PocketCake converts 3D models into Rift-ready simulations

Press release: Virtual Reality Set to Revolutionize Architecture, Engineering and Real Estate

PocketCake’s virtual reality services, combined with Oculus Rift hardware, allow clients to experience a project in an immersive 3D environment for a price comparable to traditional architectural illustrations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — PocketCake is working with some of the nation’s top architectural and engineering companies, converting their 3D models into stunning virtual reality simulations using the Oculus Rift.

(Image courtesy PocketCake.)
(Image courtesy PocketCake.)

PocketCake’s simulations offer first-person interaction from the comfort of a laptop. You are in the driver’s seat. From homes and churches to stadiums and fairgrounds, nothing enhances a client’s – or an architect’s – conception of a project better than virtual reality.

Instead of an abstract blueprint process, a virtual reality simulation ensures your concepts look exactly as you envisioned them. For a price that’s comparable to traditional architectural illustrations, a prospective client can have an immersive 3D experience in which they inhabit real space, walking wherever they like.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, once a rarity in the architectural industry, is now mainstream as a majority of buildings are crafted digitally. Virtual reality is the next logical step for BIM. PocketCake can also convert point cloud data into a mesh that’s usable in a virtual reality environment.

PocketCake is currently developing a proprietary product called VRSCA (Virtual Reality Simulation Converter Assembly), which will allow architects and engineers to easily navigate up to four people through a virtual space at the same time and host up to 32 viewers remotely.

PocketCake, founded in November 2012, specializes in virtual reality simulations and custom mobile app development. For more information, please visit its website, www.pocketcake.com , or call Jim Bassett at 816-288-7544.