At Hypergrid Business, we are always looking for contributors. We have both paid and unpaid opportunities for writers, depending on the kind of story you want to do and your experience level.

If you want to include commercial links in the body of your article or pay us for a post, please see our sponsored post guidelines here.

Writing guidelines:


We are looking for reviews of OpenSim grids, events, stores, hosting vendors, and immersive platforms.

We are also interested in reviews of VR and AR apps and headsets, as well as reviews of AI-powered tools and apps, and of books and movies about any of these technologies.

News and features

We are looking for short news stories as well as in-depth features about new business and technology developments related to the hypergrid, OpenSim, and other immersive platforms.

We are also interested in articles about AI, and about AR, VR, and XR technologies.

News and features should be based on on-the-record interviews with the key people involved. Our typical rate is US $0.05 per word, but can vary based on experience.

Advice and opinion

We are looking for columns in the range of 500 to 800 words based on personal experience and analysis, of interest to virtual world users in the business, education, and non-profit sectors. No previous writing experience is necessary, but subject matter expertise is required. We do not require exclusivity — you can publish the same opinion column on your own website or any other publication, and we are fine with reprinting pieces that have already run elsewhere, as long as we have the legal right to do so.

Our policy on links

We are fine with useful and relevant links in the body of the article. In your bio, we’re fine with including a link to the company where you work or your personal portfolio site or author book page.

More information on our submission guidelines is here. And read here for some tips on how to write us an email that doesn’t get sent to spam folder.

Interested in writing for us? Please send an email to

If you are interested in contributing guest articles in return for text links, we do not allow paid text links. We do, however, allow authors to include links back to their sites in the author bio. We do not charge for those links. Please click here for more details about pitching guest articles.

If you are someone who works for a content farm, please go away. If you email us, we’ll flag your email as spam. But if you are serious about writing about technology, do contact us and explain what your background is and provide some links to your previous articles or other writing samples. We are also happy to work with new writers who are just starting out and are building their portfolios.

If you don’t know what to write about, or who to talk to, we can help with that, as well.

Fact-check guidelines

In addition, we have new fact-checking policies for all stories published in Hypergrid Business.

First of all, every piece of information mentioned in the article should include either a link to the online source, or the name of the person who provided you with that information.

If the source of the information is your own personal experience, you will need to specify what expertise that is.

Second, we will need a list of contact information for each person quoted in their article, including name, title, organization, and email address or phone number. The contact information will not be published, but will be used as part of our fact-checking process. You will need to let your sources know that they may be contacted later by a fact-checker.

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