Avatar Hookup a new social website to help avatars connect

Press release: ‘Avatar Hookup’ Serves as Social Media Portal for Avatars

A new social media platform is providing a safe space for avatars to connect.

Avatar Hookup allows people to create anonymous identities to meet people with similar interests, add friends, post status updates, invite friends to events, place classified ads, create groups, write blogs, post pictures and videos, participate in forums, send private messages, chat in real time and more.

Avatar Hookup

The site was created as a response to the terms of service at many popular social networking websites, which state that users cannot use false information or create multiple personal accounts. Avatar Hookup allows more than one account for your alts and different grids. Anyone can go by a username and keep a personal identity private. Groups and walls can be used for advertising your services and products. With Avatar Hookup, users have the freedom to create the social network of an avatar’s dreams.

Xandria Winterwolf created Avatar Hookup to cater to all avatars, not just in Second Life but in virtual worlds as a whole. It provides the same concept as the “real world” social media networks but it is a place where an Avatar name is just as important as a real one.

“I created Avatar Hookup because I was kicked off Facebook for not being a ‘real person,’” Winterwolf said. “I was extremely frustrated because I knew many of my friends had Facebook accounts for their avatars, and they were able to advertise their businesses and keep in touch while not logged into their respective virtual worlds. I on the other hand, felt cut off.”

Soon, Winterwolf’s friends were beginning to also be removed from Facebook. She began searching for alternatives for the avatar community. Coming up empty handed, she decided to create Avatar Hookup.

“My avi is real to me, and I have just as many friends in virtual worlds as I do in the real world,” she said. “I also work just as hard to make my businesses work In-world. I wanted to be taken seriously as my avatar identity, and now I finally have a place to do it.”

Avatar Hookup was created by avatars, for avatars. The site is free and open to anyone in the avatar community.

“AvatarHookup.com is a needed and valuable tool for people that enjoy living in virtual worlds such as Second Life, InWorldz, The Adult Grid, Kitely, OSgrid, etc.,” Winterwolf said. “It’s a place to meet others, share ideas, find needed in-world products and services, and advertising in-world businesses and events. AvatarHookup.com is a one-stop social media platform for virtual world residents.”