Utherverse launches virtual learning platform

Press Release: UtherAcademy Now Recruiting Instructors & Students for 3D Web Classes
Revolutionary Virtual Learning Center Lets World Be Your Classroom

Vancouver, BC –  Imagine being in your kitchen with your laptop, learning how to cook tonight’s dinner from an acclaimed chef via live video feed. Your instructor is in Egypt. Your classmates are all over the world. And the classroom is a life-like, 3-dimensional virtual space where you, the instructor and other students can talk to each other and interact in real time. What once was the realm of the Jetsons is now a reality at UtherAcademy, a revolutionary online education center that opened its doors to the world this past November.

The brainchild of Utherverse, the leading developer of the Virtual World Web, UtherAcademy delivers a new way of learning and meeting, where members can attend and facilitate classes in an immersive 3D virtual environment designed to feel like a real classroom setting. Students and tutors from anywhere in the world can interact using their own personal avatar, voice (VoIP) and text communication, and audio and video teaching tools.

“UtherAcademy has exceeded all our projections and expectations for a successful launch with every single course that has been offered selling out. Now, we are actively looking to recruit new instructors and students,” said Anna Lee, Utherverse VP of Business Development. “This new education experience gives teachers access to 7 million potential students and class sizes as large as they can handle. Students get access to talented educators across the globe, and they can learn from home in their pajamas, or wherever there’s an Internet connection.”

Groundlings alum Brian Palermo teaches improvisational acting. (Image courtesy UtherAcademy.)

Potential instructors simply contact UtherAcademy with a proposed course, class size and cost per student. If the course is approved, the instructor earns most of the fees that are paid by the students, and they are permitted to sell additional materials to supplement their classes.

Popular UtherAcademy offerings include classes in software training, work-at-home businesses, meeting singles, cooking, and acting, as well as courses that teach people how to make money in the burgeoning virtual world. Indeed, thousands already make their full-time living operating businesses on the 3D web, and with that number expected to skyrocket into the millions, the demand to learn virtual trades is booming.

“UtherAcademy is a uniquely affordable, convenient way to pick up a new trade or learn something new, from experts who might not otherwise be available to you,” said Lee. “You’re online, but the multi-user 3D environment makes it feel like a real classroom. Members even stay after class to discuss coursework with other students.”

Course costs are listed in Utherverse virtual currency (Rays), and range from $5 to $35 in U.S. dollars. One of the more popular and expensive classes, an improvisational acting class taught by a Hollywood actor from famed comedy troupe the Groundlings, is only $30.

“Normally a course like that would be a thousand dollars,” said Lee. “The online component really brings costs down. Where else are you going to get access to this caliber of talent for 30 bucks?”

UtherAcademy currently hosts about 25 classes per week, but hopes to quadruple that as it seeks out new teachers and class ideas. Plans are in the works to develop foreign language, continuing legal and medical education, and World of Warcraft classes in the near future.

For more information about UtherAcademy, or to apply to be an instructor or student, please visit www.utheracademy.com.

About UtherAcademy

UtherAcademy is a revolutionary new way of learning and meeting, delivering and facilitating classes in an immersive 3-Dimensional virtual environment, where students and tutors from anywhere around the world can interact in a more natural way in a classroom setting, each with their own personal avatar representing them, and all from the comfort and convenience of their own home or office.

Classes and meetings are facilitated in a multi-user 3D online environment, enabling voice (VoIP) and text communication as well as audio and video teaching tools. The Academy is hosted by Utherverse through its bold and pioneering platform of the VWW – a Virtual World Web of interconnected 3D communities that delivers a user experience that is vastly more enriching and satisfying than the flat World Wide Web that is so popular today.

About Utherverse.net

Utherverse is the leading developer of the 3D Web, the Virtual World Web (VWW), which currently consists of more than 50,000 independently operated virtual worlds. The company was formed in 2002 with the goal of supplementing the flat web with a 3D web that could bring a new kind of efficiency to businesses and users, in entertainment, education, commerce and charity.

Among Utherverse’s offerings are the Virtual World Web – TheVWW.com – which provides simple software that enables anyone to create their own Virtual World, and Virtual-Vancouver.com, a music-focused online community.