Virtual communities migrate to Avatar Social Network

Press release: Virtual Facebook Refugees find new home on Avatar Social Network

As Facebook continues to crack down on pseudonymous accounts such as those of Second Life avatars, some virtual communities are migrating to other sites.

Most recently, Pointe Fusion Elite, a community of DJs, artists, and music fans, has moved to Avatar Social Network, a social networking site that guarantees full anonymity to avatars, and rewards avatars for participating with virtual currency.

Avatars can redeem their rewards at ATMs in Second Life and InWorldz.

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Avatar Social Networks allows communities to create public pages, similar to the fan pages on Facebook.

Pointe Fusion Elite’s owner La Freese fell in love with ASN about a month ago or so and she decided to move all her and her club’s social activity to Avatar Social Network,” said site founder Arkad Baxton.

Dozens of other groups have also created pages on Avatar Social Network and many avatars have provided testimonials.

Avatar Social Network is built around the most popular features of other social media networks, he said.

About Avatar Social Network

Avatar Social Network is owned by AP Holdings and Troy Tomasso Marketing, led by AP Holdings CEO Arkad Baxton and is sponsored by WRE ESTATES, Prim Entertainment Center, Pointe Fusion Elite and Capital Exchange in Second Life and Calia Estates in Inworldz.

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