Virtual reality puts gamers in an opera

I love watching YouTube demos of new Oculus Rift titles, and am a fan of PewDiePie and folks like him.

Last night, however, I watched an Oculus Rift review video that wasn’t the typical player-scared-by-creepy-shadow or man-scared-by-rollercoaster or grandmother-astounded-by-Tuscan-villa. It was an opera, Senza Peso, reviewed by emart.

I’ve been trying to convince folks that virtual reality is a new medium, offering a different, and unique, approach to story telling.

One of the differences is the degree of impact an experience has, as opposed to a video.

Watch his video here:

Now watch the traditional version of the film here:

The standard video is nice, and might also have a bigger emotional impact if it was playing on a large screen in a movie theater.

But virtual reality not only ramps up the effect the audience feels, but also democratizes it by making it accessible to more people. Or it will, once the headsets become widely available and prices start dropping.

In addition, because of its relatively low level of interactivity, this kind of experience may be extremely well-suited to the lowest-cost, smartphone-based virtual reality systems.

Maria Korolov