VastPark moves to the browser

Press release: New version of VastPark runs in the browser, uses HTML5

Washington, DC — Today at the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds conference, VastPark demonstrated a preview of VastPark VP2, the new all-in-one solution for organizations seeking to engage their users, run collaborative events and train in 3D immersive environments.

VastPark has re-imagined how to integrate virtual worlds inside of an overall community of practice for collaboration and training.

Bruce Joy

“HTML 5 is a tsunami that is going to change online collaboration forever,” said Bruce Joy, founder of VastPark. “We decided to embrace this change early and build an HTML virtual world platform for collaboration and it is one of the three core platforms within our version two software. Together these core platforms form a customizable solution for organizations wanting to create a new kind of community of practice focused around events and training.”

“VP2 brings together what we learned over the last few years about what is needed to deploy and utilize a virtual world program,” said Tim Glew, VastPark product manager. “We’ve focused on simplifying deployment, set up and the user experience. We’re currently at the stage where we can show a preview and will be continuing to integrate and improve our core platforms and working with clients to deliver and validate a range of projects on the platform before it receives a wider release.”

Nursim virtual healthcare training in VastPark. (Image courtesy VastPark.)

“The product has benefited tremendously by working directly with various customers over the last 12 months,” said Joy. “Customers didn’t want to have any sort of client software installation or configuration for the majority of their use cases. They wanted to be able to work together across multiple firewall boundaries and to do this securely. They wanted to keep things simple for people who right now don’t understand virtual worlds and are resistant to participating in something they aren’t committed to. We’ve worked hard on these issues and we’re starting to see real fruit of our labors. And it means we’ve rethought what virtual worlds are good for.”

VastPark VP2 is designed to address three use cases:

  • Community building
  • Instant group collaboration
  • Scenario-based simulations and training

It achieves this by being:

  • Web based (supporting IE7+ as well as Firefox, Chrome and Safari and working on most devices)
  • Avoiding any browser plugins/software downloads except for scenario-based simulation
  • Running in the cloud or in private self-managed deployments
  • Providing methods of extensibility to developers

About VastPark

VastPark Pty Ltd. is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with offices in Washington, DC and Philadelphia. Its main product is theĀ VastPark mesh-based, enterprise-friendly virtual world platform. In addition to licensed, supported commercial versions, a free open-source version of the server software is also available. For more information, contact [email protected].