This list includes all grids that have been active this month. Please note that some grids may only be up part-time, especially the smaller ones. Click here for more details. Click here for intellectual property protection info.

If a grid is hypergrid-enabled, the hypergrid address is the same as the LoginURI.

Last Update: 5/15/2023 • Total grids: 428

If your grid isn’t listed and you would like to add it to this page or other pages on this website, please visit the Promote your grid for free page.

Grid LoginURI and HG address
3D Worldz No hypergrid
3DLES Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube
3rd Rock Grid Hypergrid, Local GO$, Gloebits payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, MeWe, Twitter, Grid Calendar, Blog, Blog
A Break From Life Hypergrid
A Dimension Beyond Hypergrid
A Virtual World Hypergrid
Adreans-World Hypergrid
Adult Nation Hypergrid
Adventure Bay Hypergrid
AI Grid Hypergrid
AIRE Mille Flux Hypergrid
Alecia Grid Hypergrid
Alexa World Hypergrid
Alife Virtual No hypergrid, Local S$ payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, Facebook Group
Alterlifes Hypergrid
Alternate Metaverse Hypergrid, Facebook Page, Facebook Group
AmunRiseN No hypergrid
Angel Grid Hypergrid
Angel Souls Hypergrid
AnSky Hypergrid, Gloebit, Local V$ payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group, Grid Calendar
Argentoratum Hypergrid
Arielle’s Grid Hypergrid
Arkham Grid Hypergrid
ArtDestiny Hypergrid
Astralia Hypergrid
Atlantide Hypergrid
Atlantis Hypergrid
Atlas Grid Hypergrid
Ausgrid Hypergrid
AusVirtual Grid Hypergrid
Avacon Hypergrid, YouTube
Avalonia Virtual Hypergrid
AvatarLife Hypergrid, Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
Avequest No hypergrid
Avie Realm Hypergrid
AviTron Hypergrid
AviVerse AlterEgo Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice
AviWorlds Hypergrid, local AV$ payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, Twitter
Baller Nation Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Facebook Page
Barefoot Dreamers Hypergrid, Local $B payment, Vivox voice
Bernicia Hypergrid
Beta Technologies Hypergrid
Binders World Hypergrid
Blackswan Hypergrid
BradleyVille Hypergrid
Bridgemere Hypergrid
Brillyunt Hypergrid
Bubble Grid Hypergrid
BunnyLand Hypergrid
Caelum Alpha Hypergrid
Cajun Grid Hypergrid
Cajungrid Hypergrid
Calypso Hypergrid
Carima Welt Hypergrid
Chubelz Grid Hypergrid
Clone Fantasy Hypergrid
Coffee Grid Hypergrid
Concadia Hypergrid
Cooperation Creative Hypergrid
CosmoPlanet Hypergrid
Counter Earth Hypergrid, Vivox voice
Cozy Comforts Grid Hypergrid
Craft World Hypergrid, OMC payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group, Grid Calendar
CreaNovale Grid Hypergrid
Creo Mundos No hypergrid
CyberCity Hypergrid
Czech Welcome Centre Hypergrid
Dajas Grid Hypergrid
Dark Shadows Hypergrid
Darkheart’s Estates Hypergrid
Darkheart’s Realm Hypergrid
Dead Frog Hypergrid
Decadence Hypergrid
Deep Playa Hypergrid
Destinations Hypergrid
Destinationz Hypergrid
Destiny Grid Hypergrid
DigiGrids No hypergrid, Local StarDust payment, Vivox voice
DigiWorldz Hypergrid, Local Digitz, Gloebits payment, Facebook Group, Twitter, Grid Calendar, YouTube, MeWe
Discovery Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit, DC$ via Podex payment, Vivox voice, MeWe, Google Calendar, YouTube
Dorena’s World Hypergrid
DowGrid Hypergrid
Dracsoom Hypergrid, Vivox voice
DreamNation No hypergrid, OMC payment, Vivox voice
Duros Pr Hypergrid
Dynamic Worldz Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Dyvall Hypergrid
E-LIVE Virtual World No hypergrid
Edge of Reality Grid Hypergrid
EdMondo Hypergrid
EducaSim Hypergrid
Eenhgrid Hypergrid
Endivatomic World Hypergrid
Equinox Grid Hypergrid
EscapeLands Hypergrid
Esfera Virtual Hypergrid
Etheria Grid Hypergrid
Etuvia Hypergrid
Eureka World Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Facebook Page
EVA Park No hypergrid, Vivox voice
Exo-Life Hypergrid, Local G$ payment
Fae Farms Hypergrid
Fashionistas Hypergrid
Fearless Mysteries Hypergrid
Figment Hypergrid
Fire and Ice Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Discord, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, OpenSimWorld, Wiki, Forum, YouTube
Floyd World Hypergrid
Forgotten Worlds Hypergrid
France PR Hypergrid
France RP Hypergrid
Free Life Hypergrid
Freedom Grid Hypergrid
Fresh MetaVers Hypergrid
Freya’s Shadow World Hypergrid
FuoriGrid Hypergrid
Furry World Hypergrid, Vivox voice
Galaxy Warz Hypergrid
GBG World Hypergrid, Local G$ payment, Vivox voice
Genesis Roleplay Grid Hypergrid
Gentle Fire Grid Hypergrid
GerGrid Hypergrid, Local OS$ payment, Vivox voice
German World Hypergrid
German World Grid Hypergrid
Gimisa Hypergrid
Golden Palace Gaming Hypergrid
GorGrid Hypergrid
Great Canadian Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit, Local M$ payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group, iCal Calendar
Grid Life Hypergrid
Grid Network Hypergrid
Grid Nirvana Hypergrid, OMC payment
Grid Racers Hypergrid
GridPlay Grid No hypergrid
Grimm Hypergrid
Groovy Verse Hypergrid
Happy Hour Hypergrid
Hasengang Hypergrid
HCC Lab Hypergrid
Hermopolis Chimera Hypergrid
Homeland No hypergrid
Horse Island Hypergrid
Hosting4OpenSim Test Grid Hypergrid
Hot Gorean Nights Hypergrid
Icelady Grid Hypergrid
Ignis Fatuus Hypergrid
Ikora’s World Hypergrid
IMA Metaverse Depot Hypergrid
Impulse Grid Hypergrid
Infinite Grid Hypergrid, Local X$ payment
JamGrid Hypergrid, OMC payment
Japan Open Grid Hypergrid
jOpenSimWorld Hypergrid, Local jO$ payment, Vivox voice
Jungle Friends Grid Hypergrid
Kantarobasta Grid Hypergrid
Kater and Friends Hypergrid
Kindred Spirits World Hypergrid
Kinky Haven Hypergrid
Kitely Hypergrid, Local Kitely Credits payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, Twitter, Google Calendar, Forum, YouTube
KittyBlue Hypergrid
Konecta Radio Hypergrid
KoolPheller Estates Hypergrid
KubwasWelt Hypergrid
Kyle Archipelago Hypergrid
La Grilla de Don Javi Hypergrid
Lanf Of Bree Hypergrid
Langalf’s Demesne Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice
LeBourg Hypergrid
Little Whitecat Hypergrid
Littlefield Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Facebook Page, Twitter, MeWe
LoboWorld Hypergrid
Logicamp Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group
Lonetree Hypergrid
Lost World Hypergrid
Lovely Paradise Hypergrid
MAGA Grid Hypergrid
MajHome Hypergrid
Majickal Life Hypergrid
Mathesis Hypergrid
Matrix Gaming Hypergrid, Vivox voice, Twitter, Facebook Group
Maze of The Mind Hypergrid
Mentis Pacem Hypergrid
Metaverse Concept Hypergrid
Metaverse Dimensions Hypergrid
MetaverseLife Grid Hypergrid
Micachee Hypergrid
Midway Hypergrid
Migrating Coconuts Hypergrid
Miki Kiti Tiki Hypergrid
MisFitz Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Mobius Grid Hypergrid, Gloebits payment, Facebook Page, Twitter, Blog
Moonlighting Grid Hypergrid
Moonrose Hypergrid
My Virtual Beach Hypergrid, Vivox voice
My Virtual Community Hypergrid
Mysterious Grid 2 Hypergrid
Mystic Bermuda Hypergrid
Nabila Grid Hypergrid
Naras Nook Hypergrid, Facebook, Twitter, Discord
Nemesis 3D Hypergrid
Neverworld Hypergrid, Podex payment
New Genres Grid Hypergrid
New Hope Grid Hypergrid, Local NH$ currency via Podex payment, Facebook Group
New Life Italy Hypergrid
NewOffworld Hypergrid
Next Reality Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Nova Space Hypergrid
NukoGrid Hypergrid
Nymphgrid 2 Shopping Hypergrid
Ocean Grid Hypergrid, Freeswitch voice
Oczko Hypergrid
Offworld Hypergrid
Omnopolis Hypergrid
One Life Grid Hypergrid
Open Mind Grid Hypergrid
Open Virtual Worlds Hypergrid
OpenManniLand Hypergrid
OpenSim UAb No hypergrid
OpenSimulator Community Conference Hypergrid, Twitter
OSgrid Hypergrid, OMC, Gloebits payment, Vivox, Freeswitch, Whisper/Mumble voice, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Forum, Forum, YouTube
Otterland Hypergrid
Outworldz Hypergrid
P7 Hypergrid
PaderGrid Hypergrid
Panda Grid Hypergrid
Party Destination Grid Hypergrid, Vivox voice, YouTube, Facebook Page, Facebook Group
Perfect Life Hypergrid
Perfect Worlds Hypergrid
Phantom Rose Hypergrid, Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube
Phillip’s Grid Hypergrid
Piggy Bank Grid World Hypergrid
Planet Jikan Hypergrid
Pleasant Retreat Hypergrid
PMGrid Hypergrid, Vivox voice
Power Angels Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Proud Rainbow Hypergrid
ProxyNet Hypergrid
Rainbow Grid Hypergrid
Rennoc World Hypergrid
Reserected Worlds Hypergrid
Rev World Hypergrid, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter
Rezmela Hypergrid
Rocket World Hypergrid
Rocket World Grid Hypergrid
Science Circle Hypergrid
ScienceCircle Hypergrid
Scripted Artwork Hypergrid
SE3D Worlds Hypergrid
Seconds Hypergrid
Serenity Hypergrid
Servex Grid Hypergrid
SFgrid Hypergrid
Sharing Is Caring Family Hypergrid
Shasiyadynasty Hypergrid
Sheikah Hypergrid
SiLi Hypergrid
Skytec Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Snowdrop Grid Hypergrid
Society of the Sacred Grove Hypergrid
Solaria Hypergrid
Soul Grid Hypergrid
Sovaria Estates No hypergrid
SpartaGrid Hypergrid
Speculoos Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
SSG Sacred Grove Hypergrid
Starfleet Hypergrid
Stefanies World Hypergrid
Summerland Hypergrid
SV3D Hypergrid
Sweet Life Hypergrid
Swiss Grid Hypergrid
T-Grid Hypergrid
Tag Grid No hypergrid, Facebook Group, Twitter, YouTube, Discord
Takland Hypergrid
Tangle Grid Hypergrid, Gloebits, Local Tbucks payment, Vivox voice, Facebook, Twitter, Google Calendar, YouTube
TeCoLa No hypergrid, Vivox voice
Tedesco Sim’s Hypergrid
Tenebris Mysterium Hypergrid
Terra Nova Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice
The City Hypergrid
The Devil’s Grid Hypergrid
The E Grid Hypergrid
The Haven Grid Hypergrid
The Public World Hypergrid, Facebook Group
The Verse Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
TheGrid Hypergrid
TheKaz Grid Hypergrid, Gloebit payment
Thug Hypergrid
Tlön No hypergrid
Tomi’s World Hypergrid
Trans Sidera Hypergrid
Trianon World Hypergrid
Trinity’s DreamGrid Hypergrid
Tropical Isle Hypergrid
Troy Hypergrid
TUIS Open Grid Hypergrid
Twilight Hypergrid
Twisted Grid Hypergrid
UCI Mondego vLab Hypergrid
Unbetween Hypergrid
Utopia Skye Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Twitter, Discord, MeWe, Facebook Page
Uzuri Virtual Hypergrid
V.B. Creations Hypergrid
Vela Dreams Hypergrid
Vibel Hypergrid
Vida Dupla Hypergrid
Virlands Hypergrid
Virtual Ability Hypergrid, YouTube
Virtual Business Grid Hypergrid, Facebook Page, Facebook Group
Virtual Gay Pride Hypergrid
Virtual Grid Hypergrid
Virtual Learning Village Hypergrid
Virtual Life Brasil Hypergrid, Local $VL payment, Facebook Page, Twitter
Virtual Life Style Hypergrid, Vivox voice
Virtual Life World Hypergrid
Virtual Melody Hypergrid
Virtual RBM Hypergrid
Virtual Temple 449 Hypergrid, Local V$ payment, Vivox voice
Virtual World Solutions Hypergrid
Virtual Worlds Grid Hypergrid, OMC payment
Virtual Worlds Zone Hypergrid
Virtual-HG Hypergrid
VirtuaLifeNewGrid Hypergrid
Vivec Hypergrid
Vivo Sim Hypergrid
WaterSplash Hypergrid
WestWorld Hypergrid
Winxtropia Grid Hypergrid
WKD Bucket Grid Hypergrid
WKDVR Hypergrid
Wolf Territories Grid Hypergrid
Wonder Hypergrid
Wyldwood Bayou Hypergrid
Xmir Hypergrid, OMC payment, Vivox voice, Twitter
XTalent Hypergrid, PayPal payment, Vivox voice, Facebook Group
Yippee Ki-Ay Blues Grid Hypergrid
Your Worlds Hypergrid
Youth Nation Hypergrid, Local Candy payment, Vivox voice
Yuriworld Hypergrid
ZetaWorlds Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Twitter
Zirconia Hypergrid
Zodiac Hypergrid
Zone Nations Hypergrid, Gloebit payment, Vivox voice,

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