Kitely adds NPCs, blamgates in upgrade

The cloud-based, on-demand Kitely grid has added support for non-player characters (NPCs) and instant teleport gates as part of its upgrade to the latest version of OpenSim, the company announced today.

NPCs — also known as bots — are useful for creating automated tour guides, robot receptionists, and, in role playing games, wise villagers who provide key information about quests to the players themselves. They can also be used to create smart monsters, pets, and historic re-enactors.

NPCs do require some scripting — more info here — but some sample scripts are already available. Check out the OSGrid forums, for scripts such as the one to delete NPCs, create NPCs that follow avatars around, create NPCs that follow a pre-set path, create an NPC that walks around the block, and create an NPC that can carry on a conversation.

There are also NPC scripts available at Are We Not Avatars?, including one to save a copy of your look to a prim, so that it can be used to create an NPC later, and Araxie Longoar’s Faerie Bot script, and Araxie Longoar’s Bubba MoonShine script.

The OSGazet receptionist on OSGrid's OSGazet region.



Blamgates are teleport gates that activate automatically when someone walks through them or touches them. The same technology can be used to create a bullet that, say, when it hits someone, automatically teleports them to a Hell region.

In the wrong hands, this technology can easily be abused — for example, walking through a doorway could send someone to a spam region. But Kitely already has protections in place to ensure that users don’t get teleported to adult regions or pay-to-visit regions against their will.

The script function that does this is osTeleportAgent. Another high-risk functions now supported is osKickAvatar.

The new updated also fixes a bug that prevented setting the sun position using OpenSim script functions. Region managers can now set the sun position and Windlight settings.

Kitely also fixed a  bug related to the avatar walking animation, which sometimes caused avatars to look like they’re walking even when they’re standing still.

Full list of supported and unsupported OSSL functions is here. OpenSim wiki about OSSL functions and how they work is here.

Maria Korolov