AviWorlds launches Facebook app

AviWorlds Facebook appAviWorlds now has a Facebook app that allows people to take pictures in-world and post them to Facebook.

Many other grids have Facebook pages, but the only other commercial grids with Facebook apps are Island Oasis, which launched theirs late last year, and Kitely, which has had one since 2011.

Second Life used to have a Second Life Link app for Facebook, but that seems to be down, and there is now an SLShare feature built into the viewer that makes it easier to post things to Facebook from inside Second Life.

InWorldz also has its InShape app for iOS and Android mobile devices, and Avination has an iOS app and an Android app for chat and news.

The AviWorlds Facebook app is brand new, and the grid is still working on its functionality.

Alexsandro Pomposelli
Alexsandro Pomposelli

“It will also let you register,” grid owner Alexandro Pomposelli told Hypergrid Business.

He added that AviWorlds developer Quill Littlefeather is currently working on adding money purchases.

“He just rolled out the new version last night,” said Pomposelli. “A few adjustments are needed.”

A recent in-world photo from AviWorlds uploaded to Facebook. (Image courtesy AviWorlds.)
A recent in-world photo from AviWorlds uploaded to Facebook. (Image courtesy AviWorlds.)

AviWorlds is a US-based commercial, hypergrid-enabled social grid popular with Portuguese-speaking users. It is also one of the lowest-cost grids, with full regions starting at just $5 per month.

Am I missing any other Facebook apps that grids have? Please let me know in the comments!

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