VENDORS: Consulting Companies


3DLES offers project management, educational support, building and scripting for educational projects in OpenSim.

Avatrian, LLC

Avatrian is a full-service metaverse development company that delivers products and services for 3D online digital worlds, focusing primarily on Second Life and OpenSim

Creative Twists Designs

Creative Twists Designs offers design, building and other services for companies considering Second Life and OpenSim deployments.

Daden Limited

Daden offers consulting, design and building services in virtual worlds, with particular expertise in the areas of web and real world integration, and creating interactive virtual personalities.

Designing Digitally

Designing Digitally is an Ohio-based development company specializing in virtual worlds, e-learning, and 3D training simulations. The company works in multiple virtual world development mediums including OpenSim, Unity 3, Second Life, Azivia, and 3D Virtual Campus Tours.  

FireSabre Consulting

US $150 per month for a four-region simulator on the Starlight grid. Building, consulting, and Second Life migration services also available.

Framed In 3D

Business-focused animation company filming in virtual worlds.

Greenbush Labs

Greenbush Labs is a consulting firm exploring educational innovation and rich immersive learning environments.


Odomia develops serious environments in virtual worlds for serious purposes and offers customized solutions in Second Life and OpenSim

OSVW Consulting

Justin Clark-Casey’s OSVW Consulting offers consulting on all aspects of operating an OpenSimulator installation, including setup, troubleshooting, scaling, maintenance and custom development.


US$40 (30 Euro) a month per region on OSGrid, Wilder Westen, OpenNeuland, any open grid, or as a separate world. Full grid hosting and management services available.


vComm and its team offer a whole range of services and products in support of various aspects of the setup and running of virtual platforms, including Second Life und Open Simulator. Services Offered: Landscaping: design...