At Hypergrid Business, we are more than happy to receive press releases, columns, and article suggestions related to OpenSim.

Please include “OpenSim press release,” “OpenSim opinion column,” or “OpenSim article suggestion” in the subject line of your email and send it to

We reserve the right to reject any material that doesn’t serve our target audience. By submitting a press release or article, you agree to give us the right to edit the material for style if we use it as-is. If we quote from the material, we will attribute the information to the appropriate source.

Press Release

When submitting a press release, please include contact information in case we decide to follow up and write a story about the announcement.

In the body of a product or service announcement, please include a link to the page on your Website that features this product or service, and a hypergrid address if it is related to an in-world event or destination. The press release should be plain text, and pasted in the body of the email.

All press releases must be written in the third person and include a horizontal illustration or in-world snapshot. The images should not look like advertisements, meaning no added text or heavily promotional materials. Please attach the image in the highest resolution available.

If no image is provided, we reserve the right to use a stock photo instead, or to use a marketing-related image from your company’s website such as an in-world snapshot or product photo.

More information about how to write a press release here, 10 ideas for a press release here.

Story idea

If you are a public relations representative, business owner or consultant pitching a story, please send a quick note to with the story idea, as well as relevant contact information for our writers and links to supportive material.


When submitting a column, please include a paragraph at the end describing yourself (or the author) and include a link to the author’s personal or professional Website.

All columns should be written in the first person, and include personal opinions or experiences of benefit to our readers.

We do not guarantee that we will run a column, and recommend sending us a general overview first before writing it to see if it’s something that we would run.

We will happily reprint material that has previously appeared on other blogs and in other publications, provided we get the permission to do so.

All columns should be accompanied by a photograph, oriented horizontally. Avatar images or virtual world snapshots are fine. If no photograph is provided, we reserve the right to use a stock photo instead, or to use an image from the author’s Website.

We do not compensate authors for first-person columns.

We run columns related to OpenSim. We will also consider virtual reality headset and app reviews.

Freelance Articles

We do compensate writers for assigned, reported news and feature stories about OpenSim. More information here.

We do not charge to run guest posts, as long as they fit our editorial requirements and do not contain paid text links. More information here.

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