Hypergrid Business does not share the contact information of readers or sources without specific prior authorization.

However, the site does use Google Analytics and Google AdSense, which collect anonymized visitor data and may place cookies on user computers.

We do not see or collect any data about individual visitors, just overall traffic numbers and such information as what percent of our readers come from particular countries.

We do not allow personalized ads on our website — this means that our visitors, whether or not they are from Europe, do not get ads targeting them personally.

For our comment system, we use Disqus. We only see information that you voluntarily share with Disqus. You do not have to provide Disqus with any of your information, and if you have provided information to them in the past you can see what they have and you can ask Disqus to delete it here. Read more about Disqus privacy policies here.

If you have a problem with something in the comments, see our Discussion Guidelines here.

We used to have a newsletter, but it was discontinued several years ago and all data deleted.

We also do surveys. We don’t share any contact information provided as part of Google’s surveys, and delete all of the information, keeping just the anonymized data, after the survey results are published. If you want to be sure that your name or email address isn’t saved anywhere in the documents I have, you can email me at maria@hypergridbusiness.com and I can do a global search of our cloud and local storage.

As journalists, I and our other reporters do keep personal Rolodexex of sources who we contact for stories. We don’t share that with anyone, or use it for any marketing purposes. If someone asks to contact one of our sources, we’ll forward their requests, but won’t give out the contact information directly unless the sources have previously said it’s okay to do that. For example, some developers say it’s okay for us to give out their contact info for readers who are looking for development help. We also have a list of contact emails for the grids we write about. Again, we don’t share that with anyone, but use it when we are researching articles and are looking for comments from grid owners. We never use that for marketing purposes.

In addition, you can ask to have content about you removed from this website — as long as its personal, and not about you as a representative of a company or other organization. Customers need to know about the prior history of the companies and organizations they do business with.

Click here to see a list of all the cookies collected on this site.

But if you’re an individual, and you are mentioned in an article in a personal capacity and the article is more than a couple of years old, and puts you in an embarrassing light, then email me at maria@hypergridbusiness.com and I’ll see what I can do about it.  If it doesn’t serve any public interest to keep it up, I’ll edit your section out, or remove the entire article from our site.

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