Worlds largest VR event opens next month in Florida

World’s largest simulation, modeling and virtual reality event to open in Orlando on December 1

ARLINGTON, VA. — More than 500 corporations, government and military organizations, academic institutions and research institutions from around the world will exhibit and demonstrate revolutionary breakthroughs in one of the world’s fastest growing technologies. The Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) will run from December 1-4 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center.

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Moore’s Law, which dictates that computer processing power will roughly double every 18 months to two years, lies behind the unprecedented expansion in the use of modeling and simulation technologies in the past several years. For the first time in human history, we now have the ability to construct extremely accurate models of systems which are so complex that this would have been impossible a few years ago. As a result, research into the behavior of everything from the global climate to fluid dynamics to the universe itself has been revolutionized.

“I/ITSEC’s size will easily be matched by the comprehensiveness of the cutting-edge simulations on display and their vital importance to the safety, security and economic well being or our nation”, according to James Robb, President of the National Training and Simulation Association, the organization behind I/ITSEC. “In fact, modeling, simulation and virtual reality are transforming how we learn, plan, manufacture, distribute, analyze and predict. No part of our daily lives is untouched by these amazing technologies.”

Watch preview video below.

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