Island Oasis reverses OAR export policy

Update: Island Oasis grid co-founder Karl Dreyer tells me that he’s keeping an eye on new developments in OpenSim that allow grid owners to filter content before it’s saved into an OAR file — and customers may soon be able to export their Island Oasis regions.  “I surely will be doing the filtered OAR’s when our technology can support them,” he said. The code — donated by Kitely back in the fall — saves only items that have both copy and transfer permissions, and should soon be part of the standard release of OpenSim.


It turns out that you can’t make everyone happy after all.

Island Oasis, the little grid that allowed region exports in the form of OAR downloads, as well as hypergrid travel, is no longer allowing OAR exports, in order to protect in-world merchants.

“We’ve decided to no longer permit OAR exports from Island Oasis,” grid co-founder Karl Dreyer told Hypergrid Business. He goes by Damean Paolino in-world. ” The reasons for this decision is something that I’m certain you are very well aware of.  In an effort to protect the rights of our content creators and to make Island Oasis more attractive to future contect creators, we felt this was a necessary step.”

He added that no residents have asked for an OAR download of their region yet.

OAR exports — which make residents happy because they can have local backups of their builds, or can easily move their regions to other grids — also allow them to make local copies of their purchases, or to take those purchases to other grids.

Some grids, like Kitely, check permissions before generating OAR files, and only export those objects that the user is allowed to copy. This requires some work on the OpenSim server software, however.

John Mossman chilling on Island Oasis. (Image courtesy John Mossman.)

“At this point, OAR archives will be used solely for the purposes of backup and restoration,” said Dreyer. “OAR backups are taken of each region on a daily basis in addition to our scheduled database backups.”

Residents looking to save their builds won’t be able to save a whole region at a time — they’ll have to export them piece by piece.

“Content creators wishing to backup their creations are free to use Second Inventory which is currently on our list of approved viewers,” Dreyer said. “With Second Inventory, they are permitted to backup any item for which they have full permissions to.  Any items that carry the restriction of no copy, no modify, or no transfer — or any combination thereof — will not be backed up and therefore will not leave Island Oasis.”

Hypergrid restrictions may be next.

At this time, both inbound and outbound hypergrid teleports are permitted, with users able to carry content in both directions.

“I realize that his still leaves a door open for content to leave, but not in mass volumes,” he said. “We are monitoring this and if it proves to be an issue, we will either implement restrictions preventing any content that is not full perm to leave the grid, or we will shut off hypergrid all together.”

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

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  1. “residents looking to save their builds won’t be able to save a whole
    region at a time — they’ll have to export them piece by piece.”

    Wow that sure sounds like a “positive step forward” … NOT, another walled garden like SL, just smaller, there’s certainly no shortage of walled gardens where you cant backup your work except by a laborious piecemeal process, and that of course does not save items to a reference point on a region, which means with complex builds all you can do is save it piecemeal and then have to re-assemble it again piece by piece like  a jigsaw puzzle and put all the pieces back where you think they were.

    • @ Lani Global

      Your notecad states this:

      License: Released free, full perms, into the Public Domain.

      • But note the part where the vehicle says;

        “OSgrid Personal Vehicle
        (c)2011 Lani Global”

        “personal” not business, commercial, or for-profit

        • It does not say for personal use anywhere…  I see it is a title for the prim object.
          Now there is a “License”, and it is stated and is clear as day…

          License: Released free, full perms, into the Public Domain.

          So it is assumed that is the License.. correct?
          Or is that not the License ? 

          • You’d best ask LANI for specifics, and I am sure each product she has has slightly differing NC’s inside, I do not see the “released full perm” in a couple of things of hers I have, so I dont think the above applies to each and every one of her products- they seem to vary that way.
            That being said, “free” and “full perm” doesn’t mean the item can be used for commercial gain, clearly the portion with the name and copyright signal the INTENT:

            “OSgrid Personal Vehicle
            (c)2011 Lani Global”

            I definitely take “personal” to mean non commercial, not for sale, do not profit off it in any way, and if in doubt ASK about a specific use or situation.

            But this is slightly aside of the actual objection Lani outlined, she stated it exactly a few minutes ago per;

            “The real issues: 
            1. The guy is promoting his grid with stuff that wasn’t made on his grid or by creators on his grid. 
            He says he wants to “protect creators” by not letting those creators
            make back-up files of their work. That spin certainly defies logic.
            We all know the reason he doesn’t want region owners to have oar backup
            files of their regions: to capture the client, and make it as difficult
            as possible for them to move out after building their region.

            Also, I never would have bothered to comment here, if he had not used my products to promote his commercial grid.”

          • Linda Kellie says:

            Am I missing something? Was this picture posted on their webpage? I believe this is a picture Maria posted in her article and this is not a promotional article. If anything this article is showing something that most people would think was negative. And it’s a picture. It’s not like they are selling the hover car thing. If anything it is helping to promote Lani and her products. Which I will never use now that I see what an uproar it causes.
            Honestly I think this whole thing is just stired up for the sake of stirring up trouble and getting attention. The resorting to name calling and such is really just a scream for attention and serves no purpose at all. It is just being mean for the sake of being mean. If Lani really wanted that picture taken down I am sure she could request it and Maria would probably take it down.
            I would think that free, full perms and public domain would mean “you don’t have to worry about this because I am giving you a nice gift”.
            I’m so frustrated seeing this stuff that it makes me want to scream.

          • Thank you Linda…

            The photo was not on our web site, it was posted to facebook by one of our members and Maria chose it for this article.

            I have already requested that Maria remove/change the photo if possible


          • We have gone off on a tangent, Lani already stated her comments a few minutes ago, it’s not about her hovercar or it’s permissions per sei exactly. The side issues of using *free* content for corporate financial/promotional gain is a whole other thing, but related.

            Promotion is promotion, whether you “see” it or not. For example- even  the “I love Lucy” show characters always ha Phillip Morris cigarettes in hand, and smoking them, and occasionally packages with the name were visible in scenes- because Morris was a paying SPONSOR, and even if you don’t “connect” those cigarettes in the scenes to Phillip Morris directly, it was obviously promoting them and that brand indirectly, and benefitting Phillip Morris via promotion.

            “Honestly I think this whole thing is just stired up for the sake of stirring up trouble and getting attention. ”

            Neither Lani nor I wrote the article about the grid  changing course suddenly and YANKING out the ability to save OARS  by region owners, Lani called it as she sees it, and I commented on side issue of using freebies for promoting a commercial for profit business, and related aspects.

            ” If Lani really wanted that picture taken down I am sure she could request it and Maria would probably take it down.”

            Im sure she could, and maybe has already, it would be her perogative.

            “I’m so frustrated seeing this stuff that it makes me want to scream.”

            There are other threads and subjects you might find more enjoyable then, but when an article about the OARS not being allowed now allegedly to “protect creators” comes out, expect the heat generated to start boiling the water, especially with OPENsim region owners- people who expect that they will not be FORCED to having to piece meal save their own stuff one item at a time via the rather buggy viewer export ( or pay for secondary software to do it) because a CEO decides suddenly to change things to benefit a handfull of people at the expense of everyone else.

          • “3.We all know the reason he doesn’t want region owners to have oar backup
            files of their regions: to capture the client, and make it as difficult as possible for them to move out after building their region.”

            I agree there, and it fits the SL business model of locking customers up into  a permanent thing.
            Imagine building a very complex region, 10,000 prims, lots of things, and even using your alt and maybe having some friends and family  help build- you’d not be able to even back up your region OR take anything out then even if the friends and family all happily gave you the items full perm- you cant save an OAR, so you are either stuck there no matter what happens with traffic, the grid’s viability, if they go bankrupt, change owners, double tiers,  or you walk away and start over with a BLANK slate from scratch losing hundreds or thousands of hours time and a lot of money.

          •' Sara Leah Sands says:

            as far as I can see there is NOBODY at Island Oasis that would refuse to LOAD an .oar file into a sim purchased there. So if you have worries about “walled up grid” I suggest you do like smart builders and make full-sim builds on your OWN grid (Sim-on-a-stick for example) and save the .oar yourself, email it to the friendly staff at IO and ask them to load it into your region. That way you use your region on any grid you choose. I myself would be more worried about putting my creations on a grid that is not “walled up” so everybody that purchased my items could request an .oar file of their region.

            IO did NOT use any picture for commercial purposes. It was a private person that posted the picture on facebook and Maria simply used it to DEPICT an inworld situation on IO, not to promote a specific product, if she did I am sure the product would have been MENTIONED in the text. Also her PURPOSE of the article was to write about IO, not to buy or sell anything.

            About the PERSONAL vehicle interpretation… I got a lump on my forehead from slamming it into the wall. The thought alone that anybody would see that word as a LICENSE statement when the actual license agreement is stated below the TITLE of the item… I just don’t get that two-digit-IQ logic. It’s simply to stir up shit and make the friendly people from IO uncomfortable which is rude, ignorant and idiotic behavior.

            To sum up :  if you plan to SELL entire sim solutions why dont you make them on your OWN grid and get hold of the .oars yourself?  Nobody refuses to LOAD an .oar for you, and if they do find another grid.

            I hope your shoes are MODIFY, because it sounds like you need to make them a little bigger.

          • I guess since my reply “vanishes” here so I cant defend against this personal attack slam garbage, I’ll have to put it up on my web site


  2.' Anonymous says:

    “He added that no residents have asked for an OAR download of their region yet.”

    Maria, I have first hand knowledge that you’ve been on this grid. Most that I’ve met don’t know what an OAR is. Most are not into any sort of real building, scripting etc.. Most that I’ve met there were there for social objectives. The grid has what.. 40 sims? of all of which I visited. Most are their own sims. There is not a single large texture shop to purchase textures from, no major sales outlets, nothing. Nothing has been done on this grid yet to establish a needed ecosystem.

    My recommendation for those that are “new” to opensim/aurora-sim is to learn the configurations. Compare what you learn to what is needed for others to succeed if you want to create a grid. Don’t charge for setup fees etc.. plus 60 bucks a month to host on your home server and not setup e-mail and other needed services. No one will take you seriously.

    And for all the grids I’ve tried and purchased a sim on (more than a few), quit with your setup fees altogether. Evern for those that deem themselves competant enough to run a full fledged mail gateway/server(s) on a full time basis. I would also recommend a 100% 7 day money back guarantee. That way when we find out you either charged us for nothing, don’t know what you’re doing, or are just incompetant at what your trying to do, we can get our damn money back. That goes for all the so called grids. I won’t be paying a dime for what I’ve experienced so far again without the option of a full refund.

  3. So, they allow content to flow into their walled garden, but not flow out? Sounds like a cheap imitation of SL. To “protect their creators” ? 

    What hypocrites! Perhaps I should return the favor, and charge Island Oasis a million OS$ for using my product GOGGLE GRID CRAWLER (hovercars shown in the promotional image) that they took from my OSGrid store, without permission.  On second thought, Island Oasis is such a tiddlywink grid that it doesn’t really matter. With such restrictions, Island Oasis will soon be history… dead by its own hand.

    • The buildings in the image are from Linda Kellie .. content that is freely distributable free of charge.  Yes, we have been in contact with her and she is pleased that we are using her creations on our grid.

      As for the hover car; they were acquired legally in OSGrid and are not being sold or given away in any of our stores. 

      As for the reasons why we reversed our policy:

      Like any grid; yes Lani, we do want to attract as many people as we can to our grid, just as any other grid.  In order to do that, we have to be able to provide content… things for them to buy and things for them to do.  In order to attract those content creators, they need to feel safe that their content will not leave the grid illegally. 

      That is why the decision to reverse the policy was made.  To ensure our content creators that if someone purchases their content; it will not be backed up in an OAR file and taken to a different grid against their permission. 

      This was in no way intended to restrict creativity but to ensure the integrity of their intellectual property. 

      Yes, this decision does make it more difficult to move your creations to another grid; that is why it was not an easy decision to make, but one we felt was necessary.  Because the issue is, there is no guarantee that when we back up a region for easy transport to a different grid, ONLY their creations are going with them.

      If you wish to receive payment for your cars being used in he photo above; which was not taken by our PR department but, by a resident and had been posted on facebook; please contact me.

      • Wrong, Damean. 

        Karl Dreyer/Damean Paolino never received permission to use my company’s products in promotional images to promote his commercial grid.

        Specifically, the LANI GLOBAL SYSTEMS product “GOGGLE GRID CRAWLER – hovercar” used in the promotion: is a PERSONAL VEHICLE for use in OSGrid, and the license for the copyrighted product says exactly that. 

        So, Mr. Karl Dreyer (Damean Paolino) violated the terms of the license by using it in his commercial grid, and then again violated the copyright by using it for promotional advertising. 

        Ironic? That none of the stuff in the promotional image being used by Karl Dreyer to promote his commercial grid was actually created in his commercial grid. 

        Yet, he says that he wants to protect creators. 
        I call pants-on-fire.

        Lani Global

        • Hello Lani,

          Although I personally did not bring the vehicle from OSGrid; several of my members did as they saw it on a shopping trip in your store and thought it looked like fun; so they acquired the free item from your store at Wright Plaza and brought it back to Island Oasis via Hypergrid (We are hypergridded).  They took pics of them having fun with the vehicle and Maria found the photo on our public facebook page that any of our members can post to; and used it for the article.

          I just visited your store and looked for any signs or anything that would say that this vehicle is not to leave OSGrid; and I failed to find anything that would indicate that. 

          In fact, the only text document in the box that the vehicle came in states as below:

          Goggle Grid Crawler Sim View Hover Cam Car
          Drive, Fly or Teleport Anywhere
          OSgrid Personal Vehicle
          (c)2011 Lani Global

          INSTRUCTIONS: Folder in your Inventory>Recent
          1. Wear vehicle (attach to Pelvis)
          2. If necessary, edit to adjust fit to your size.
          3. Select and Open the Animation.
          4. Animation: “Play In World” and keep open on your viewer while using Vehicle.
          5. Turn off your AO.

          To Use: Walk, Fly, Jump !
          (the same as normal avatar movement control)

          After TP or Region Border crossing:
          Stop/Play Animation again.

          Please share with friends, free at the Lani Global Store!

          Design, script, and animations by Lani Global.

          License: Released free, full perms, into the Public Domain.

          I still fail to see where it states that this vehicle is not permitted to be used on a different grid.

          Regarding the rest of the content on our grid; although the building are from Linda Kellie; all of the items in the shops are creations of our members.

          Thank You,
          Karl M. Dreyer Jr/Damean Paolino

          • You just posted where it states it’s for personal use MR Dreyer;

            “OSgrid Personal Vehicle
            (c)2011 Lani Global”

            Did you miss the “PERSONAL” part in there?

          • The main point I was trying to make, is not specifically whether or not my company’s products were infringed. 

            The real issues: 
            1. The guy is promoting his grid with stuff that wasn’t made on his grid or by creators on his grid. 
            2. He says he wants to “protect creators” by not letting those creators make back-up files of their work. That spin certainly defies logic.
            3. We all know the reason he doesn’t want region owners to have oar backup files of their regions: to capture the client, and make it difficult for them to move out.


          • Agreed there- the walled garden approach was tiresome enough in SL.

            It’s up to the creators to set their item permissions and to publish and include a license NC setting out the permissions. If someone violates the license then the creator can SUE, it’s not up to the grid owner to be bothered with any of this.
            As anyone knows, there is nothing on the internet that cant be COPIED, copybot viewers in SL can grab pretty much everything they want, a screen capture can capture any and all textures, the grid operator/owner doesn’t need to be spending time with disputes of this nature, that is what licenses and small claims court are for, but creating yet another walled garden approach to where region owners cant even save their OWN regions without having to resort to exporting things one build at a time is just stupid given the growth of OPENsim and hypergrid.

            Imagine my trying to EXPORT my very complex 9,000 prim building that I built over 4 months to save it if I was on a walled garden grid!
            I suspect it will definitely FAIL, then I’d have to do it in pieces and then re-assemble dozens of sections together, and, oh geez, it would be insane!
            I sure wouldnt want to try and save that region’s 14,000 prims by exporting in bits and pieces, but that is what a walled garden approach FORCES that and OAR doesnt force, and downloads an entire region with one click into one file.

          • One could assume that “Personal” means for one person.. such as personal watercraft etc.. i.e. not for groups of people.  The term “Personal” is part of the object title or name, not the license.

            Her intention for the vehicle is ambiguous at best.  If she wishes for her vehicles not to be hypergridded to other grids, then she should not place the item on a hypergridded region and be very specific as to it’s intended use.

            Her actual “License” indicates “Public Domain”.  That in no way indicates any restrictions for it’s use.  But, out of respect for her intellectual property… the item was removed after her 1st post. 

            Thank You,

          • “assuming” something today is  a good way to wind up in small claims court and isn’t a good idea when you have a business. It’s always good as a business to always get releases in writing for use of photos and other things.

            Despite what the actual license /NC says, you have to not take things out of context and read the whole thing and take it as a complete work, and in context.

            Lani has a store, and a combat  role play sim, I know for  a fact that a number of her products are set to no mod and other restricted permissions, with all of that in mind I personally would take “personal” in the title  “OSgrid personal vehicle” to mean it’s for personal use, not to make money from or to use in ads promoting a product or service.

            She might very well have meant “personal” as in individual instead of group, but I don’t “read” it that way even though it is the name of the item, it is the name right above the (C) symbol which I feel has more significance than it would in the “description” box of the prim.

            She may want to revisit this NC and re-write it clearer as to it’s intention, but I certainly feel freebies regardless of any stated releases should not be resold, incorporated in something that is sold for profit, or used in a promotion or ad in any way that generates revenue for the one running that, and zippo for the creator of the item being used.
            That goes against the very nature and intent for these kinds of items.

            As the famous Arcadia says in her NC licenses- you cannot sell her freebies for even one Linden.

          • (joke mode) 
            Perhaps all creators will need to start writing a new clause into all our licenses: 
            TOS: “Can’t be used to promote tiddlywink grids.”
            (/joke mode)
            Have fun,Lani

        • I agree with Lani there, her license is for personal use- NON COMMERCIAL, in other words you can use the items for yourself but not use them to make money from.

      • Another “walled garden” like SL, just cheaper, I sure won’t bother going there after reading this article.
        There’s enough walled gardens that are locked up tight as a drum as it is and holding everyone’s stuff “hostage” locked in their acct where they can only use it on one grid, or else laboriously export their stuff one item at a time. There’s SL for that if people want a walled garden.

    • Linda Kellie says:

      I feel the need to post here, mostly due to Lani’s comment post. I think everyone needs to know that I was contacted very early on by the Island Oasis people through email because they were concerned about using my products. I assured them that they could use them in ANY way that they see fit. And that goes for anyone who uses my builds and/or creations. I made them just for this reason so that people could use them without having someone slam them like was done on this page.

      So as far as giving creators credit I think that Lani needs to speak only for herself. 
      I get so upset because reading this just goes against everything I am trying to do by not putting restrictions on my things. People should NOT be made to feel bad for using my items.
      If you don’t like their policy fine. But they are a grid making choices and making mistakes and finding their way just like every other grid.

       Lani I think you are so wrong to make assumptions on what their “real” reasons are for doing anything. And then to end your note with a slam against them calling them a ” tiddlywink grid that it doesn’t really matter” is really out of line in my book and just plain mean.

  4. A couple of quick notes: first, everything is copyrighted. Linda Kellie’s work is copyrighted. You can transfer your copyright, or it expires a few years after you die, or the company where you work can grab it. But if you create something, it’s copyright. That says nothing about how or where you can use content.

    How you use the content is the license. Unless someone specifically says you can use something in a particular way, it’s usually safe to assume that you can’t. This particularly applies to commercial use. For example, as a journalist, I can go out and take pictures of Angelina Jolie and run them everywhere. But I can’t use her face to advertise my soap without her permission. But if a journalist or blogger — snaps a photo of her using my soap, they can publish that photo.

    Whether a company’s blog or Facebook page is advertising or not, is a gray area.  It depends on how much control they have over the content — if users post stuff on their own for example, or if all the content is posted by the company itself.

    You also need to be careful about what kind of “commercial use” you allow or don’t allow. Typically, it means that someone can’t resell it, or use it to create something that they sell. 

    Many folks are happy to see commercial use of their donated work — the open source Apache server, Linux operating system, and the OpenSim software — are commonly used by for-profit companies. Some even repackage and resell them, or resell services and add-ons. 

    I personally believe that commercial use helps grow the OpenSim ecosystem, giving more choices in the end to users, and I encourage content creators producing freebies to allow all kinds of use of their work. I applaud what Linda Kellie is doing very much.

    Restrictive licenses for free items are difficult to manage, especially if not spelled out in the item itself. Can I use a free building for my company office? Or is that commercial use? (Now I’m worried!) I’m not reselling it, but I take its picture when I want people to see what my virtual office looks like — is that advertising?

    Restrictive licenses are also very difficult to enforce. If a product is a commercial product, you can sell it at different price points — one price point for individual use, another price point for non-profits, another price point for resellers and distributors, and yet another price point for companies looking for a site license so they can give it to all their staffers. And if a buyer violates that license — which they have agreed to when they bought the product — you can sue them for actual losses, and if the buyers does did so willfully, for damages as well.

    It is much more difficult to enforce restrictive licenses of free content. There are no actual losses, no damages involved. Attempting to do so can often create ill-will and alienate potential customers, since the end users are often unaware of the initial license terms. 

    I personally strongly recommend the Creative Commons license with attribution —  — people can use the work any way they like, as long as they give you credit.

    Another popular option is the Creative Commons license with attribution and sharing — This is where people can use the work any way they like, including commercially, as long as they give you credit — and as long as any derivative work is also Creative Commons licensed.

    And in case anyone is wondering, all my writing is copyrighted and if anyone wants the rights to republish, they have to pay for it. But the stuff I give away — like the hypergates I’m building — is all Creative Commons with attribution.

  5.' Anonymous says:

    Im trying to figure out why everyone thinks that Island Oasis is useing this hover car for promotional purposes. Because Maria Korolov from Hypergrid Business was given a picture of avatars useing it from members of Island Oasis when she went there to do a review? For the Pirated part of all this, if content creators that reside in hypergrid ‘ ENABLED” grids should have it clearly stated that they do not want their products used in other grids..

    • It wasnt about not being able to use the items in another grid. I brought up the issue that the photo used to illustrate the grid even has a focus on the free hovercars being used by residents. It is a subtle promotion even if you don’t “see” it as such, but no less than using specific product brands in movies where you clearly see the brand of soda or beer in the actor’s hands, brand of cigarettes they are smoking,  or the kind of car they are driving  is promoting those brands/items.
      Those companies pay a LOT of money to HAVE their products used like that, obviously they feel they gain something from that in the form of advertising or promotion.
      Using someone’s products in a photo to highlight a commercial business is similar.

      •' Anonymous says:

        You should read what Maria Korolov wrote as she is the one that wrote the article “The picture was used in an editorial context, so commercial use restrictions don’t apply”.

        • You should re-read what I said and the fact it was provided by the grid owner- “courtesy of..” is what it said for credits.
          In any case it has been removed.

  6. The picture was used in an editorial context, so commercial use restrictions don’t apply. However, it didn’t add anything to the story one way or the other, and Karl asked me to change it, so I did.

  7. OMG, if anyone wants anything of mine thats fine, I dont care if I get credit.

    • It made it appear that Lani Global Systems products were endorsing or available in that grid.

      If someone wants to promote something using my company’s products, I believe they should at least ask or give credit.

      Of course, articles and photos of my company’s products and sims have appeared in web articles and even this website before, and they were fine, because they attributed correctly.

  8. John Mossman says:

    Has anyone even considered that as this picture was posted on Facebook with public settings then Facebook terms apply to any image:
    When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it
    means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook,
    to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e.,
    your name and profile picture).

    • John Mossman says:

      I’d also add that as someone commented that the credit for the picture of the hovercars stated “provided by”…that that meant IO creators were endorsing/using the image for promoting IO, while in fact, the picture of my avatar paddling in the sea also states courtesy of John mossman, provided by…etc.   Actually I posted that on IO FB page,but I took part in the interview also and am happy that any publicly posted content is used anywhere.

      • John — Island Oasis managers gave me blanket permission to reprint the pictures from their Facebook group.

        The hover car photo was here: 

        I attributed it to “Island Oasis” because I couldn’t figure out who posted it. It could have been one of the mentors — but maybe that mentor was just commenting on it, because it didn’t show up in her photo folders. 

        • John Mossman says:

          I know that Maria, it’s kind of the point I was making, that I’m happy,you’re happy, they’re happy. But even so, it’s on facebook, it’s a public photo, so you can do what you like with it 🙂

    • Yes, but LANI didnt post that picture on facebook, some unnamed resident of oasis did.

  9. Justin Clark-Casey says:

    Kitely kindly provided the patch for implementing the export restrictions and it’s in OpenSim dev code.  They even updated the wiki!  The facility will be in the next OpenSim release.

    • Fantastic — but I notice that the Wiki only mentions Copy and Transfer. Is Modify an option as well?

      I’m thinking that grids could only allow the export of full-perm items, making it easy for creators to mark which items should stay on the grid.

      Also, anyone working on having the same setting for hypergrid content transfers?

    • Thank you Justin. We will be doing some preliminary testing of the 0.7.3 code in the coming weeks.

  10. Sorry but is pathetic. If you wish protect your content with that fury, Lani, why sell it in OSGrid? Is a opened grid where someone can save your work in a OAR file, quit your licence, quit the appearance of your cart, etc. Also, is opened to Hypergrid. The licence of the thing can be very restrictive, but is like put a bicycle in the middle of the road. You are pointing the licence but don’t remember the circumstances. 
    Finally, is better be polite and ask to retire the snapshot privately.

    If someone take a snapshot with my work, only to show the content of his sim, could be a honour for me. Of course, each one have his opinion.
    My advice, gift your work in a comercial grid.

    Kind regards.

    • Lani Global Systems has issued various types of licensing with products, depending upon what the product is, the place where it is sold (or provided for free). We have stores and vendors in OSGrid, HyperGrid, and Second Life.

      In 2012, Lani Global Systems products in OSGrid and Hypergrid use the following copyright notice and license: 
      “Lani Global Systems ™ Products are offered under license: 
      Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND, unless otherwise noted, you are allowed to give the product in its original product box to another person. Additional conditions and limitations of license and use: For Personal Use Only. You are not allowed to re-sell a product. You are not allowed to take a product to a commercial grid that has a “grid economy”. You are not allowed to use any part of the product for commercial purpose without permission. You are not allowed to put a product in another store in this grid or another grid. You are not allowed to use the product in advertising or publication without written permission. Textures, objects, mesh, sculpty, scripts, notecards, animations, sounds, look & feel, design, games (c)2012 Lani Global Systems. All Rights Reserved.”
      The notice has been posted in all the Lani Global Systems Stores in OSGrid and HyperGrid; and inside/outside every box of every product. 

      Lani Global Systems gives away many gigabytes of products per year for free. We encourage those who use them have fun with them and share them with friends. We actively discourage those who try to make money for themselves off our work.

      • John Mossman says:

        I see you use Twitter, using the twitter api gives me the right to link facebook to my twitter account, post a picture on Twitter which might then be posted on facebook. How does the new licence get around that ?

      • Sounds reasonable to me, especially since you are the creator and have final say.
        The gist of Lani’s notice is dont use free stuff to make money off of, or promote a commercial business, sounds fair to me.

  11. There’s no reason for name-calling here. Nobody did anything wrong. Lani’s license terms were very ambiguous — I certainly read them the way Island Oasis did — but they’ve since been revised so there’s nothing to argue about anymore there. 

    Island Oasis did not intentionally use the picture for promotional purposes — the only one who used it was me, and only for editorial purposes, and in any case it’s been taken down. So nothing to fight about here, either.

    Island Oasis said they will re-enable OAR exports once the filtering mechanism is in place (already in beta, will be in the next major release). No point in arguing about their intentions (we can’t read anyone’s mind) — we’ll see OAR exports (or not) soon enough.

    The question of walled garden vs. open grids is a BIG philosophical debate. But, bottom line, if you don’t like them, you don’t have to rent land there. If you do like them, and many people do, then there are plenty of commercial grids to choose from. 

    It all helps grow the OpenSim ecosystem… like George Bush’s million points of light. (Senior, of course.)

    It may soon be a moot point, anyway. If filtering is in place for OAR exports and for hypergrid exports, then more commercial grids will lower their walls. Avination has already pledged to, for example.  I’m hoping this happens sooner rather than later, but even if it doesn’t — there are more than enough open grids out there to suit anyone’s tastes. 

    Or you could start your own grid. It’s a big metaverse out there, and getting bigger all the time. (Ain’t it great?)

    • “There’s no reason for name-calling here. ”

      Totally agree, and the use of brand new “sock puppet” accounts to do it is especially troublesome.

      “But, bottom line, if you don’t like them, you don’t have to rent land

      I don’t, and certainly won’t 🙂

      “It all helps grow the OpenSim ecosystem… like George Bush’s million points of light. (Senior, of course.)”

      That was “thousand points of light” and batteries were not included (or funding either)

      Lani has as you noted- revised her license to make it crystal clear, so the threads here have had results, and showed her that an adjustment was needed to avoid misunderstandings going forward now.

      “did not intentionally use the picture for promotional purposes — the
      only one who used it was me, and only for editorial purposes, and in any
      case it’s been taken down. So nothing to fight about here, either.”

      Just to be clear- I was not complaining about the picture or saying you used it incorrectly or anything, I just pointed out things I saw and thought of related to the general use of such things. And Lani’s response was not really directed at the photo or the contents either per sei, just the issues and claims which she numbered in list form in a reply later, mostly using content to promote a grid and it’s claims of protecting it’s own creators while the photo used to illustrait that showed free items made by OTHER people (Lani)  not even connected to that grid at all – (it WAS pretty ironic) exported from one grid into that one, which  another irony of- they now want to stop exporting items from THEIR grid out!

      As usual your voice of calm reason as a journalist shows through here, though I suspect you didn’t imagine all this activity from one tiny article would result- journalists never know when they will hit a hot button issue.