One-question ebook survey

As part of my New Year resolutions — and in response to the growing interest in OpenSim — I’ve been planning a couple of ebooks, to sell through this website, on Amazon, and through other channels.

The goal is to make OpenSim more accessible to a wider audience.

Please help me decide which book to do first.

Option one: 99 Steps to Your New Grid

It takes a lot of work to get a new grid going. This book will cover everything from small home-based mini grid to mid-sized school and company grids to large public commercial grids, with an extensive checklist of action items. Some of the material has appeared in Hypergrid Business before, some is new, and everything is brought up to date.  Check out the table of contents here. And, before you write in and complain — not every step will apply to every grid! Non-profits and personal grids can completely skip the business model section, for example.

Option two: Getting Started in OpenSim

Everything a newcomer needs to know about getting started on this platform. Includes recommendations for best grids for socializing, education, creativity, and shopping. Selecting, installing, and configuring viewers. Exploring the hypergrid. Finding people, events, and content. The best online communities and places to go for technical help. Renting land. Running your own grids.

Maria Korolov