How to transfer content from SL to Kitely

If you have decided to transfer all your content from Second Life to another OpenSim grid, like Kitely, you have several possibilities how to do that.

One good solution is make backup from Second Life and restore it on your home local OpenSim standalone region, you can use vanilla OpenSimDiva Distro or Sim-on-a-stick, all are free to use, or New World Studio with several editions (I have not tried this option).

Make a new region, where you restore all your products. That is your main copy of your content and you can backup your region with your precious content as you need.

Then you can make the OAR file export of this region, import it to any new grid, pick up all your products and use them. Thanks to Isis Ophelia for discussing this brilliant idea. 😉

In Kitely virtual worlds every registered user can have got one region for free. The region is 256×256 meters in size  and can hold up to 100,000 prims. You can create a new world — or one region — and import your OAR file there for free. To replace your region with a different OAR file later, you need 10 Kitely Credits, or about US 5 cents, for importing each new OAR file to Kitely.

If you need to categorize and manipulate your object in Kitely, you can use Kitely Merchant Sandbox, which is free to use for unlimited time.

The Kitely Market is also now free to use, since the listing fee was canceled on Oct. 5 2013. You can list all your products on the Kitely Market for free. Kitely respects your rights and doesn’t claim ownership over your creations. You can backup all your listings, and the only fees you pay are commissions on the sold products. This is clearly explained on the Kitely Market documentation.

Backup with Second Inventory (Stored Inventory)

This software is available for purchase online or in-world in Second Life for one-time fee. It is not developed since 2009, there is only community support, and there are some problems with backup. But if you have hundreds or thousands items to backup, it is still best option. You need to buy the MultiAvatar version.

Second Inventory looks like light non-graphic viewer and is intuitive to use.

You need some calm place in Second Life, when you can stand for hours, like a skybox on your parcel.

For restoring you need a place, where you can rez items, such as your local OpenSim or the Kitely Merchant Sandbox in Kitely.

To log in with the Second Inventory viewer requires a manual configuration. You can get you login details by clicking on “Show viewer login details” at the bottom of your Kitely Settings page. First log in with a regular as usual, then log out and immediately log in with Second Inventory, as per the instructions on this page.

You will rez items and wear items, when restoring wearables.

You can back up whole folders in Second Inventory, so move all your products in one folder and start the backup. It can take several hours to backup hundreds of items.

You cannot back up coalesced objects. You can only back up linked objects and individual items such as  prims, textures, scripts, sounds, and animation. In addition, you can only backup items which you created and you have full perms for the object. In-world objects do not need be set for full perm, but you have to have these permissions for it. Due to Second Life restrictions, you cannot backup full perm sculpties, meshes or scripts bought from other authors for your products.

There is a bug in Second Life that shows some objects as created by “Unknown Avatar” when they’re in your inventory, but show you as the creator when rezzed. You cannot back up this item, even though you are the genuine creator of the item.

It has been a known bug for several years,but Linden Lab support is not able to help you with this issue. They have not fixed it yet. You can vote on Jira, that is all you can do with it.

Second Inventory is buggy too. There is text log after every backup, check it and if some items are not backed up, do the backup manually for those items.

The biggest pain in Second Inventory is the fact that you cannot restore an entire folder. You have to restore one object at a time. But with the proper settings, you can restore all your objects to their original folders.

XML export/import

This possibility has been available for several years. The recommended viewer used to be Imprudence 1.3, which is now out of date. I am now using Firestorm or Singularity. Firestorm has the Export feature hidden by default , you can activate it in Debug Settings:

(Image courtesy Zuzka Souckova.)

(Image courtesy Zuzka Souckova.)

The best solution is to use same viewer for backup and for restoring items. Firestorm’s OpenSim version can also be used for logging into Second Life.

But there are some problems when the same cache is used for several grids. Uploaded textures wind up missing, because cached items are used instead of a brand-new upload. You have to upload all textures separately, including sculpt textures, and apply them on prims again.

Using several different instances of the viewer can help avoid this problem. Make several icons on your desktop, one for every grid, with every instance using a different directory for its cache.

There are same restrictions for backing up content with XML exports as with Second Inventory. You can only backup items where you are the creator. If you back up items where parts are from other creators, these parts will be missing after importing to the new grid.

HPA export/import with Angstorm

I have never tried that one, but according to online discussions, it includes object contents, scripts and textures.

DAE or OBJ export

There is a possibility of exporting all your objects, including prims and sculpties, into 3D files in the OBJ or DAE formats. You can then edit them in 3D applications or import them as mesh objects to other grids.

However, prims and sculpties exported as mesh will not be low-poly meshes, be aware of that fact.

The new Singularity 1.8.3 viewer is able to back up textures and texture settings — like pattern repetition — with DAE or OBJ files.

Shape export

You can export your avatar shape in Appearance-ShapeSingularity is able to do that export since version 1.8.1.

Exporting your shape in Singularity.

Exporting your shape in Singularity.

The above information is based on my experiences, that ones I have tried and I am sure it works. If you know of other options, or find some mistakes in my explanation, please let me know.

(This article reprinted with permission from 21 strom OpenSim.)

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Zuzka Souckova

Zuzka Souckova is an enthusiastic content creator and founder of, which has built several university campuses and virtual residencies for real world companies. She is also a lecturer, an e-learning specialist at Palacky University and is the editor and co-founder of a virtual worlds community site for Czech and Slovak people.

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  1.' Ilan Tochner says:

    Thank you Zuzka and Maria 🙂

    •' Wayfinder says:

      Do you have any staff besides yourself with the other founder? it has me curious as to why not, is it because you run your operation out of your one car garage? please some inquiring minds would like to know.

      •' Ilan Tochner says:

        We host more than 5000 user regions in Amazon’s California datacenter, more than any other commercial OpenSim grid or OpenSim hosting company.

        Despite this fact the level of automation we created enables our system to pretty much manage itself so we rarely need to do manual system administration. We don’t hire additional operations people because we don’t need to.

        I (and when need be my business partner) respond to emails, IMs, PMs, forum posts, Tweets, FB posts, and blog posts (in many blogs) relating to Kitely almost 24/7. Our response time is very good, as you can see from such comments made in our forums and in other people’s blogs. There are also quite a few people in the Kitely user community who help other people in our forums.. As our current customer support needs are being addressed without hiring additional people, there is no need for us to hire more people at this time. When that changes, we’ll hire the people that we’ll need.

        As an aside, I find it amusing that you think having more people working for a company to reach the same level of service is somehow desirable. Companies should target a certain level of performance and minimize expenses while maintaining it. Doing anything else means that the company is being wasteful and will need to charge its customers more than they need to.

        As for an office, we’re in the business of remote collaboration. If we can’t provide our service working from our respective homes then who can? There is no logic in paying for an office and wasting time on commute when we can be just as effective working in our home offices.

  2.' Ener Hax says:

    nice post Zucka and thank you for explaining why textures go missing! i never knew why that happened!

  3. Zuza Ritt says:

    I thank you all;)

  4.' Amiryu Hosoi says:

    hey Zuzka, thank you for pointing ppl in the right direction, I am myself in a constant flow of reviewing, edditing, exporting and importing my items. I am importing all to Kitely and slowly, well it feels slow… filling up the Kitely marketplace.

    Exporting is time intensive but worth the effort. Once I am done I will have a complete backup and what is more, I will be able to sell to hypergrid as well;-). We are working hard to provide quality content for Open Sim environments. Now if only people could find us…

    Spread the word.


  5.' Hannah says:

    Angstrom is very crashy and using it for exports has never worked for me -plus it’s not SSA-aware (then again, neither is imprudence). Just a quick heads-up.

  6.' Wayfinder says:

    With free land people sould expect to get what they paid for,
    Never buy into the hype folks.

    •' Ilan Tochner says:

      I suggest you read up on the Freemium business model (see: ), the majority of online service providers that sell something offer their basic service for free (which in our case is a time-limited region with 100,000 prims) and sell premium upgrades to people who need more.

      In Kitely, this free offering means getting your own time-limited full region with 100,000 prims on a high performance server. If you decide you like what you get for free and need more time to use it then you can choose from the various options we offer in order to pay for it. If you don’t believe that that’s what we’re offering then create a free Kitely account and see for yourself (you won’t be asked for any billing information to get the free world).

    •' Zack Wetherby says:

      Never listen to Wayfinder folks, he obviously has no clue as to what he is talking about.

      I have a free region in Kitely, it has more features and runs better than any other OS grid I’ve tried, including InWorldz. Sounds to me like Wayfinder bought the lie that expensive means better, many simple minded folks fall for that.

      For those whose who are looking for a grid, try the free alternatives before you start spending money anywhere. At least try a grid before you try to slam it or else you will appear to be as foolish as Wayfinder.

      •' Minethere says:

        Wayfinder runs the inwz elf clan and has much self-interests involved in his shilling of that grid. [this is a disclaimer for him since he forgot to mention this fact]

        What is best for readers is to try and understand past the hype [and Kitely is NOT the hype] and do as Zack suggests, try a grid before paying out money to it.

        Also, please do not think because 1 opensim grid is not up to your expectations that this means others will not be also.

        All these OS based grids have individual and unique differences, some better, some worse. Caveat emptor [let the buyer beware] is always a useful concept.

        For example, 3rd Rock grid is very laid back, a commercial grid like some others mentioned here, and has some awesome high mountains, cool grid run regions, and nice folx.

        I would suggest one simply take the time to try out different grids, ask the tough questions in their forums or to residents, make informed decisions prior to investing money. After All is said and done, if one is considering moving themselves to any other grid it is their time, money and efforts, not anyone elses, involved.

        Many people have ulterior agendas, making one’s own informed decisions are really a good idea.

        For good information to read and possibly participate in, try the Kitely forums:

        Or my other favorite grid, a non-commercial grid:

        [my own disclaimer: I like several grids, for many different reasons, and have tried most all of the closed commercial grids as well as hypergated to many HG enabled grids…which, btw, Kitely promises to enable HG soon…my main interest in it is due to this]

  7. Is there a way to export everything?

  8.' Dot says:

    Since this article was written some of Kitely services have changed, notably those mentioned in paragraph 5. It’s still possible to upload OARs to all regions, though account and world types and the cost of OAR uploads are different. The full details are here: