neues_landHosting starts at 30 Euros (US $40) a month, on OSGrid, Wilder Westen, OpenNeuland, any open grid, or as a separate world. Includes voice, hypergrid, and OMC multi-grid payments. No setup fee. Support for locally-hosted grids available, as well as realXtend, Diva Distro, and custom development. Vivox voice available.

TalentRaspel virtual worlds Ltd. also offers consulting services and content creation, OpenSim installation, ongoing management, migration, and support.

TalentRaspel is also a reseller of the RCI grid management system from PioneerX Estates, which offers a wide array of Web-based grid management tools for customers who want to run entire grids. They include options to create, move, delete, and restart regions, turn hypergrid on and off, manage users, manage estates, manage in-world currency, and much more. In addition, RCI also comes with a Web-based front end for grid residents, allowing them to pay rent, see transaction histories, buy virtual currency, and other functions necessary for commercial social grids.

TalentRaspel will also do OAR exports of Second Life regions, starting at US $273 (200 Euros) a pop, plus tax — for content that complies with the same criteria. Contact TalentRaspel for an exact price, which varies with the complexity of the built.

The land sales page is here.