Oliveira enables region backups to DropBox

Oliveira Virtual Lands, an OpenSim hosting company known for its OSgrid regions, now allows its customers to save backups of their regions directly to Dropbox.

Fernando Oliveira

Fernando Oliveira

Oliveira Lands customers may make their backups at our server, they may choose to download to their own computers or save it to their Dropbox accounts,” company CEO Frenance Francisco de Oliveira told Hypergrid Business. “I’m very happy to have finished it.”

Normally, OpenSim region owners make a backup of their regions by accessing the simulator console and using the save OAR command. However, this requires server access, and some technical skill.

Oliveira’s management panel allows for self-service region backups for customers, and all they have to do is visit the website.

Oliveira's management panel allows for easy region backups and restores.

Oliveira’s management panel allows for easy region backups and restores.

Other hosting companies also have easy-to-use management panels that allow backups and restores of entire regions in the form of OAR files. They include Kitely, Zetamex, and Dreamland Metaverse.

Oliveira’s is the first one, however, with Dropbox support. This is especially useful for customers who have slow residential connections, since some OAR files can be very large. It is also convenient for users who prefer to save all their OARs to Dropbox in order to save on local computer space — or for customers who want to make a backup while traveling and away from their computers.

Linda Kellie's Tropical OAR, a free download, loaded into an Oliveira Virtual Lands region.

Linda Kellie’s Tropical OAR, a free download, loaded into an Oliveira Virtual Lands region.

In the video below, Oliveira demonstrates how to use BoxMyDownloads to transfer large OAR files from anywhere on the web to a Dropbox account and then upload them to an Oliveira-hosted region:

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  1. me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

    Wasn’t this feature released months ago? And this article is JUST being published now?

    • From what I understand, the feature was only partially implemented before and they weren’t ready to go public with it until now, when it was working both for saving and for restoring.