We love running press releases at Hypergrid Business, as long as they’re useful to our readers.

In particular, press releases about events on OpenSim grids and new grid openings are particularly welcome.

Please email your press release to editor@hypergridbusiness.com with the press release in the body of the email, in plain text. Attach images to the email, or includes links to the images in the body of the email.

A press release, should, at minimum, answer the following questions:

  • What is happening
  • Why it is happening
  • Where it is happening, and how our readers can get to it
  • When it is happening
  • Who is involved

Please include a snapshot of the area, or another horizontally-oriented “landscape” photo. Please do not include ads here or any image edited to include promotional text or symbols. (You can get a free ad instead.)

We prefer that people are quoted under their real names, with their real photographs attached, whenever possible.

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