Science ministry releases 3D iPad tour

Press Release: Virtway creates immersive 3D iPad application for Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation

Oviedo. SPAIN – Virtway, in collaboration with IECISA, has created a 3D interactive tour of the most representative centers of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, including the National Museum of Science and Technology in A Coruña.

This application can be accessed in a Web browser through the Ministry website, or downloaded free from Apple’s AppStore.

Virtual tour of Spain's National Science and Technology Museum.

The user may visit the inside of the Gran Telescopio in the Canary Islands and learn about the study of black holes, stars, the Big Bang or watch as ALBA Synchrotron scientists conduct electron acceleration experiments.

Users can walk freely through different recreated venues, consulting information, accessing videos and interacting with avatars that can present information about the scientific environment.

Natasha Moskalenko

“This way you feel you’ve been visiting places that had never been accessible before, you feel you become a participant of the important research,” said Natasha Moskalenko, Virtway’s international sales manager.

A special attraction for visitors is a walk inside the modern National Museum of Science and Technology in A Coruña, which will open its doors as a new national headquarters before the end of the year. There, among its main exhibitions, they will find the cabin of the Boeing 747 that brought the painting Guernica by Picasso from New York to Madrid.

Publishing the virtual tours on the iPad allows the Ministry to promote its facilities to a global audience, since the Apple platform has more than 60 million users worldwide.

Today Virtway is the first platform for creating interactive virtual environments on both the  iPhone and the iPad as well as the PC. The software technology is fully developed by Spanish company Virtway

About Virtway

Virtway is a division of Spain’s Índigo Group, and was created to respond to the growing need for virtual simulation. Virtway is a leader in its technology and its creative capacities. It is an integral part of a business group with more than 10 years of experience of information technology sector, and has developed more than 130 3D simulations, Web applications and mobile projects. For more information, visit


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