Kitely donates teleport attachment fix

Shoes still attached, feet firmly on the ground.
Shoes still attached, feet firmly on the ground.

Have you ever teleported from one grid to another and had your attachments disappear?

That problem has now been fixed, thanks to code donations from the on-demand Kitely grid.

Grids running the latest, cutting-edge OpenSim code should already have this fix, said Oren Hurvitz, Kitely’s co-founder and VP of research and development, in the announcement today.

Oren Hurvitz
Oren Hurvitz

“However, regions that use only official releases of OpenSim still suffer from this bug,” he added.”Therefore, if you hypergrid teleport to a region that doesn’t have the latest cutting-edge version of OpenSim then your attachments may disappear from your avatar. They’re still in your inventory, however, so you’ll be able to reattach them once you return to the Kitely grid.”

The code was fixed as a result of Kitely’s own upgrade to the latest version of OpenSim, 0.8.0.

Other improvements that were rolled out as part of the upgrade included:

  • Kitely customers can now choose which physics engine their regions use — or no physics engine at all. This is useful for regions that are running vehicle scripts optimized for either the old ODE engine or the new Bullet engine.
  • Kitely’s in-world search can now be used to search for regions. Previously, it only allowed searching for users. Kitely will still have its Web-based search, as well.
  • Avatar feet are now on the ground, instead of hovering above it.
  • World Map now shows meshes more accurately.
  • The XBakes system was enabled. Xbakes is a service that stores your baked avatar appearance on the central server so your avatar will no longer have to rebake on every login and teleport.

Read full announcement here.

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