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  • avatar for Kate AbrosimovaKate Abrosimova

    Kate Abrosimova is a tech journalist employed with Yalantis, a mobile app development company. She covers mobile and Internet startups, innovative technology companies and products, freelancing and blogging. Follow her on Twitter @kateabrosimova.

  • avatar for Nuela AdaNuela Ada

    Nuela Ada is a UK-based technology writer. She is also the founder of InspireIT, a free global mentoring program for young girls and women studying or interested in science, technology, engineering and math.

  • avatar for Sam AdamaSam Adama

    Sam Adama has been a Web developer since 2001 and a graphic and 3D designer since 2004, and works at Studio One, a web design firm. He is the creator and owner of TDR and the founder and co-owner of Caprica Grid. Since 2002, he has also been a club DJ and musician.

  • avatar for Elaine AdamcewiczElaine Adamcewicz

    Elaine Adamcewicz writes reviews because she loves seeing her writing online. She is fascinated with all new technology and gadgets.

  • avatar for Vaishnavi AgrawalVaishnavi Agrawal

    Bangalore-based Vaishnavi Agrawal has a passion for technology and has managed personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global company that provides e-learning and professional certification training that addresses the unique needs of working professionals. Her work has been published on various sites related to data science, Hadoop, big data, business intelligence, project management, cloud computing, IT, SAP and more.

  • avatar for Shannan AlbrightShannan Albright

    Shannan Albright writes paranormal, urban fantasy, historical and fantasy romances because she loves world building and creating rich characters -- dark, edgy heroes and heroines overcoming impossible odds both internal and external.

  • avatar for Clark AldrichClark Aldrich

    Clark Aldrich, an independent contractor, works with clients to create effective, celebrated, and innovative simulations. He has designed award-winning simulations on areas ranging from influencing skills to cyber security, and with clients as diverse as the Department of Defense to private universities. When working with SimuLearn, he was awarded a patent for the Virtual Leader global product line, currently used in hundreds of corporations, universities, and military installations. He is the author of several books, including The Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games.

  • avatar for Ryan AndersonRyan Anderson

    Ryan is the senior editor atAR/VR Tips, an online company that showcases the latest augmented reality apps and virtual reality products and offers tutorials and guides to help you play.

  • avatar for Adrijan ArsovskiAdrijan Arsovski

    Adrijan Arsovski's keen interest in writing and technology led to him morphing into a technology writer. See his full profile here.

  •'Clare Atkins

    Dr Clare Atkins ("Arwenna Stardust" in Second Life) is Research Leader and a Senior Lecturer in IT at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, located in in New Zealand's South Island. Currently responsible for the development of NMIT’s presence in Second Life with the islands of Koru and Kowhai, Clare has a strong conviction that the use of multi-user virtual environments will have lasting changes on tertiary education. She has been a Second Life resident since November 2006 and is the SLENZ Project Leader at Second Life Education New Zealand.

  • avatar for David BakkeDavid Bakke

    David Bakke runs an online reselling business full-time and shares tips related to money management and investing on Money Crashers Personal Finance.

  • avatar for Susan BellSusan Bell

    Susan Bell is a staff writer in the Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at the University of Southern California.

  • avatar for Reggie BestReggie Best

    Reggie Best was president and COO of ProtonMedia and played a key role in the development and rollout of ProtoSphere 2.0, the company’s state-of-the-art social environment for highly effective online teaming. Reggie has 25 years of experience in telecommunications, data networking, and IT security.

  • avatar for Yantri BhergaYantri Bherga

    Yantri Bherga is a freelance writer and poet based in Western Massachusetts.

  • avatar for Anastasiia BobeshkoAnastasiia Bobeshko

    Anastasiia Bobeshko is the chief content producer and editor at Game-Ace Creative Studio. As a passionate writer, she loves exploring how new technologies transform the world of gaming. For the past years, she has been writing throughout research on a variety of topics, specifically focusing on augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality gaming. Follow her on Twitter at @anabobeshko.

  • avatar for Caleb BookerCaleb Booker

    Caleb Booker has been writing professionally about virtual worlds for over three years. He is also a metaverse developer, and an online events producer. His personal blog is at

  • avatar for Hope Roland BotterbuschHope Roland Botterbusch

    Hope Roland Botterbusch, also known as Esparanza Freese in-world, is a career educator with over of 25 years teaching and administrative experience in K-12, college and university education. The last 20 years of her career has been dedicated to assisting faculty and students in locating funding opportunities for programs and scholarships and managing grant-funded environmental educational programs. Her virtual world experience spans four
    years in Second Life, InWorldz, and the OS Grid. In Second Life, she taught a graduate course for Kansas State University in using virtual worlds for teaching and learning, managed an environmental program and virtual land development for NOAA, and is currently working on a funded virtual project with the U. S. Department of State, Organization of American States. In addition, Botterbusch is a published author of book chapters and peer-reviewed professional journal articles on legal and ethical issues in virtual platforms, and copyright issues in education.

  • avatar for Tyler BraboTyler Brabo

    Tyler Brabo is a freelance writer and researcher based in Florida.

  •'Jon Brouchoud

    Jon Brouchoud is founder and CEO of ARCH Virtual, which develops virtual reality solutions with Oculus Rift and game development engines for use in visualization, simulation and marketing solutions.

  •'Pam Broviak

    Pam Broviak is a civil engineer experienced in municipal engineering and the use of social media and 3D immersive technology for the government, engineering, and public work sectors.

  •'Traci Browne

    Traci Browne is a specialist in trade show and convention management and exhibiting. She has spent years teaching exhibitors how to get more from their trade show marketing dollars and taught show producers how to structure their shows to make their sponsors and exhibitors happier. Traci is now producing regional B2B and B2C shows and events.

  •'Michelle Bruno

    Michelle Bruno of Bruno Group Signature Events is a career meeting planner and exhibition organizer who has written several hundred articles for leading meetings and exhibition industry publications. Her white papers on key exhibitors and attendees are acclaimed as some of the finest research available in the field. With participation in face-to-face meetings as a supplier, organizer and writer, she has the experience and insight to chronicle emerging technologies and their impact on meetings, conferences and exhibitions.

  • avatar for David BurdenDavid Burden

    David Burden heads up Daden Limited, a virtual worlds and AI solution provider based in Birmingham, UK. The company offers consultation, design and build services in virtual worlds, and has special expertise in the areas of web and real world integration, and creating interactive virtual personalities.

  •'Lemuel V. Cacho

    Lem Cacho is a freelance business and technology writer based in the Philippines.

  •'Shannon Callarman

    Shannon Callarman is the marketing coordinator for Cubicle Ninjas, a design agency offering services in presentation design, video development, and virtual reality. She writes about design, business, and technology.

  •'Neil Canham

    Neil Canham is CTO and partner at vComm Solutions GmbH and an experienced agile software developer and mentor. He was also a co-founder of Flying Island Limited, and is interested in the ways that collaborative 3D immersive environments might help companies with managing and training dispersed teams.

  •'David Chess

    David M. Chess is a developer at an IT industry research center in the northeastern United States. He has been interested and
    active in collaborative virtual worlds and their impact on the human
    experience, since the days of Tinymud. The opinions expressed here
    are his own, and do not represent the views of his employer, or anyone else. Chess has been a user of Second Life since 2006, where is is known as Dale Innis.

  • avatar for Jason ChristensenJason Christensen

    Jason Christensen is National Accounts Manager for a leading tool manufacturer – a diversified worldwide supplier of tools, fastening and storage solutions. He is a master of managing life as a remote user, a pioneer of new ideas and is passionate about helping others add clarity to the static they encounter on life’s path.

  • avatar for Justin Clark-CaseyJustin Clark-Casey

    Justin Clark-Casey is the president of the Overte Foundation, an OpenSimulator core developer and a virtual environments software consultant.

  • avatar for Jack ClemJack Clem

    Jack Clem is a freelance technology writer based in Massachusetts. Follow him on LinkedIn.

  • avatar for Timeka CobbTimeka Cobb

    Timeka Cobb is the founder and owner of Tinico Enterprises LLC, the parent company of Swarzee and Swarzee Learning Center Grid as well as Jounaai, a social networking site. She can be reached by email at [email protected], Timeka Cobb on the SLC grid or Mekaboo-Admin on Jounaai.

  •'Sharon Collingwood

    Sharon Collingwood (also known as "Ellie Brewster" in world) is an adjunct professor of women's and gender studies at The Ohio State University. She has been teaching undergraduate classes in Second Life for the past seven years.

  •'Chris Collins

    Chris Collins is a project manager in Instructional and Research Computing at the University of Cincinnati. She is also known as “Fleep Tuque” in-world and is the owner and founder of FleepGrid.

  • avatar for Frank CorsiFrank Corsi

    Frank Corsi is the owner of the Atek Grid and has headed up numerous other virtual world projects.

  • avatar for Tre CritelliTre Critelli

    Tré Critelli is a well-known speaker in the area of implementing technology into the practice of law. He and his firm were awarded the first Innovation Award from the College of Law Practice Management and its co-sponsor at the time, the Microsoft Corporation, which recognized CritelliLaw, p.c. for its innovative action in improving law firm efficiency through the use of technology and office design. Tré Critelli lives and practices in Des Moines, Iowa, with the law firm of CritelliLaw, P.C. He recently concluded his term on the Iowa Supreme Court’s Attorney Disciplinary Board, on which he had served for six years, as its chairperson for the past two.

  • avatar for Adrian CrookAdrian Crook

    Adrian Crook is an award-winning producer, game design expert and founder of Adrian Crook & Associates, a game design and strategy consultancy. Crook and his experienced team at AC+A focus on gamification, social and mobile game design, business development and startup growth strategy. Please visit for more information about his recent projects.

  • avatar for Ann CudworthAnn Cudworth

    Ann Latham Cudworth is a two-time Emmy award winner who designs virtual and physical scenery for network television and virtual environments for the metaverse. Her goal is to inspire people to engage with the project’s underlying message, supported and embodied in her designs. Since 2008, she and her building collaborative, Alchemy Sims, have created compelling environments in Second Life, OpenSim and Unity3D. Her book Virtual World Design: Creating Immersive Virtual Environments will be published this summer and is now available for pre-order.

  •'Leon Cych

    Leon Cych is the director of Learn4Life, an e-learning consulting firm that works in the area of innovation in education using Web 2.0 applications. It was established to document and model new technologies and systems of working in education in the UK. It broadcasts digital video interviews with innovative practitioners and thought leaders as well as demonstrating and reflecting on the emerging use of Virtual worlds in education.

  • avatar for David DaeschlerDavid Daeschler

    David Daeschler is the founder and former CTO of InWorldz, LLC, a 3D virtual world where he was also known as Tranquillity Dexler.

  • avatar for Ravinder DahiyaRavinder Dahiya

    Ravinder Dahiya is a professor of electronics and nanoengineering at the University of Glasgow and the leader of Bendable Electronics and Sensing Technologies research group. He is also the president-elect of the IEEE Sensors Council.

  • avatar for Frank DellarioFrank Dellario

    Frank Dellario is the director of production at Pixel Valley Studio. Dellario has produced 3D real-time animation projects for CSI:NY, Universal, Warner Brothers, NBC, CBS, IBM, Intel, SpikeTV, MTV, Microsoft, Audi and more. He has been a pioneer in the real-time animation process since 1998, when he was one of the founders of the animation studio ILL Clan.

  • avatar for Scott DienerScott Diener

    Scott Diener is the Associate Director of IT Services at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

  • avatar for Scott DodkinsScott Dodkins

    Scott Dodkins heads up Fundamental VR's virtual experience consultancy. He was previously commercial lead for Oculus VR in Europe.

  •'Michael Doyle

    Michael Doyle is executive director of the Virtual Edge Institute, the leading organization dedicated to virtual meetings, events, communities and learning. Doyle is also the organizer of the industry's premier conference, the Virtual Edge Summit, taking place in January 2011.

  • avatar for Karl DreyerKarl Dreyer

    Karl M. Dreyer Jr. is co-founder and CIO of Island Oasis LLC, a closed commercial grid based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He is also known as Damean Paolino in-world. He is an IT professional with 15 years of software and networking experience.

  • avatar for Michael DrezekMichael Drezek

    Michael Drezek is a technology integrator at New York State's Lake Shore Central School District. He was recently was recently named 2016 NYSCATE Outstanding Teacher. Follow Michael Drezek on Twitter.

  • avatar for Erica DriverErica Driver
  • avatar for Mark DuffyMark Duffy

    Mark Duffy is Managing Director of Second Places, a virtual worlds consulting firm based in Cheshire, Great Britain. The company specializes in creating interactive virtual presences for clients on virtual platforms such as OpenSIM and Second Life.

  • avatar for Alexander DuncanAlexander Duncan

    Alexander Duncan is a long-time virtual worlds enthusiast, entrepreneur, and content creator, having been a resident of Second Life since 2007, where he was the proprietor of Gladstone Realty. Most recently he exhibited his Space Elevator at the SL8 Birthday Exhibition. He is also an obsessive blogger, with blogs and Youtube channels including An_2045, a blog about technocracy and the future. He is also a published writer, proprietor of Chroniker Press, writer, and and editorial director of a major Canadian financial educational publishing establishment.

  • avatar for Mona EberhardtMona Eberhardt

    Mona Eberhardt has been active for many years in Second Life as an opinion blogger. She is a longtime advocate for reasonable and down-to-earth intellectual property policies, users' rights, better camera offsets, and realistic, proportionate avatars.

  • avatar for Paul EmeryPaul Emery

    Paul Emery is a co-founder of Detroit-based 3Dcolab, which builds immersive 3D and avatar-based simulations. He is known in-world as Casias Falta.
    The virtual Detroit MCS sim can be reached by hypergrid at The company also hosts virtual Belfast, site of the popular live in-world music venue the Maritime Club.

  •'Per Eriksson

    Per Eriksson is a manager at virtual world development firm Troppo Design, which specializes in creating designers for Second Life and OpenSim grids. He is also a system developer for real estate sales force and administration, and a team player in large real estate development projects.

  •'Joe Essid

    Joe Essid directs the Writing Center at the University of Richmond, where he teaches courses in the departments of English as well as Rhetoric & Communication Studies. He holds a PhD in American Literature, with a specialization in the History of Technology, from Indiana University. As Ignatius, Joe can be found wandering Second Life or, as Iggy Strangeland, in Open Sim grids. He writes for Prim Perfect about grids beyond SL. He has published several articles about pedagogically effective ways to teach with technology in writing-intensive classrooms. He also publishes short work about gardening, history of technology, and sustainability. Ever a geek, Joe designs and plays old paper-and-dice roleplaying games. His at-times snarky blog, "In a Strange Land," combines these interests from Joe's perspective as neo-luddite who rides a bike, refuses to use a cell phone, works on a farm, yet thinks avatars provide an ecologically sustainable way of communicating and building immersive simulations.

  • avatar for Kevin FeenanKevin Feenan

    Kevin Feenan, also known as Phelan Corrimal in-world, is a member of the executive and logistics committees of Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education. He is also the founder of the Rockcliffe University Consortium an online association of educational designers and technologists working with virtual and augmented reality technologies.

  • avatar for Danielle FestaDanielle Festa

    Danielle Festa first began exploring the dimensions of personality constructs developed by clothing at the University of Amherst Massachusetts as a Fine Arts major. Experimenting with the mixed media application of fabrics and oil paints, she continues to develop her evolving theme: the perception of dress. Follow Danielle on Instagram or on her website,

  • avatar for Jamie FieldJamie Field

    Jamie Field is Head of Production at TopLine Comms, an integrated and virtual reality agency where client service, creativity and exceptional coffee form a holy trinity. When he’s not on set, you’ll find Field playing Ping-Pong or geeking out over expensive cameras.

  • avatar for Jupiter FirelyteJupiter Firelyte

    Jupiter Firelyte has been working and playing in Second Life since 2008.

  • avatar for Terry FordTerry Ford

    Terry Ford is the founder of 3RD Rock Grid, one of the oldest OpenSim grids. He is also known as Butch Arnold in-world.

  • avatar for Ehsan ForoughiEhsan Foroughi

    Ehsan Foroughi, chief technology officer at Security Compass, is an application security expert with more than 13 years of management and technical experience in security research. As an entrepreneur, he has also served as the founder and CTO of TELTUB, a successful telecommunication startup. 

  • avatar for Rose FreelandRose Freeland

    Rose Freeland lives and works in Southern California as a designer and artist. She advises major entertainment corporations of the next hot thing in consumer goods and provides designs to companies around the world. When there is time she is illustrating and writing books and designing apparel. Watch a video of her work here.

  • avatar for Adam FrisbyAdam Frisby

    Adam Frisby is the lead developer of Sinespace, a Unity 3D-based multiuser creation platform.

  • avatar for Ariella FurmanAriella Furman

    Framed in 3D is an animation studio with over 10 years of filmmaking experience, both in the real and virtual worlds. The CEO and machinima director, Ariella Furman has been featured on the cover of Wall Street Journal for her achievements in animated brand messages. The Philadelphia Inquirer referred to her as "Pushing the envelope of what media can do."

  • avatar for Steve FyffeSteve Fyffe

    Steven Fyffe is a video and multimedia producer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  • avatar for Dejan GajsekDejan Gajsek

    Dejan Gajsek is the chief marketing officer at VIAR Inc., a company that provides branded VR marketing solutions for festivals, trade shows and app launches as well as a virtual reality platform where producers and enterprises can turn 360 degree media into interactive cinematic virtual reality experiences.

  •'Phil Garrow

    Phil Garrow is an independent Web design professional based in the greater Pittsburg area, a volunteer in the autism community, and co-founder of

  • avatar for Mathew GeorghiouMathew Georghiou

    Mathew Georghiou is an engineer, author, entrepreneur, and CEO and Chief Experience Designer at MediaSpark Inc. He has been designing educational games for over a decade. His print and technology-based games and simulations have reached over 1 million people around the world. More about Mathew can be found on his LinkedIn page.

  • avatar for Claudia GereClaudia Gere

    Claudia Gere envisions a world where all consultants can write a great book to build their business, visibility, and credibility. There are so many different ways to write a great book, and as an author consultant, speaker, literary agent, and author, she is committed to helping consultants find their best way. Find out more here.

  •'Justin Gibbs

    Justin Gibbs is a product manager with a passion for lean startups and adept at social media.

  •'Alexander Gladstone

    Alexander Gladstone is a freelance business and technology writer based in Shanghai, China.

  • avatar for Tina GlasneckTina Glasneck

    Tina Glasneck's stories are gritty and hard-edge, not for the faint. A criminal paralegal, she blends her passion for criminal justice with her love of a good story to create compelling tales.

  • avatar for Kyle GomboyKyle Gomboy

    Kyle Gomboy is founder and president of ReactionGrid.

  •'Amanda Green

    Amanda Green is a freelance writer who loves to write on the topics of business and entrepreneurship. In her spare time she maintains a healthy lifestyle, and always is trying new dishes in the kitchen.

  • avatar for Aaron GriffithsAaron Griffiths

    Aaron Griffiths is the director of New Zealand-based F/Xual Education Services. He is the co-founder of the Second Life inworld group Kiwi Educators, a committee member of VLENZ and administers a Second Life educational sim that fosters collaboration amongst New Zealand institutions. He is a regular speaker about the potential of virtual worlds in education.

  • avatar for Anders GronstedtAnders Gronstedt

    Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D. ([email protected]) is the president of Colorado-based Gronstedt Group , which helps global companies like Coldwell Banker, Deloitte, Dell, HP, Jamba Juice, Volvo Cars, Ericsson, Eli Lilly and United Healthcare and government clients like the City of New York improve performance with innovative communication and learning approaches, including next-generation digital simulations, mobile learning, social media, gaming and immersive 3D virtual worlds. His articles have appeared in the Harvard Business Review and he is the host of the popular weekly virtual world speaking series Train for Success

  • avatar for Pablo ValcarcePablo Valcarce

    Pablo Valcarce is based in the United Kingdom.

  •'Damon Hernandez

    Damon Hernandez is a 3D web, virtual and augmented reality developer, consultant, and speaker. He is a founding member of the Augmented Reality Developer Camp, director of Immersive Technologies at IDEAbuilder, student director at Web3D Consortium and heads up business development at SpiralConcepts.

  • avatar for Robin HeydenRobin Heyden

    Robin Heyden is a freelance writer and education consultant, based in Boston, MA. Her company, Heyden Ty, works with schools, universities, national organizations, software developers, and publishers to develop online educational materials and experiences. Most recently her work has focused on social media and virtual worlds, as they apply to teaching and learning.

  • avatar for Mike HigginsMike Higgins

    Mike Higgins -- Kayaker Magic in-world -- is a prolific builder of scripted items in OpenSim. He has a store on the Kitely Market and a blog about his products. He is a frequent submitter of bug reports to the OpenSim developers and has dabbled in the OpenSim source code. He has given talks at the Open Simulator Community Conference about topics like scripting weapons and the true need for a physics engine. Contact him at [email protected].

  • avatar for Valerie HillValerie Hill

    Valerie Hill is an Information Literacy Consultant currently living in Seattle, Washington. Her interests range from traditional literacy to metaliteracy and new media formats, including virtual reality, augmented reality and virtual worlds. Her research is in technology, web development, and libraries.

  • avatar for Bernard HoranBernard Horan

    Bernard Horan works as a member of the +Spaces EU Project as a researcher investigating the use of virtual worlds to engage with policy makers. Prior to joining the University of Essex, Horan was a senior staff engineer for Sun Microsystems Laboratories, where he was the Principal Investigator for the Meeting Echoes project, collaborating closely with members of the Open Wonderland project. Horan was also the instigator and technical lead of the successful collaborative project that used Wonderland to create a Mixed Reality Teaching & Learning Environment (MiRTLE).

  •'Shel Horowitz

    Shel Horowitz of is a green marketing consultant, columnist, and multiple-award-wining author. His eighth book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (Wiley, 2010, co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson) shows businesses many ways to not only go deliciously and deeply green—but also harness the marketing benefits of those commitments and turn them into revenues and profits.

  • avatar for Brian HorvathBrian Horvath

    Brian Horvath is a freelance writer from Michigan. He is a journalism graduate of Western Michigan University and is a regular contributor to numerous online magazines and journals.

  •'Jie Hu

    Jie Hu is a freelance business writer based in Western Massachusetts.

  •'Andrew Hughes

    Andrew Hughes is president of Designing Digitally, Inc., a full service graphics, web and interactive design firm.. When Andrew is not working at Designing Digitally, you will find him at the University of Cincinnati teaching in the Business and Interactive Media departments.

  • avatar for Justin IremanJustin Ireman

    Justin Ireman is the founder of the Avalonia Estate grid.

  • avatar for Eric IversenEric Iversen

    Eric Iversen is VP for Learning and Communications at Start Engineering. He has written and spoken widely on engineering education in the K-12 arena.

  • avatar for Tom JanssensTom Janssens

    Tom Janssens is the founder of, a software company offering real-time interactive 3D visualizations as well as virtual and augmented reality solutions.

  • avatar for Waki JanusWaki Janus

    Waki Janus was born in Second Life on July 4, 2007. He was actually found outside a hospital abandoned, but he was quickly adopted into various families and thrived. He and other friends, he had made, founded one of the most successful community groups of the period ‘Him & I & US Commune’. Linden’s Lab and the Commune had serious disagreements and Waki and dozens of others were tossed into the wilderness. After many years of wandering in the wildernesses of various OS worlds, they embarked on an old leaky barque named the Kaniere. With the help of a pod of whales the discovered a group of uninhabited islands,,which were little more than sand banks and coral reefs surrounding an extinct volcano. On what they named DreamNation Archipelago they founded DreamNation which celebrated its eighth birth this last December.

  • avatar for Peter JefimiecPeter Jefimiec

    Peter Jefimiec is a communications specialist at Siemens Industry Sector, the world's leading supplier of innovative and environmentally friendly automation and drive technology, industrial software and technology-based services. The Sector's comprehensive portfolio covers the entire industrial value chain, from product design, planning, engineering and production to services. Siemens enhances its customers’ productivity, efficiency, and flexibility in a wide variety of different industries. Follow him on Twitter at P_JFC.

  • avatar for Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson

    Alex Johnson is a staff writer with CurrencyConverter, a free resource and information site dedicated to those who want to learn more about currencies and how foreign exchange markets work.

  •'Phillip Jones

    Jones is the director of sales and marketing of the UK operations of Japanese multi-national Brother. He is an accomplished speaker and has won a raft of awards, including European Industry Professional of the Year in 2008. Jones will become president of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce in October 2010. He can be found on Twitter at and his personal blog is at

  • avatar for Alex KadochnikovAlex Kadochnikov

    Alex Kadochnikov is a partner at Gill & Kadochnikov. His primary focus is on commercial litigation, counseling start-up entrepreneurs, and employment-based immigration. He is also an expert on the rise and proliferation of virtual currencies and their effect on the legal and financial landscape.

  • avatar for Matt KaiserMatt Kaiser

    Matt Kaiser is a freelance technology journalist based in Japan. See his profile here.

  • avatar for David KaplanDavid Kaplan

    David Kaplan is currently Senior User Experience and User Interface Engineer at Oracle. Over the last twenty years, David has worked with large Fortunate 500 companies such as Oracle, JPMorganChase, DuPont and University of Pennsylvania, as well as small, innovative start-ups and organizations. He has been on Second Life for seven years, has run multiple OpenSim grids and is also an indie game developer.

  •'Adam Kaplan

    Adam Kaplan is co-founder and CEO of Edgybees, the world leader in visual intelligence technology providing customers the ability to understand any complex scene instantly.

  •'Karl Kapp

    Karl Kapp is a professor, consultant, speaker, scholar, and expert on the convergence of learning, technology and business operations. He is author of several books related to the convergence of learning, technology and organizational operations.

  • avatar for David KariukiDavid Kariuki

    David Kariuki is a technology journalist who has a wide range of experience reporting about modern technology solutions. A graduate of Kenya's Moi University, he also writes for Cleanleap, and has previously worked for Resources Quarterly and Construction Review. Email him at [email protected].

  • avatar for Margaret KeaneMargaret Keane

    Margaret Keane is the founder of, the voluntary advocacy and support website for exceptionally able and twice exceptional children in Ireland. The site provides information, resources and a forum for parents and teachers and hosts a free series of webinars, supported by NCTE, through the global educators network Margaret has worked in corporate video production, publishing, ICT skills training and web design. She is a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awardee.

  • avatar for Areeba KhanAreeba Khan

    Areeba Khan is a freelance technology writer based in the Midwest.

  • avatar for Scott KimScott Kim

    Scott Kim is the co-founder and CEO of Neofect, a rehabilitation technology company. Kim was born with spinal bifida and has undergone surgery and understands the long process of rehabilitation. His prior experience in the gaming software industry has also contributed to his ability to create the games and software for the Rapael Smart Glove in the US market.

  • avatar for Chris KirkupChris Kirkup

    Chris Kirkup is a student at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He enjoys running, indie music, and writing in the third-person. More about Kirkup here.

  • avatar for Mathew Klie-CribbMathew Klie-Cribb

    Mathew Klie-Cribb is a Toronto-based public relations consultant.

  • avatar for Alex KorolovAlex Korolov

    Alex Korolov is a technology journalist writing about extended reality and artificial intelligence. He is also a reviewer and social media manager for MetaStellar.

  • avatar for Maria KorolovMaria Korolov

    Hypergrid Business editor and publisher Maria Korolovis a science fiction novelist who, at her day job, covers artificial intelligence, extended reality and cybersecurity as a freelance technology journalist. See her Amazon author page here and follow her on Twitter here or on Facebook, or LinkedIn. Email her at [email protected]. Her first virtual world novella, Krim Times, made the Amazon best-seller list in its category. Her second novella, The Lost King of Krim, is out now. She is also the publisher of MetaStellar, a new online magazine of speculative fiction.

  • avatar for Anastasia KorolovAnastasia Korolov

    Anastasia Korolov is a graduate student in plasma physics and freelance technology writer based in Washington, D.C.

  • avatar for Darius LahoutifardDarius Lahoutifard

    Darius Lahoutifard is CEO of Altadyn, makers of the 3DXplorer immersive environment. Before taking his operational role with Altadyn in 2007, Darius founded and ran 01consulting, a management consulting boutique. Darius is also an entrepreneur, having founded or co-founded several startups , raised over $16M funds for those companies and served them as CEO, in Europe, as well as in the US.

  •'Roland Legrand

    Roland Legrand is a journalist living and working in Belgium, working as a multimedia newsroom manager for Mediafin, the publisher of the business newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo. His Second Life avatar name is Olando7 Decosta. You can find him on Twitter as or you can email him at [email protected]

  • avatar for John LesterJohn Lester

    Director, of community development at ReactionGrid, Inc.

  •'Jamaal Lewis

    Jamaal Lewis is a student of economics at the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts. He has a specific interest in economic development and globalization.

  • avatar for Andrew LewisAndrew Lewis

    Drew Lewis is a project director and virtual reality content creator at Touchstone Research, a tech-focused market research company with specialization in the virtual reality and augmented reality industry.

  • avatar for Ann LewisAnn Lewis

    Ann Lewis is a content marketer at MoveoApps, an iPad apps development company. She is a true believer in making the digital world accessible to all and covers latest technology, marketing and industry trends. She has an unending passion for learning and loves to explore new stuff.

  •'Rachel Liu

    Rachel Liu is a business journalist based in China, with several years of experience covering finance, manufacturing and technology.

  •'Albert Liu

    Albert Liu is the Product Marketing Manager at Cognitive3D, a VR/AR analytics platform that captures spatial data and turns them into actionable insights. The technology has developed a new language for these types of insights to better quantify user behavior. Cognitive3D is focused on helping enterprises measure success from immersive experiences.

  • avatar for Mike LorreyMike Lorrey

    Mike Lorrey is 3D modeler at Galactic Systems and the chair of the exhibits committee at the International Spaceflight Museum.

  • avatar for Jeff LoweJeff Lowe

    I help people & organizations collaborate more effectively & accomplish difficult things within immersive environments.

  • avatar for Cyrus LumCyrus Lum

    Cyrus Lum is a 25-year-plus veteran of the games industry. He’s worked with Intel's Realsense and Google’s Project Tango. In the future, he will be focusing on mobile virtual reality development with his start-up Ant Hive Games. (

  •'Scott Lum

    Scott Lum is a disruptive digital marketer and new media junkie. He manages the digital event program for Microsoft, creating and promoting webcasts, audio podcasts, videos and hands-on virtual labs for technical audiences. He's also working with the convergence of in-person and digital events with social media. The views presented are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

  •'Dave Lutz

    Dave Lutz is managing director at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, which helps technology and service companies in the meeting and event industry to increase revenue, market share and improve processes.

  •'Josh Mackey

    Josh Mackey is the general manager for product at PeekYou, one of the top people-search engines on the Web. He is also the co-founder of the newly launched Obsessive Ink, the only fully interactive 3D tattoo visualization tool in the world. His start-up experience over the last three years has been focused on collaborative innovation, value driven transaction based business models, and catching up on all things tech.

  • avatar for Doug MagyariDoug Magyari

    Serial entrepreneur and inventor Doug Magyari, CEO of Immy, has spent the past 20 years conducting immersive and augmented reality training simulations for US military agencies and aerospace firms. He has also spent the past decade developing proprietary augmented and virtual headsets that incorporate a new set of comfort and safety features.

  • avatar for Amitt MahajanAmitt Mahajan

    Amitt Mahajan is a managing partner at Presence Capital and the co-creator of FarmVille. Follow him on Twitter.

  • avatar for Asma MalikAsma Malik

    Asma Malik has covered the video games industry since 2007. She goes hands-on to deliver candid news and previews on games from every genre on any gaming platform. For everything from how-tos to reviews, follow Asma on Twitter @InteractiveAsma.

  •'Nara Malone

    Nara Malone is an award winning novelist and poet. As a freelance journalist and writer, her feature profiles on women entrepreneurs and her romantic short stories have been published in newspapers, magazines, and digital publications.

  • avatar for Abi MandelbaumAbi Mandelbaum

    Abi Mandelbaum is co-founder and CEO of YouVisit, the only fully integrated platform for creating, distributing, and monetizing virtual reality and other immersive experiences across all devices, including headsets, mobile, and desktop. YouVisit has worked with thousands of businesses and institutions such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Carnival, Yale, Zumba, and New York’s Central Park.

  • avatar for Bill MarcusBill Marcus

    Bill Marcus is a freelance business and technology reporter based in Boston. He is a regular contributor to Fox News Radio and the Albany Times-Union and also writes for Computerworld, Agence Presse, Pitssburgh Post Gazette and other media outlets. Follow Bill on Twitter.

  • avatar for Leighton MarjoramLeighton Marjoram

    Leighton Marjoram is the founder of the Out and Proud grid, an LGBTQ student virtual world researcher, online counsellor, activist and author of the HG Traveller blog.

  • avatar for Steve Allen MashburnSteve Allen Mashburn

    Steve Mashburn is the coordinator of online education at Georgia’s Forsyth County Schools and the grid master for the NOBLE (New Opportunities for Better Learning Environments) OpenSim grid.

  • avatar for Paul MathiesenPaul Mathiesen

    Paul Mathiesen is a senior IT analyst with over 20 years experience in the field of information systems and communications technology encompassing project management, business analysis, software development and training. His current research is focused on how Enterprise 2.0 applications can be used to compliment business process management initiatives.

  • avatar for Kayla MatthewsKayla Matthews

    Kayla Matthews is a staff writer at and a technology journalist who covers artificial intelligence and virtual reality. She contributes to The Week, VentureBeat and MakeUseOf. To read more posts from Kayla, follow her blog and on Twitter @KaylaEMatthews.

  •'Douglas Maxwell

    Douglas Maxwell is the science and technology manager for virtual world strategic applications at the U.S. Army's Simulation & Training Technology Center.

  • avatar for Joshua “Karsten Rutledge” MayJoshua “Karsten Rutledge” May

    Joshua “Karsten Rutledge” May is the owner of Karsten Rutledge Enterprises, which has been bringing high quality, feature-rich games to life in online virtual worlds since 2005.

  • avatar for Joe McCordJoe McCord

    Joe McCords at Orange Digital, a Brisbane-based marketing agency, and is an expert at all things digital in Australia, Lately, he has been experimenting with Second Life as a means of holding meetings with overseas clients. As an avid gamer, as well as a keen digital marketer, the cross over between the marketing world and virtual worlds hold particular interest for him.

  •'Michael McCurry

    Mike McCurry is a Strategic Account Manager for Experient, based in Chicago, IL. He served as President of the Greater Midwest Chapter of the Professional Convention Management Association in 2009. (GMC PCMA) In addition to his passion for writing, Mike is an avid Harley rider, Musician/Songwriter/DJ, social media advocate, loves gadgets and enjoys professional sports.

  •'Jake McGowan

    Jake McGowan is a third-year law student at Santa Clara University and a regular contributor to the Technology & Marketing Law Blog. He has recently worked in the legal department at Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale, CA. Among other possibilities, he is pursuing a career in technology licensing.

  • avatar for Kay McLennanKay McLennan

    Kay McLennan is a professor at Tulane University where she teaches business and economics using virtual environments. Her virtual world educational simulations were finalists in two Federal Virtual World Challenge contests. Learn more about her work at Tulane SCS Metaverse or follow her on Twitter at @kay_mclennan.

  • avatar for Arthur McWilliamsArthur McWilliams

    Arthur McWilliams is an author and graphic designer who works in Second Life and OpenSim as a web developer and project manager for many projects. Including Foxtrot Breedables -- both in Second Life and OpenSim -- and on the Enchanted Grid. He has two children, a husband, and lives in the great state of Kentucky.

  • avatar for Ron MillerRon Miller

    Ron Miller is a Freelance Technology Journalist, blogger, FierceContentManagement editor and Contributing Editor at EContent Magazine. He has been writing about technology since 1988 and publishing credits include InsideCRM,, Streaming Media Magazine, eWeek, BusinessWeek SmallBiz and Network World. He has also written White Papers, documentation and training for a variety of corporate clients big and small. You can learn more by visiting his blog, by Ron Miller at

  • avatar for David MillerDavid Miller

    David Miller is an educational researcher who has several years of experience in the field of teaching, online testing and training. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organizations. Currently, he is pursuing research in eLearning authoring software and is also a contributing author with ProProfs.

  •'David Miller

    David Miller is eLearning developer at Newmarket International. He is an educator, writer, virtual content creator and social networker at subQuark. He is currently developing a workbook-based environmental science program for students. He is combining his education, teaching experience, eLearning skills, virtual world expertise, and conference presentations with a 642-acre virtual world to create 3D virtual field trips with a special emphasis addressing the gender gap in STEM careers.

  • avatar for George MinerGeorge Miner

    George Miner - known as Danko Whitfield inworld - is a retired journalist who has covered everything from politics to sports. He now writes several blogs about virtual worlds. He is also a consultant to virtual world business, organizations, estate and grid owners in the areas of community, marketing and media.

  • avatar for Nic MithamNic Mitham

    Nic Mitham is the CEO of UK-based KZero Worldswide, a consulting company positioned at the heart of the rapidly growing and wildly exciting sectors of virtual worlds/MMOs, virtual goods, augmented reality and social gaming.

  • avatar for Andy MokAndy Mok

    Andy Mok is the managing director of Red Pagoda Resources, a Beijing-based professional services firm that helps startups in China secure money, find key talent and earn media attention to accelerate their growth and success.

  • avatar for Juliana MomoduJuliana Momodu

    Juliana Momodu is COO of Virtual Worlds Education and a trailblazer in using virtual technology as a sustainable tool for empowering women all over the world. Previously, she was CEO and executive director of the Endowment Consortium Foundation, a Nigerian non-profit organisation established in 2001 to focus national attention on sustainable financial support for higher education in Nigeria. Follow her on Twitter @juliantweett.

  •'Marianna Monentes

    Marianna Monentes is a jewelry designer in both real life and virtual worlds and co-founder of the Continuum grid. You can find OpenSim versions of her jewelry for free on the Bastion region of the grid. You can also follow her on Twitter at @Virtual_HG.

  • avatar for Amanda MooreAmanda Moore

    Amanda Moore describes herself as an "Internet junky." She loves to sing and play in Second life. In real life, she's a mom and a grandmom enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

  • avatar for Jacob MorganJacob Morgan

    Jacob Morgan is the Principal of Chess Media Group, a social business consultancy that focused on Enterprise 2.0, Social CRM, and Social Media strategies for mid and enterprise size clients. Jacob also authors a popular blog on Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0 and you can connect with him on twitter @JacobM.

  • avatar for Donna Kay MorgeseDonna Kay Morgese

    Donna Kay Morgese is a local hand crafter and freelance writer covering a cornucopia of topics, including the thriving digital world, nature, wildlife, science and astronomy.

  • avatar for James NevilleJames Neville

    James Neville is a strategist and expediter for virtual worlds projects in business, music, tourism, and the arts. James Neville is also the managing member of Siterma VWP Online Media Service, and the owner of Development One LLC.

  • avatar for Eddie OffermannEddie Offermann

    Eddie Offermann is the founder of Big Blue Ceiling, an extended reality thinktank based in Marina Del Rey, Calif. He is also a software architect, multimedia developer and post-production computer graphics artist with a history in aerospace, defense and corporate media production

  • avatar for Filippo OffidaniFilippo Offidani

    Polyglot and VR-addict, Filippo Offidani is social media specialist at Hyperfair, a 3D immersive platform for virtual events and permanent environments.

  •'Masaru Ohnogi

    Masaru Ohnogi is founder and CEO of Gcrest America, Inc. and vice president of global operations at Gcrest, Inc., an online game development and publication company. The company makes TinierMe, a Flash-based virtual world inspired by Japanese anime.

  • avatar for Tully OvertonTully Overton

    Tully Overton works at Digital Decorator. Aside from being a big fan of virtual worlds, Tully is also a keen interior decorator and programmer. He hopes to integrate his love of virtual worlds and his job at Digital Decorator in 2015.

  • avatar for Holly OzanneHolly Ozanne

    Holly Ozanne is a growth hacker and content creator. She’s passionate about digital culture and wants to shine a light on how it impacts human communication and our future.

  • avatar for Annie O’TooleAnnie O’Toole

    Annie O’Toole is the head of operations at immersive experience studio Draw & Code. She first entered the tech sector via her own start-up consultancy and an e-commerce business focused on crowd-funded products. Now she is more immersed in technology than ever as part of Draw & Code.

  • avatar for Haxhi PantinaHaxhi Pantina

    Haxhi Pantina is an international physics student at the University of Vienna. Follow him on LinkedIn.

  •'Sara Payne

    Sara Payne is the owner and founder of the Fire and Ice Grid. She has been in virtual worlds and local business for over 15 years and is currently working on a master's in computer science.

  • avatar for Satish PenmetsaSatish Penmetsa

    Satish Penmetsa, the founder and CEO of EchelonVR, specializes in architecting enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 companies like Atlas Copco, Barrick Gold, Adobe, Abbott and AutoTrader. He also holds two research patents to his name.

  •'Miriam Pia

    Miriam Pia is a freelance business and technology writer based in Dörverden, Germany.

  •'Lawrence Pierce

    Lawrence Pierce specializes in new media design and production. He began as a computer game programmer and has been a systems consultant to corporations such as DuPont and the J. Paul Getty Art Trust, art director on the first computer game for MTV and a featured artist in the Hollywood Reporter.

  •'Dan Pontefract

    As head of learning and collaboration at TELUS, Dan Pontefract is responsible for the overarching leadership, learning and collaboration strategy for the company. Pontefract and his team were recognized with two ASTD BEST Awards in 2009 and 2011. In 2010, Pontefract was acknowledged by CLO Magazine as a „Vanguard Award‟ winner and is a two-time winner by the Corporate University Best in Class Awards of the „Leader of the Year‟ in both 2010 and 2011. In 2012, SkillSoft awarded Dan the „Learning Leader of the Year‟ for his ground breaking work at TELUS. You can reach Dan on Twitter or via his personal site.

  • avatar for Mauricio PrinzlauMauricio Prinzlau

    Mauricio Prinzlau is a Berlin-based technology writer. He is also the managing editor and backup expert at Cloudwards, where he's in charge of the reviews section.

  •'Giulio Prisco

    Giulio Prisco is a virtual reality consultant and a writer. He writes
    and speaks on a wide range of topics, including science, information
    technology, emerging technologies, virtual worlds, space exploration
    and futurology. He is especially interested in the convergence of
    religion and science, and new religions suitable for our times.

  • avatar for Vitaly PrusVitaly Prus

    Vitaly Prus is a certified Scrum Master and head of the agile testing department at A1QA, a software testing company. He manages a team of 60 QA engineers who have successfully completed over 30 projects.

  • avatar for Jojo PuthuparampilJojo Puthuparampil

    Jojo Puthuparampil is a freelance writer who covers business and technology.

  •'Enrico Ranucci

    Enrico Ranucci is the COO and co-founder of SASSO, an OpenSim hosting company based in Florida. Previously, he was the founder of New Voice, an Italy-based OpenSim grid and hosting company that had hosted nearly 500 regions starting in 2009 and closing in early 2012.

  •'Chris Ravenscroft

    Chris Ravenscroft is an open source advocate, and founder of the Nexus technology blog. He has been building online communities for various companies since 1989.

  •'Justin Reeve

    Justin Reeve has been the web manager for the Weber School District in Utah since 2005. He is responsible for coming up with new web technology strategies for the district, and building the web sites to accommodate the district's parents, teachers, administrators, and students. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Weber State University, and a Masters in Educational Technology from Boise State University, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching.

  • avatar for Beth ReischlBeth Reischl

    Beth Reischl is a founding partner of InWorldz LLC partner. She is also known as Elenia Llewellyn in-world.

  •'Site Default

    Ada Chen Rekhi is a blogger and product manager located in San Francisco. She writes a blog at and is currently Director of Product Management at Mochi Media, the world's largest browser-based games network. Prior to joining Mochi Media she was part of Microsoft's adCenter team working with premium clients such as Netflix, Overstock, Blue Nile, and REI across retail, consumer packaged goods, education and insurance verticals. Ada received her undergraduate degree from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. You can find Ada on Twitter at

  • avatar for Press ReleasePress Release

    This is a press release, contributed by an outside company or organization and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of anybody at this publication. Read about how to write a press release here. Follow us on Twitter at

  • avatar for Leesa Renee HallLeesa Renee Hall

    Leesa Renee Hall is a speaker, sales trainer and social media marketing and virtual events expert. Learn more about her at

  •'Joe Rigby

    Joe Rigby is marketing director at MellaniuM Inc., a Canadian virtual worlds design firm specializing in the Avaya Web.alive platform.

  • avatar for Dan RileyDan Riley

    Dan Riley is a Technology Futures Analyst with d|lab.

  • avatar for John RogateJohn Rogate

    John Rogate is the director of the Master’s in Managing Innovation & Information Technology program at Vermont’s Champlain College. He is currently running eight OpenSim grids, totaling more than 100 regions.

    Rogate started working in Second Life in 2007, when the Champlain College president got him funding to build a virtual campus. He became involved with OpenSim in October of 2008. He has a total of 27 years of industry-related technology experience.

  •'Timothy Rogers

    Timothy Rogers is a developer and the founder and former owner of OpenSim hosting company Zetamex Networks. He is also the host of the Zadaroo website, which offers a complete collection of free Linda Kellie content.

  • avatar for Paul RudmanPaul Rudman

    Paul Rudman is a research associate working on SWIFT, which investigates the use of artificial environments, such as Second Life, to support laboratory-based learning of genetics at undergraduate level. Paul has previously worked on the Equator project at the University of Glasgow investigating interactions between a physical city and its digital representation, as consultant on the evaluation of MyArtSpace, a mobile learning service to support school museum visits, and most recently at Oxford Brookes University on the evaluation of the EU-funded AtGentive project, which investigated the role of artificial characters in guiding children's attention in an online learning environment.

  •'Cece Salomon-Lee

    Cece Salomon-Lee has over 15 years experience building and implementing successful communications and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 and technology companies. As founder and Principal of PR Meets Marketing, Cece has a unique ability to translate innovative technology into cohesive and successful campaigns that cross from public relations and marketing to social media and virtual events. She has been an active participant in the emergence of the virtual events industry, originally in her roles with technology pioneers ON24 and INXPO and recently as a consultant with the Virtual Edge Institute.

  •'Jeff Sandler

    Jeff Sandler is a Strategic Account Executive at ProtonMedia. He’s spent 25 years working in enterprise sales and marketing with early stage companies, in markets including process redesign and optimization, content management and user authentication. He can be contacted via email at [email protected]

  • avatar for Donna SanfordDonna Sanford

    Donna Sanford is Founder and former Publisher of EXPO Magazine and Program Consultant for the Virtual Edge Summit. Donna can be reached at [email protected].

  • avatar for Roland SassenRoland Sassen

    Roland Sassen is a principal researcher at his company, THINSIA, which focuses on server-based computing technologies, cardio-biometrics, consciousness, and WonderSchool. Roland is an avid Oracle/Sun Ray evangelist. Together with Els van Tol, a teacher of Informatics, they promote the Carnegie Mellon University educational computing environment called “Alice” in the Netherlands and Germany.

  • avatar for Neil SchneiderNeil Schneider

    Neil Schneider is the executive director of The Immersive Technology Alliance and the founder of Meant to be Seen.

  • avatar for Merrie SchonbachMerrie Schonbach

    Merrie Schonbach is the founder of Virtual World Gypsy, a consulting company offering OpenSim building, training and web design. Follow her on Twitter

  • avatar for Gina SchreckGina Schreck

    Gina Schreck is a technology-enthusiast, social media expert and a virtual world’s evangelist! Aside from being the co-founder and Digital Immigration Officer of Synapse 3Di, a technology and social engagement company, she is an international speaker, author of several books including "Getting’ Geeky with Twitter."

  • avatar for Liane SebastianLiane Sebastian

    Liane Sebastian is a Chicago-based graphic designer, art director, author, and publisher. She is designer and editor at Prosperia Publishing and president at MichaeLight Communications. She is the author of Women who Win at Work and has authored three editions of Digital Design Business Practices.

  • avatar for Tatyana ShavelTatyana Shavel

    Tatyana Shavel is a VR/AR technology analyst at Iflexion. She works in the intersection of business and technology exploring the practical use of augmented and virtual reality for smarter business and a better world. In addition to keeping a constant pulse on industry trends, she enjoys digging into data and conducting research.

  •'Dennis Shiao

    Dennis Shiao is director of product marketing at INXPO. Prior to INXPO, Dennis served as Director of Product Management, Webcasts at TechTarget, where he worked with B-to-B technology advertisers on virtual trade shows. Prior to TechTarget, Dennis spent several years in Information Technology management, with responsibility for large scale web and server infrastructure.

  •'Michael Sietz

    Michael Sietz started his career as a virtual content creator by making animations in Second Life with the help of Linda Kellie, with whom he co-founded Lotsa Balls. He is also the founder of Ball Mart, which has had a presence on four different grids. Sietz is currently CFO of Digital Worlds Group LLC, which builds re-creations of historic sites for local, national and international ministries of history, tourism and education.

  •'Kevin Simkins

    Kevin Simkins, CEO of VyperSim, conducts research and development into new algorithms for 3D virtual worlds, interactive 3D application simulations and collaboration tools. He was was named the 3rd place winner in the "Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Assisted Training" category for the U.S. Army's 2011 Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge. He was also named a double winner -- 1st place in the "Collaboration" category and 3rd place in the "Skill Building" category -- for the inaugural Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge in 2010. Simkins is the Ontology/Taxonomy Lead for the IEEE VW Standard Working Group and a Electric Association Advisory Committee member for the Midwest Energy Association.

  • avatar for Ike Singh KehalIke Singh Kehal

    Ike Singh Kehal is a seasoned business professional with 15+ years of marketing, sales, and business development experience. His latest company, Social27 was founded in 2007 to take advantage of the growing need for social media and game dynamics integration in virtual events. Prior to starting Social27, Ike drove numerous startup projects, including Indiabulls Retail, where he was CEO. Previously, he held various business strategy positions at Microsoft, spread over a seven-year period. Ike is a committed member of the virtual events community and contributes regularly to the discussion at

  • avatar for Terrence SmithTerrence Smith

    Terrence J. Smith has contributed his writing to nonprofits and both print and digital publications. He enjoys all things technology, but remembers to meditate and appreciate the outside world.

  •'Angela Yuriko Smith

    Angela Yuriko Smith is a professional writer with extensive experience in newspapers and online publications. Her work has been featured internationally, including a live interview on NPR. Currently she is working on her blog :Dandilyon Fluff, and finishing up a book on viral marketing. She has recently published her first work of fiction, End of Mae.

  • avatar for Zuzka SouckovaZuzka Souckova

    Zuzka Souckova is an enthusiastic content creator and founder of, which has built several university campuses and virtual residencies for real world companies. She is also a lecturer, an e-learning specialist at Palacky University and is the editor and co-founder of a virtual worlds community site for Czech and Slovak people.

  •'Alia Soulstar

    Alia is a freelance designer, writer and professional artist who lives in New Zealand. In virtual reality, she is a content creator and co-owner of Satori Guitars and curator of the Nuna Gallery. Follow the gallery on Facebook.

  • avatar for Mandira SrivastavaMandira Srivastava

    Mandira Srivastava is a freelance writer based in India. Follow her on LinkedIn.

  • avatar for Richard StallmanRichard Stallman

    Richard Stallman is a software developer and software freedom activist. He is the founder of the Free Software movement, the GNU project, the Free Software Foundation, and the League for Programming Freedom. He is the author of the GNU GPL (GNU General Public License), the principal copyleft license.

  • avatar for Mark SzelenyiMark Szelenyi

    As Director of Product Marketing for ON24, Mark is responsible for product direction and strategy. He comes to ON24 with over 20 years of experience working for leading technology firms in product development and marketing roles. Mark has extensive experience in web development, ecommerce and collaboration technologies and has held executive positions at Netscape Communications, Cisco Systems, Kontiki, Lotus Development and Skytel. Mark holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo.

  •'Leslie Tabor

    Leslie Tabor is a freelance technology writer.

  • avatar for Gautam TandonGautam Tandon

    Gautam Tandon is CEO of Bay Area-based Ellipsis Solutions, an Internet marketing company.

  • avatar for Austin TateAustin Tate

    Austin Tate is Director of the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute and holds the Personal Chair of Knowledge-Based Systems at the University of Edinburgh. He is also coordinator for the Virtual University of Edinburgh, a virtual educational and research institute bringing together those interested in the use of virtual worlds for teaching, research and outreach.

  •'Lucy Tauss

    Lucy Tauss is a New York City-based radio, digital and print journalist with more than a decade of experience working on entertainment side and news side for major national outlets.

  • avatar for Andrew ThompsonAndrew Thompson

    Andrew Thompson is an expert in business management, sales, and marketing with a focus in niche marketing. He is based in Australia, and is the managing director of Reef Beauty Brisbane, Keppel Net Web Services and Reef Beauty Rockhampton. He is known in-world as Xay Tomsen, and now runs The Reef OpenSim grid after years of experience as a merchant in Second Life and InWorldz.

  •'Heidi Thorne

    Heidi Thorne is a promotional products marketing and social media expert, specializing in serving the events and tradeshow industries. Her blog educates marketing and events professionals on how to select promotional products and strategies aligned with their marketing objectives, image, and values so that they can build their brands, businesses, and communities. Heidi’s company, Thorne Communications, operates two online shopsites:, featuring greener product selections, and the, featuring all USA and/or union made products.

  •'Ilan Tochner

    Ilan Tocher is the CEO and co-founder of Kitely. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • avatar for Alexandre TomicAlexandre Tomic

    Alexandre Tomic is co-founder of, the multi-award winning creator of innovative gaming experiences. Tomic has more than 10 years’ experience in the betting and gaming industry, having started out as a gaming affiliate and SEO expert, before establishing operates the world’s first-ever real-money, multi-player, virtual reality casino,

  • avatar for Mike TownsendMike Townsend

    Mike Townsend is the founder and manager of the United Kingdom grid.

  •'Fons Tuinstra

    Fons Tuinstra is the co-author of an upcoming book about enterprises uses of virtual worlds, founder of the Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club, and president of the China Speakers Bureau. Follow Fons on Twitter.

  •'Alan Tupper

    lan Tupper is an Open Metaverse evangelist, technologist, and writes the blog MetaPundit. He also draws occasionally and is the co-creator of Kamikaze.

  •'Jim Vanides

    HP's Jim Vanides is responsible for the vision, strategy, design, and implementation of education technology programs. His current focus is the HP Catalyst Initiative, an international collaboration among educators exploring innovations in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning and teaching. Since 2003 he has been instrumental in launching over 1200 primary, secondary, and higher education
    projects in 41 countries. Jim is also the author of the HP blog, Teaching, Learning, and Technology and is a contributing author on the K12 education blog, Guide to Digital Learning Environments.

  • avatar for Eric VidalEric Vidal

    Eric Vidal is a leading voice and expert in conversational marketing and virtual environments. As the director of product marketing for InterCall, Vidal manages the marketing strategy and direction for virtual environments and webcasting products. He managed the brand advertising and new media at Cisco/WebEx, where he led the move to integrate more conversational, efficient and interactive online initiatives into their marketing & advertising strategies. Prior to joining Cisco/WebEx, Vidal held senior marketing positions at IBM, BBDO Worldwide, ADI, and Macromedia.

  • avatar for Archie WardArchie Ward

    Archie Ward is a businessperson based in Asia who frequently has to hold meetings via Skype with overseas clients. He looks forward to the future when virtual worlds allow him to perform interesting and creatively charged meetings online. When not working on his business or reading Hypergrid Business, he likes to peruse the articles available on the EPR blog, which helps him to think as an executive.

  • avatar for B.D. WardB.D. Ward

    Brian Ward is a writer living in Massachusetts. He's studied professional and creative writing at Oxford University and UMass Amherst, and has previously written for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine and the book Jabberwocky.

  •'Clyde Warden

    Clyde Warden is a Professor of Chinese Consumer Behavior at the University of Stirling (Singapore) Institute for Retail Studies and at the National Chung Hsing University (in Taiwan). Recently, Warden implemented an Open Wonderland project for a business class in Taiwan.

  • avatar for Kathleen WatkinsKathleen Watkins

    Kathleen Watkins has been active in virtual worlds since 2006. In Second Life she is a supporter and presenter at the Nonprofit Commons. In OpenSim she leads weekly tours of the open source, hypergrid-enabled metaverse and teaches classes in 3D content creation with Blender software. Her background is in anthropology, nonprofit administration, and video production.

  •'Gail Werner

    Gail Werner is the media relations manager at University Marketing and Communications of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

  • avatar for Michael WestcottMichael Westcott

    Michael Westcott is the former president of the Design Management Institute and was passionate about integrating design and design principles into organizations to improve the world. The Michael Westcott Design Education Fund was established in his memory.

  • avatar for Janessa WhiteJanessa White

    Janessa Nichole White is the founder the blog VR Dribble, a creative partner of Boise Virtual Reality Project, and a participant in the group VR Grls. Through VR Grls, she was awarded the Women in VR scholarship which enabled her to attend Oculus Connect 2. She looks forward to putting her immersive stories out into the emerging world of VR.

  • avatar for Kevin WilliamsKevin Williams

    Kevin Williams has an extensive background in the development and sales of the latest amusement and attraction applications and technologies. The UK-born specialist in the pay-to-play scene is well-known through his consultancy KWP Ltd. and as a prolific writer and presenter -- along with his own news service The Stinger Report, which covers the emergence of the new entertainment market. He is also the co-author of the book "The Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment Frontier." Williams is also the founding chairman of the DNA Association, which focuses on the digital Out-of Home interactive entertainment sector.

  • avatar for David WinfreyDavid Winfrey

    David Winfrey is a counselor at the Army Career and Alumni Program at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. He is an experienced instructor, including years of training military instructors as an Army officer and implementing innovative training techniques.

  • avatar for Denise WuDenise Wu

    Denise Wu is head of marketing at VeeR, a global VR content platform. Delivering you free access to millions of daily fresh VR videos and experiences, VeeR allows you to be immersed in scenes of the premium VR films, take adventures with people from all over the world. It has been featured on Oculus, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and other platforms.

  • avatar for Xin XinXin Xin

    Xin Xin is a Boston-based designer specializing in interaction design and virtual reality. She is currently the lead designer at Panjiva.

  •'Nicole Yankelovich

    Nicole Yankelovich is an entrepreneur, researcher, and software designer specializing in distance collaboration and educational technology. After almost 20 years leading research teams at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, she left Sun in 2010 to found WonderBuilders, a start-up that provides consulting services and custom virtual world software development for clients. She also volunteers her time as the Executive Director of the Open Wonderland Foundation.

  • avatar for Ysabel YatesYsabel Yates

    Ysabel Yates is a writer and creative strategist based in New York City. She is the director of creative strategy at Group SJR.

  • avatar for Ayden YeAyden Ye

    Ayden Ye is co-founder and CEO of VeeR VR , and a Forbes 30U30 Asia 2018 honoree. VeeR the fastest-growing VR content platform with millions of users globally.

  •'Stanley Yip

    Stanley Yip is the learning media developer for gameplay, at PLANE, an educator community and virtual world. PLANE has been funded as part of Australia's Digital Education Revolution and is run as a consortium consisting of: the NSW Department of Education and Community, the Catholic Education Commission NSW, the Association of Independent Schools NSW and the Council of Deans of Education, together with industry partners Adobe and Microsoft.

  • avatar for Karen ZastudilKaren Zastudil

    Karen Zastudil is an expert in adult education and virtual learning, the creator of Sagaversity in Second Life, and a virtual training consultant. She is also the managing director of Women in Virtual Reality.

  • avatar for Joe ZimmermannJoe Zimmermann

    Joe Zimmermann is a junior at the University of Maryland, College Park. He covers science and technology for The Diamondback. Follow him on Twitter @JoeMacZim.