Virtual reality helps patients relax

Press release: Improve Patient Care with Virtual Reality Mindfulness

GLEN ELLYN, Ill. – Cubicle Ninjas‘ relaxing virtual reality application for the Oculus Rift, Guided Meditation VR allows patients to experience an exotic vacation, wherever and whenever they choose. The Beta demo app has surpassed 25,000 downloads and is already helping improve the overall well being of people’s lives.

(Image courtesy Cubicle Ninjas.)
(Image courtesy Cubicle Ninjas.)

The Boston Globe recently investigated the use of virtual reality as a healing device, highlighting Guided Meditation VR as a market pioneer. The article shared that virtual reality therapy has significant benefits in treating post-traumatic stress disorders, phobias, and anxiety disorders by transporting patients to various simulated environments.

As the technology evolves, the potential to utilize virtual reality for broader patient care in today’s healthcare settings is endless. Integrating virtual reality into healthcare facilities will add new dimensions to the patient experience and care delivery. Facilities can use virtual reality with patients to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety before procedures
  • Reduce pain during the healing process
  • Reduce boredom of being hospitalized

Guided Meditation VR transports the patient to a location of their choice to relax and find happiness in their day. Patients can embrace the sun on a peaceful beach, breathe out worries in a forest in the soothing rain, calm their soul in an ancient Japanese dojo, or stare down into a canyon born from millennia of change.

“We are excited to create VR experiences that make people happier and positively impact their daily lives,” states Josh Farkas, CEO of Cubicle Ninjas. “Guided Meditation VR is a powerful tool for healthcare facilities to use as one component of their patient care model. Happier patients are known to heal faster, less likely to be readmitted, and more satisfied.”

About Guided Meditation VR

Guided Meditation VR by Cubicle Ninjas is a virtual reality application that provides powerful relaxation in exotic locations across the globe. Take a moment to enjoy a virtual vacation from your everyday pains and stresses. Find your happy place as our “Relaxation Artificial Intelligence” walks through proven meditation and mindfulness techniques. Visit