We’ve been getting a large number of requests lately to run guest articles in return for commercial text links. We do not allow paid text links in our posts. If there’s a link in the article, it better be of value to our readers, not a commercial. If you want to buy an ad, please buy a display ad.

However, we do allow article authors to include links back to their sites. There is no charge for this. In fact, we never charge to run articles. If something is of value to our readers, we will run it.

Article topics

Hypergrid Business is, as the title suggests, a publication interested in business in the metaverse.

Some of the areas we typically cover include:

  • Marketing, sales, promotion, customer loyalty, and other related topics as they pertain to virtual goods or virtual worlds
  • Management advice about selecting a team, choosing a business model, staying ahead of competitors, and finding funding for startup virtual world projects
  • Legal advice about contracts with partners, vendors, and content providers and about copyright infringement for virtual content creators and virtual world managers
  • Technology advice about selecting, installing, and managing a virtual platform for small groups, non-profits, educational institutions, companies, and commercial world operators
  • Advice for content creators about in-world building and scripting, and about creating textures and 3D mesh models for import into virtual environments

The platforms we typically cover include:

  • OpenSim, realXtend, AuroraSim, OpenWonderland, OpenQwaq, and other open source virtual world platforms
  • Protosphere, VenueGen, Avaya’s Web Alive, SAIC’s Olive, VastPark, Altadyn’s 3DXplorer, 3Di and other commercial, enterprise-focused virtual world platforms
  • Second Life, Blue Mars, Cloud Party, and other consumer-oriented virtual worlds in so far as they have business, non-profit or educational applications

Hypergrid Business staff are not available for writing ghost articles on behalf of third parties.

However, we work with a number of freelance writers who have informed us that they’ll be more than happy to give up their byline in return for some spending cash. If you would like a referral to one of these writers — or to become one of the freelancers we¬†recommend¬†— please contact us.

Write to editor Maria Korolov at [email protected] or to our editorial team at [email protected].

If pitching a guest article, please include:

  • What platforms your story will focus on
  • How your story will benefit enterprise users of virtual worlds
  • What is new or different about your story — is it based on new statistics, recent news events, a reaction to an earlier column or discussion?

Submissions requirements:

  • The story should be in plain text, RTF or Word format.
  • Include hyperlinks in the form of plain text, not live links
  • Include photographs or art, including headshots of people quoted, and at least one horizonally-oriented image. All art must have proper permissions or licensing.
  • Stories should be between 500 and 800 words in length. We do occasionally run longer stories, but check first.
  • Include author’s name, bio, headshot and contact email address.