Uphold considering currency for OpenSim

Uphold, which launched in 2014, is currently approaching its first $1 billion in transactions. (Image courtesy Uphold.)
Uphold, which launched in 2014, is currently approaching its first $1 billion in transactions. The company allows users to send money to one another, and to convert between different currencies. (Image courtesy Uphold.)

Uphold, a Charleston, South Carolina-based virtual currency and cloud payments company, is “seriously studying” the possibility of extending support to OpenSim, Uphold founder Halsey Minor told Hypergrid Business.

Courtesy of Quantum Leap
Halsey Minor

 The company considers OpenSim to be a significant potential virtual currency market, Minor said.

“I’m studying OpenSim closely and consider it very important, much like the app servers of the late 90’s were to web publishing,” he said. “At this point I cannot promise that we will support it but I can say that I am very positively predisposed to doing so if it will help the initiative along.” 



Minor said his inspirations towards creating a virtual reality gaming platform included LambdaMoo, a then text-based virtual world created by Xerox Parc in the late 1980s, and which begged for improvement at that time. Also, creation of virtual worlds has been his goal since it is how he started using the internet.

“I joined The Well in 1989 and went on the internet but all that was really available was LambdaMoo a text based virtual world created by Xerox Parc,” said Minor. “Despite being completely text based you could see the potential for what it could be. That has shaped my ambitions with regard to the Internet since the beginning — plus Snow Crash. “