Should New World Studio connect to grids?

Currently, the New World Studio distribution of OpenSim — the single easiest way to get an OpenSim mini-grid up and running — only runs in standalone mode.

This means that your region, or group of regions, is not connected to any grid, but exists all by its lonesome. If you have your routers configured correctly and hypergrid turned on, you will be able to teleport to other grids,  join groups,  make friends with uses on other grids,and send instant messages and content.

But some users might want more. They want to be able to locate a region physically next to the other regions of a grid, so neighbors can walk or fly across. Or they might want guaranteed access to a grid, regardless of what the weather is like on the hypergrid that day.

To find out how much of a demand there is for the ability to connect New World Studio regions directly to existing grids, New World Studio founder Olivier Battini is running a survey.

Maria Korolov