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Hacktivist group launches OpenSim grid


A group that claims to be affiliated with the Anonymous hacktivist collective [2] announced the launch of a new OpenSim grid on Saturday.

“Anonymous began to a great degree in a virtual world called SecondLife,” the grid said in a message on its website [3]. “We hope to bring back this foundational platform with an open source grid all our own.”

The grid, AnonGrid [3], will hold its grand opening on January 15, grid founders announced in a press release [4].

The grid is running the latest version of OpenSim, the founders said, with Vivox voice and Gloebit [5] virtual currency. Free land [6] available to all interested builders. In addition, the grid will also rent out full regions, at 1,000 Gloebits a month — approximately US $5. Variable-sized regions also available.

The grid is hypergrid-enabled, and the hypergrid address is anongrid.webredirect.org:8002.

The grid currently has 15 regions and has been visited by 80 avatars in the past month, according to its stats page [7].

The grid hopes to be a location where activists can gather, collaborate, and organize activism projects and operations. It will also be a place where the public can learn about the Anonymous Global Collective, and meet and network with activists.

The grid will also be a place where users can experiment with the convergence of artificial intelligence and simulated worlds, the organizers said.

Launch events

The grid has been open for beta users for a while now, and is already open for visitors.

The official opening parties will be held on January 15, 16, 17, and 18. It will all be kicked off with a brief launch ceremony on January 15.

“There will be a series of open house and meet and greet events, with the AnonGrid staff and founders available,” said the announcement.’

The opening events will conclude on January 19, with an adult-only party with live entertainment in the Lucky Troll Casino.

For more information follow the grid on Twitter at HyperiaGrid [8].

Who’s behind the grid?

According to a grid spokesman identified only as “Anonymous,” the grid’s founder is Christopher Doyon, also known as Commander X [9].

He is the author of two books about the Anonymous movement. He is currently in Mexico, seeking political asylum, he told Dark Web News in September [10].

He was featured prominently in the movie We Are Legion: The Story Of The Hacktivists. [11]