New VR platform aims to improve retail

Press release: Red Dot Square announces ground breaking Virtual Reality software to help organisations make better, faster, retail and shopper decisions

A new development in Virtual Reality technology is changing the way businesses plan, visualise and improve the retail and shopper experience thanks to the creation of the industry’s leading cloud solution for retailers and suppliers. Red Dot Square is proud to announce its revolutionary new 3D interactive software, Red Dot 3D8.

(Image courtesy Red Dot Square.)
(Image courtesy Red Dot Square.)

Red Dot 3D8 is a unique single Retail Virtual Reality software platform that can be effectively applied across a number of core areas:

  • Research and Insight – Test plans with shoppers confidentially, quickly and in real time through dynamic data visualisation.
  • Concept Innovation – Quickly bring product and category designs to life in the context of the store and reduce risk.
  • Category Planning – Plan space, range and display quickly and effectively through the eyes of the shopper, reducing operating, resource and time costs.
  • Shopper Marketing – Visualise and share brand and category plans throughout the entire path to purchase and move rapidly to execution.

Jeremy Cohen, CEO at Red Dot Square said; “The new platform has been created to facilitate on-going development to ensure our clients stay at the leading edge of retail innovation and shopper understanding. Together we can enhance the shopper experience around the world through more effective collaboration, creation, research and execution. Red Dot 3D8 will change the way our clients’ teams work making them more efficient and effective. It will allow them to unlock greater value internally and externally to win with customers and shoppers.”

Red Dot Square’s technology allows retailers and consumer goods companies to put Virtual Reality in the hands of the user to more effectively plan, visualise and execute a better shopper experience. Through the use of cloud technology, Virtual Reality is delivered whenever and wherever you need it. It will help to connect teams and decision makers to enable them to quickly understand issues and opportunities, meaning that decisions can be made faster and more effectively.

Chief Technology Officer, Paul Gregory added; “Advances in technology have allowed us to break new ground in the use of Virtual Reality. Most importantly, the software now runs on standard mobile devices and laptops with a simple user interface. By hosting software in the cloud, users can access Virtual Reality projects from any location, putting the power of Virtual Reality in the hands of the user.”

Red Dot 3D8 gives companies the ability to create, test and share perfect store execution with ground breaking realism. Imagine unlocking new insights that engage like never before through researching real shopper behaviour in store. Imagine developing product and concept innovation faster with less risk. Imagine reducing the operating costs, resources and time involved in category planning functionality to edit and create in real-time at store and shelf level, integrating with space planning tools and data sources, Red Dot 3D8 has the power to bring category plans and data to life in the context of the store, and revolutionise ways of working. The best of today can fuel the capabilities your organisation will need tomorrow.

About Red Dot Square

Red Dot Square was formed in 2006 as a virtual reality software company for retail environments. Using 3D photorealistic, virtual technology platforms, Red Dot Square enables its partners, retailers and manufacturers to design, merchandise, research and review store layout in the virtual world, helping them to better understand shopper behaviour. This technology enables product manufacturers and retailers to work together strategically, and gives researchers an unrivalled depth of data.

Virtual reality is becoming a vital part of the retail industry’s planning process and Red Dot Square software plugs in to the major tools used for planning stores. It reduces the time it takes to open a store from months to weeks and helps retailers experiment with real data in effective layouts.

Red Dot Square is headquartered in Milton Keynes in the UK and is part of the Kantar Retail business within the Kantar group of WPP. The combination of Kantar Retail’s consulting and ranging expertise via its RichMix product, together with RDS’s capabilities, puts the business at the forefront of Virtual Reality Category Reviews, with the ability to provide a seamless end-to-end service for clients. Its global offices and studios are usually within easy reach of some of the world’s largest retailers, including Walmart in Arkansas and Target in Minneapolis.

About Kantar Retail

Kantar Retail is the world’s leading retail and shopper insights and consulting business and is part of Kantar, the data investment management division of WPP. The company works with leading branded manufacturers and retailers to transform the purchase behaviour of consumers and shoppers through the use of retail and shopper insights, purchase data analytics, consulting, organizational development and retail virtual reality services. Kantar Retail tracks and forecasts over 1000 retailers globally, has purchase data on over 200m shoppers and among its market leading reports are the annual PoweRanking survey (USA and China), and Industry Shopper Study Across Retailers. Kantar Retail works with over 400 clients and has 20 offices in 15 markets around the globe.