on new products and upcoming releases.
  • Sales/Lead Generation. Creates brand awareness down to the point- of-sale and to lead buyers to a place where they can buy what they want.  It can also be configured to create positive brand affiliation and to generate demand for products and programs.

Components of LAUNCHPAD include registration, video, supporting materials, social networking, chat and participation metrics.

For additional information on UBM Studios or to purchase a virtual business solution, contact Kate Spellman, SVP, Managing Director, UBM Studios at 516 562 7383 or [email protected].

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