InWorldz logoUS $40 a month for a 30,000-prim region, no setup fee, located on the InWorldz grid’s mainland. In-grid currency. Private islands are $75 for a 45,000-prim region, volume discounts available.

Existing region owners can also attach scenic regions to existing land holdings. Scenic regions cost $20 a month for 5,000 prims, and cannot be used for residential or commercial purposes.

A two-by-two region bundle is also available, with $85 per month for the four regions, up to 12,000 prims each. First month is $60 per month.

Platform includes Vivox voice at no additional cost. Regions owners can request upload of full region OAR files, and downloads of filtered OARs. Self-serve OAR uploads and downloads are under development.

The grid does not support megaregions or the hypergrid.

For the past few years, InWorldz has been the single most popular OpenSim grid by monthly active users.

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1 Response

  1.' Vanish says:

    InWorldz is loved by and for its community, which is its main incentive. The grid itself has forked off the OpenSim project and is developing its own version of the software, which is incompatible with the core version. As a result, InWorldz is closed to the hypergrid, and will probably always be. It therefor constitutes a small "pocket" in the OpenSim universe, which provides a good service to its users, but keeps them apart from the metaverse as a whole.

    InWorldz has developed technologies which allegedly improve OpenSim's performance, for example their own scripting engine "Phlox", and are actively working on more improvements. Sadly, none of these have so far been contributed back to the OpenSim project.

    Pricing and performance are fair, and the community is welcoming. My opinion is therefor split: On one hand, they provide a good product, on the other they're separating themselves from the core OpenSim development and federated metaverse. Personally, I'd advise against grids that are closed to the hypergrid in general, and am not particularly happy about them not contributing back; however, if you're looking for a great and helpful community of users, especially when you're new to OpenSim, this is probably the second-best place to start (after OSGrid).