This list includes all grids that have been active this month. Please note that some grids may only be up part-time, especially the smaller ones. Click here for more details. Click here for intellectual property protection info.

If a grid is hypergrid-enabled, the hypergrid address is the same as the LoginURI.

Last Update: 9/15/2019 • Total grids: 302

If your grid isn’t listed and you would like to add it to this page or other pages on this website, please visit the Promote your grid for free page.

Grid LoginURI and HG address
2Worlds2Go Hypergrid
3D Love Hypergrid, Facebook
3D Worldz No hypergrid
3DLES Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube
3rd Life Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit, Podex payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group, Forum, MeWe
3rd Rock Grid Hypergrid, Local GO$, Gloebits payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, MeWe, Twitter, Grid Calendar, Blog, Blog
92 Miles Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice, Facebook
Admeja Hypergrid, Vivox voice
Adreans-World Hypergrid
Agent Hypergrid
AiLand Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Twitter
AIRE Mille Flux Hypergrid
Alife Virtual Hypergrid, Local S$ payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, Facebook Group
Alterworld Grid Hypergrid
Amaryllis Grid No hypergrid
Amber Grove Hypergrid
Ancient Rome Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Facebook Page
Anettes Welt Hypergrid
Angel Souls Hypergrid
AnSky Hypergrid, Gloebit, Local V$ payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group, Grid Calendar
Argofantasy Hypergrid
Argune Hypergrid
ArtDestiny Hypergrid
Astralia Hypergrid
Atek Grid Hypergrid, Facebook Page
Athabasca University Hypergrid
Atlantide Hypergrid
Ausgrid Hypergrid
Auth Hypergrid
Avacon Hypergrid, YouTube
Avatar Sex Grid Hypergrid
Avequest No hypergrid
Aviarium Hypergrid
AviWorlds Hypergrid, local AV$ payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group, Twitter
Bachmans Hideout Hypergrid
Baller Nation Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Facebook Page
Beta Technologies Hypergrid
BHGrid Hypergrid
Binders World Hypergrid
Breath in Freedom Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Bridgemere Hypergrid
Bubblesz Hypergrid
Calypso 3D Hypergrid
Caprica Hypergrid
Catsylvania Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Chez moi Hypergrid
Chimerus Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Facebook Group
CHWGrid Hypergrid
Counter Earth Hypergrid
Craft World Hypergrid, OMC payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group, Grid Calendar
CreaNovale Grid Hypergrid
Creo Mundos No hypergrid
CyberFace Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
CyberNexus VW Grid No hypergrid
Decadencia Hypergrid
Destination Cloud No hypergrid
DigiGrids No hypergrid, Local StarDust payment, Vivox voice
DigiWorldz Hypergrid, Local Digitz, Gloebits payment, Facebook Group, Twitter, Grid Calendar, YouTube
Discovery Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit, DC$ via Podex payment, Vivox voice, MeWe, Google Calendar, YouTube
Dolfins Dream World Hypergrid
Dorena’s World Hypergrid
Dovangel No hypergrid
Dracsoom Hypergrid, Vivox voice
DreamGrid Hypergrid
Dreamlife Hypergrid
DreamNation No hypergrid, OMC payment, Vivox voice
Dreamscape Hypergrid
DWGrid Hypergrid
Dynamic Worldz Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
EasterHome Hypergrid
Edgewater Valley Hypergrid
EdgeWaterValley Hypergrid
EdMondo Hypergrid
Emilac No hypergrid
Encitra Home Grid Hypergrid
Encore Escape Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Facebook Group, Twitter
Endivatomic World Hypergrid
Eros Resort Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Grid Calendar, Forum, YouTube
Eureka World Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Facebook Page
EVA Park No hypergrid, Vivox voice
Exo-Life Hypergrid, Local G$ payment
Fae Farms Hypergrid
Fantasy Island Hypergrid
FarWorldz Hypergrid
Fearless Mysteries Hypergrid
Fish World Hypergrid
Forbidden World Hypergrid
Forgotten Realities Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Page
Foto50 Hypergrid
Foundation Grid Hypergrid
FrancoGrid Hypergrid, OMC payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group
Free Life Hypergrid
Freedom Grid Hypergrid
Furry World Hypergrid, Vivox voice
Gay Pride Hypergrid
GerGrid Hypergrid, Local OS$ payment, Vivox voice
Gevolution No hypergrid, Local GV$ payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Page
Gimisa Hypergrid
Golden Palace Gaming Hypergrid
Great Canadian Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit, Local M$ payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group, iCal Calendar, Forum
GreekLife Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Facebook Group
Greenworld Hypergrid
Grid Life Hypergrid
Grid Nirvana Hypergrid, OMC payment
GridExperience Hypergrid, Vivox voice
Grimm Hypergrid
Guinevere Project Hypergrid
Gyssy Hypergrid
Handelsplanet Linora V Hypergrid
HD Skin World Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
HGLuv Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Homeland No hypergrid
Hypergrid Life Hypergrid
Icelady Grid Hypergrid
Ignis Fatuus Hypergrid
Immersion Tools Hypergrid
Independence Hypergrid
Infinite Grid Hypergrid, Local X$ payment
Ingen-Lab Hypergrid
Insight Concepts Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Ipsofacto Hypergrid
Islands of Enlightenment No hypergrid
JamGrid Hypergrid, OMC payment
Japan Open Grid Hypergrid
Joildan Hypergrid
JokaydiaGrid Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, Twitter
jOpenSimWorld Hypergrid, Local jO$ payment, Vivox voice
Kalasiddhi Grid Hypergrid, Twitter
Karmalot Hypergrid, Local KC payment, Vivox voice voice
Kater and Friends Hypergrid
Keng City Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group
Keystone Grid Hypergrid
Kinky Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Kitely Hypergrid, Local Kitely Credits payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, Twitter, Google Calendar, Forum, YouTube
KiwiGrid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice
KiWo Grid Hypergrid
Koeberle No hypergrid
Kohaku Grid Hypergrid
KoolPheller Estates Hypergrid
Krabat Grid Hypergrid
Kroatan Grid Hypergrid, Vivox voice
Kyle Archipelago Hypergrid
Lake Kindred Spirit Hypergrid
Land DownUnder Hypergrid
Lanlar Hypergrid
LeBourg Hypergrid
Liberty Italian Grid Hypergrid
Lidas Welt Hypergrid
Littlebird Grid Hypergrid
Littlefield Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, Twitter, MeWe
Logicamp Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group
Lost World Hypergrid
Love Hypergrid
Majickal Life Hypergrid
MajWorld Hypergrid
Matrix Gaming Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Twitter, Facebook Group
Metaverse Concept Hypergrid
Metaworld Hypergrid
Metropolis Hypergrid, Vivox and Freeswitch voice, Grid Calendar, Forum
Middle Earth Hypergrid
Mikeland Hypergrid
Miki Kiti Tiki Hypergrid
MisFitz Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
MMDA Hypergrid
Mobius Grid Hypergrid, Gloebits payment, Facebook Page, Twitter, Blog
Moonglow Hypergrid
Mreža regij Hypergrid
MyOpenGrid Hypergrid, Local M$ payment, YouTube
Mysterious Grid 2 Hypergrid
Naras Nook Hypergrid, Facebook, Twitter, Discord
Nemesis 3D Hypergrid
Neverworld Hypergrid, Podex payment
New Genres Grid Hypergrid
New Zealand Virtual World Grid – Otago Hypergrid
Nextlife World Hypergrid, Facebook Page
Nymph Hypergrid
OB Hypergrid
Ocean Grid Hypergrid, Freeswitch voice
Offworld Hypergrid
One More Grid Hypergrid
Open Dream No hypergrid
Open Virtual Worlds Hypergrid
OpenSim UAb No hypergrid
OpenSimulator Community Conference Hypergrid, Twitter
Openvue Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Twitter
Openvuz Grid No hypergrid
Orchid Heights Hypergrid
OSgrid Hypergrid, OMC, Gloebits payment, Vivox, Freeswitch, Whisper/Mumble voice, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Forum, Forum, YouTube
Our Hometown Hypergrid
OurGrid Life Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, Twitter
Out & Proud Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Outworldz Hypergrid
OwiGrid No hypergrid
OzKanga Grid Hypergrid
Ozzie World Grid Hypergrid
Pacification Grid Hypergrid
PaderGrid Hypergrid
Panda Grid Hypergrid
Panthera Grid Hypergrid, P$ via Podex, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group
Paradwys Hypergrid
Party Destination Grid Hypergrid, Vivox voice, YouTube, Facebook Page, Facebook Group
Pathway Hypergrid
Phaandoria Grid Hypergrid
Phantom Rose Hypergrid
Pink Panthera Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
PMGrid Hypergrid, Vivox voice
Poqpoq Hypergrid
Pseudospace Hypergrid
PTDE No hypergrid
Quintonia Hypergrid, local currency payment, Vivox voice
Rainbow Ridge Grid Hypergrid
RAKis World Hypergrid
RB Virtual Farm Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Rev World No hypergrid, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter
Rezmela Hypergrid
Roughnexx No hypergrid
Sacrarium Hypergrid, Facebook Group, Twitter, YouTube
Sant World Hypergrid
Savage Grid Hypergrid
Schutz American School Hypergrid
ScienceCircle Hypergrid
Seconds Hypergrid
Secret Life 3D Hypergrid
Servex Grid Hypergrid
SFgrid Hypergrid
Six Sides Grid Hypergrid
Skooko Hypergrid
Skytec Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Sniky Grid Hypergrid
Social Mouse Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Google Calendar
Speculoos Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Starfleet Medical Hypergrid
Survgrid Otago No hypergrid
T-Grid Hypergrid
Tag Grid No hypergrid, Facebook Group, Twitter, YouTube, Discord
Takland Hypergrid
Tangle Grid Hypergrid, Gloebits, Local Tbucks payment, Vivox voice, Facebook, Twitter, Google Calendar, YouTube
Techland Hypergrid
TeCoLa No hypergrid
Tedesco Sim’s Hypergrid
Tenebris Mysterium Hypergrid
Terra Nova Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice
Terraworldz Hypergrid
TexLand Grid Hypergrid
Thai VR Virtual World Hypergrid
That Place Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
The Haven Grid Hypergrid
The One Jam Hypergrid
The Public World Hypergrid, Facebook Group
The Verse Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
TheKaz Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
TinkerLand No hypergrid
Tlön No hypergrid
Tomi’s World Hypergrid
Tranquility Hypergrid, Local T$, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group, YouTube, Discord
Trans Sidera No hypergrid
Tropical Isle Hypergrid
TUIS Open Grid Hypergrid
Tulane SoPA Metaverse Hypergrid
U4ria Grid Hypergrid
UCI Mondego vLab Hypergrid
UFGQ Grid No hypergrid
Uradriembor Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Utopia Skye Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Twitter, Discord, MeWe, Facebook Page
Uzuri Virtual Hypergrid
VartownGrid Hypergrid
Vgrid Hypergrid
VIBE: Africa Traveler Hypergrid
VIBE: BIOME Hypergrid
VIBE: Genome Island Hypergrid
VIBE: Nova Archeology Hypergrid
VIBE: Virtual Islands for Better Education Hypergrid
Vibel Hypergrid
Vida Dupla Hypergrid
Virlands Hypergrid
Virtual ABDL Grid Hypergrid
Virtual Ability Hypergrid, YouTube
Virtual Brasil Hypergrid, Local Rubys payment, Vivox voice
Virtual Business Grid Hypergrid, Facebook Page, Facebook Group
Virtual Dream Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group, Forum
Virtual Dreamz Hypergrid
Virtual Islands Hypergrid, Facebook Page
Virtual Life Brasil Hypergrid, Local $VL payment, Facebook Page, Twitter
Virtual Life EU Hypergrid
Virtual RBM Hypergrid
Virtual World City Hypergrid, Local GT payment
Virtual Worlds Grid Hypergrid, OMC payment
Virtualife Hypergrid, Local V$ payment, Vivox voice
VR Playground Hypergrid
WestWorld Grid Hypergrid
WestWorld Outworldz Hypergrid
World of Ascension Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Xmir Hypergrid, OMC payment, Twitter
Xntra City Hypergrid
Yaras Welt Hypergrid
Yippee Ki-Ay Blues Grid Hypergrid
Your Worlds Hypergrid
YourSimSpot Hypergrid, OMC payment, Vivox voice
ZetaWorlds Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Twitter
Zindraya Hypergrid
Zone Nations Hypergrid