Average region price on OpenSim grids is $20

Lost Paradise is among many grid that also offer free residential plots to residents.

Lost Paradise is among many grid that also offer free residential plots to residents.

The average price of a region on an OpenSim grid is US $20.39 per month for a region with 15,000 or more prims.

Hypergrid-enabled grids are a little bit less expensive, with an average price of $18.86 per region.

Closed grids tend to cost more, charging on average $30.28 per region per month.

Nine grids charge less than $10 per month: Atek Grid, Baller Nation, DreamWorldzDynamic Worldz, Genesis Global Journey, Genesis MetaVerse LogicampNara’s Nook. and Virtual Life Brasil.

Five grids charge $40 or more per month: InWorldz, ToPi’s World, UFSGrid, Virtual Highway and YrGrid. Topi’s World and YrGrid are hypergrid-enabled, but the rest are closed grids, not accessible via the hypergrid,

Many open grids also allow third-party companies to offer region hosting for their grids. They include OSgrid, MetropolisCraft World, FrancoGridDorena’s WorldLogicamp, MyOpenGrid, ZetaWorlds, Atek Grid and WestWorld Grid.

I’m currently in the process of updating the vendor page with all the relevant links and prices. If you have a grid that offers land rentals and is not on this list, please email me at [email protected].

Full list of land prices:

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

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  1. fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

    Very very useful, is this list only for single regions or some grids do not differentiate ? I guess in some cases his base price includes VARs and in other cases just singles

    • I have looked for offers that had 15,000 prims on a standard-sized regions. If the grid didn’t offer that option, I looked for the next highest. Sometimes, a grid ONLY offered varregions — Lost Paradise, for example, has a varregion as their most basic offer: http://lpgrid.com/index.php/land

      • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

        Kea Nation will be charging US$70 per month for an 8 x 8 VAR region

        • Does anyone want to gather the data on the varregion prices? What’s the largest varregion available from all these grids (those that offer varregions, that is) and at what price? Could be very useful for folks looking to build race tracks, role playing areas, airplane and space simulations, sailing areas, etc…

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            I think Joe Builder was offering the largest last I heard. Kea Nation’s largest will be 8 x 8, I think Genesis and Baller Nation were going to offer various VAR regions as well.

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

            And ^

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            and its in topic.
            And Genesis. Baller & Joe can obviously make VAR’s work properly.

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

            SkyLifeGrid is doing superior. Far better than when Alex was in charge. Developments have sky rocketed and renters and new grids have never been so good. Going off on our own was the best thing we could have done. And the same goes for you as well feel free to advertise on any of my pages heck I’ll advertise your grid on my website if you want 🙂 we had many good times don’t get all mean on me now

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            i never said it wasn’t josh, but you would be better posting Skylife hosts such and such VAR’s at so much of a price in this topic. Do you see what I’m saying. That way it comes across as pro-active. As for advertising Kea on other grids,I’m not comfortable with that. It’s like a Ford sales man going into a Chevrolet dealership if you get what i mean. There is plenty of room for all of us in open sim. We do wish you the best with Skylife, I for one won’t get mean on anyone.

          • fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

            Nad we will grow – Specially now that OS will have a huge boom when LL starts messing up or neglecting SL because of Sansar

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            I thought they had already started taking resources from SL for Sansar. But yes OS has a great opportunity

          • 1derful61@gmail.com' 1derworld says:

            I think LL is only diversifying by Having Sansar as a option. No where will you find truthful information Sansar will be a substitute for the great SL. SL makes millions of dollars its going no where soon.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            I agree, I cant see LL cutting off the revenue SL produces in favour of a new “untried” product. You are right it is hard to find the real hard facts behind Sansar, LL seem to be keeping fairly quiet about it

          • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

            all 45k prims but it’s all on that page

        • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

          See ^

  2. da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

    very good info.

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

      I just attempted to register on your grid.. Registration went successful But when loging in It gives me error.. I have seen this error before and its due to the Start location not having a defined xyz You need to get your guys to fix this because any new registrations wont allow logins untill they have set the default region XYZ and fix the Service URLS in the gridusers and user accout tables in MYSQL for any existing users with “” in the database instead of 0,0,0 The fix is done in the settings database table under the webpab datababse and the Fixes to the users effect are done in Robust under Grid users and user Settings tables

      • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        They will know how to fix it since they were the ones to point out the issue to me when I had it and gave me the fix 🙂

      • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

        reason you cant register is your ip is blocked at the main server for a number of reasons 🙂 plus we have blocked proxys for thos that want to cause trouble 🙂

        • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

          Has nothing to do with it but nice try and save face leave it up you you to come up with something like that

        • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

          So your saying my friend in Australlia that attempted to join is also banned ? This is a configuration issue one you yourself told me how to fix. Nice job trying to turn it around. I’m trying to help not point out your failures of hosting.

          • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

            if this is a error we will get it fixed, but stop trying to make other grids look bad these grids that we host want nothing to do with you so you need to stop trying little attempts to get them back, cause it will never happen, there is also no new registrations today so you claim of just tried registering is horse crap, funny how 1 registered yesterday and logged in without a issue, so please stop trying to make us look bad, concerntrate on your own grid and your own hosting, stop advertising your own grid on everyones post, no one wants to see it and its hijacking posts its making you look deperate.

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

            All I can say is everything comes out in the wash ..

          • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

            and whats that suposed to mean .. threating me?…. threatening my grid or any we host? … choose your words CAREFULLY josh cause i really am not in the mood for your games anymore

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

            The only games being played are the ones your dishing out. We have our own prioritys apparnetly for doing the right thing and letting you know about and issue was the wrong thing to do. Next time I notice an error I won’t say anything. Thanks for showing your appreciation

          • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

            np and ty for showing a non existant error, reason you cant get in is your banned plain and simple and thats how its staying.

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

            That is fine with me You know with all this who’s the one being forceful and bully like ? I have been more than professional with you. And in return I get rude and hateful comments you asked for unity a wile back. But you show no effort on that your destructive accusations and uncalled for rudeness is not helping any unity progress. You need to conintrate on your own dealings and not spend so much time on what SlyLifeGrid is doing.

          • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

            you know what josh, im tierd of your crap and the way you turn things around so you do nothing wrong, your constant digs at us and
            grids that want nothing at all to do with you …. ive just reported you
            to Canada Revenue Agency – Agence du revenu du Canada

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

            We are registered and I have nothing to hide. But thanks for showing your true nature

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

            Would be scared to do business with you if you ever turned your back things could get messy. It’s good to see who and who not to do business with

          • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

            and there it is .. the inevitable put down attack …… you know what josh .. congratulations on the attacks now people should stay clear of us .. people should not do business with us … same crap diffrent day … thefore ive just canceled my ad space here i was paying maria for, you can explain to her why you just cost her 50$ … . im done with this crap and you.

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

            That was a tough call on your part. I do not Attack I state the truth.. Similar to The Master Trump. Canceling your advertisement only hurts you Dragon.. You need to stop this victim act and start acting like a CEO

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

            Registering a business in Canada is simple and can do it eating waffles most of my family members own their own businesses and i once owned a store front in a downtown location in real life selling hobbyist items such as Rc aircraft cars model kits and Much more. I have no lack of skill when it comes to business I have dealt with the CRA many times your empty threats do not scare me.

  3. skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

    Pleased to announce the release of our new Asset server And the totally Amazing Website with tons of user control over regions and avatar.

    (SRAS assets)
    This is a file based asset server that allows de-duplication of files.. It checks all newly uploaded content against the information in the server , if it finds that the file structure is the same it will not store it. this is great to keep our asset server from overloading with duplicates. This will greatly increase the performance of your inworld experience Rezing and loading times will be improved for both mesh and textures. Very Exciting times at SkyLifeGrid.
    Join us today! at http://www.skylifegrid.com

    • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

      buy an ad!!!!!

      • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        You advertised your grid here too so stop it already ,ate. We all use this type of four,s for spreading the word. I’m getting sick of hearing it. Don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all

        • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

          No we didnt we didn’t post our url. the topic is region prices we posteed we rent VAR’s at a certain price which is in topic
          Stop being pathetic and stop trawling for customers just makes skylife look desperate.

      • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        Just did cost me about 30 seconds of my life

    • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

      way to go … higjack yet another post as you have every other one these past 2 weeks … top award for highjacking josh … must be real desperate.

      Either spend 50$ and buy a ad space like other people or stop shamelesslely advertising your grid all the posts … seams people are right .. you really have no shame or care in the world everything revolves around you.

      You have a website put your news on a website rather than highjacking posts … dummy

      • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        This article is about all grids in general and mentions my grid as well I have every right to mention about happenings around people have the option to mute my comments if they are so bothered by them. So far only grid owners have had any problem. How about you guys worry about your own business and not others. I will continue to spread the word whenever and where ever I can… I am about transparency and communication. Plus it gives readers something to read and a reason for people to re visit the page. We all win

        • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

          this post is about prices not happenenings and updates, there was no need at all to post about your assets server update,no one else is posting about thier updates, this isnt a ad farm or a google+ group that allows you to spam it … its a shameless unethecial ad to promote your grid .. and its pathetic, dont see us posting about thing, dont see kitley advertising thier meetings or thier updates, dont see GCG posting about thier updates (to name just a few grids) ….quit posting spam josh cause thats all it is

      • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        Begging and pleading offering free useless junk is spam I’m bringing the news and keeping things fresh a lot of posts here do not get enough attention we all should post more

  4. skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

    I want to thank Quill and Chris for their outstanding work this past few weeks you guys rock!!!

  5. fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

    One important matter is that if you are buying for the first time a first single region, Digiworldz makes it for only 8$ with 10K prims and it would be interesting also to see an small article about dedicated server option on grids – If people wants to start a huge project, either because they flee from SL and discover the marvellous world of decent servers cost in SO or because they are crazy ambitious like me, for example Digiworldz allows a dedicated super-server for only 150$/Month, keeping the regions on the grid, witch on it´s turn allows, still within optimal performance, something like 10 VARs heavy loaded or 20 VARs average loaded, and that makes land much cheaper for big projects

  6. skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

    Our contact page works great and I do NOT have to show any of my private information anyplace I know I registered my company and will be doing the appropriate fillings when the time comes.. For the ones that wish to challenge that I implore you to call the Ontario Business Bureau and ask yourself. It should be Public Record..

    • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

      so josh whats your Ontario Business Identification Number? or claiming thats personal as well hahahahaha

      • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        What benefits would you get from me giving you it ? But if you must know it’s BIN 260872015. Registered under Digitaleisure until they switch it to the new number for SlyLifeGrid. I have nothing to hide. And my tax id number will be on the footer of all my pages can you say the same ? Your like a child ya know

        • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

          I can write off my computer my internet gas and much more being legit. This is my job and I must say I’m doing well. Again I smell jealousy in the air or is it a foul smell that you keep bringing up when every you speak 🙂 Gawd I love Hypergridbusiness 🙂

      • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        I could care less about your business number why ? Because I find no pleasure in actively Hurrasing and trying to defame someone to make themselves look better

      • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        Btw when your finished your silly antics you should think about contacting that lawyer of yours I’m still waiting to hear from them or was that smoke in the wind ? A fart in the air ? Sometimes I can’t help but laugh your trying so hard too … Put this much effort into your grid and maybe you will dominate opensim

    • cinder.roxley@phoenixviewer.com' Cinder Biscuits says:

      Erm, you would contact the Ontario Ministry of Government Services to check a registration, and it costs money to do so. The BBB isn’t going to provide any verification.

  7. tribe_gadgets@gmx.com' TribeGadgets says:

    ok. lets throw some chum in the water for fun. I spend. for example, 72US a year + 125 a month approx in SL. What do you offer considering I read here and can run my own playgrid self hosted and have made pretty much all my own things for 5 years?

    • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

      US$125 per month can get probably more than people expect in open sim compared to SL.
      It pays to shop around naturally but I am sure one of the hosts in open sim could do something for you.

    • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

      All depends what you want to do, run a grid or be on a current grid and take a region …. running a grid is hard, takes a lot of forthought and determination and can see a lot of outlay befor you see anything back in return again shop around, the cheapest deal isnt always the best option, some who host dont advertise they do host either.

      Taking a region in a established grid there is loads of options open from the list above, 125$ sounds like a homestead in sl, so thats 3750 prim if thats what you got, so that 125$ a month could get you a full 15,000 prim region in some grids or even bigger in others, pays to shop round, some grids are busier than others, some are drama, some are a certain niche.

      • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

        Running your own grid is easy. Running your own *commercial grid* is hard, but that’s a cat of a different color…

        • 1derful61@gmail.com' 1derworld says:

          Can be done just upgrade your Home Machine, Anything is possible.

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            I ran my own grid from a virtualbox instance -ran like a champ for two years. Of course it runs much better now that it’s on a rented server.

    • fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

      In most grids 125 month allows you to have 4 Var Regions of 4X4 sims each and if you place them together you have the equivalent to SL sims – 64 sims on a huge area – you will get around 20K prims per Var (Variable size region) so you have around 100K prim for the whole area – On Sl you would be paying 64 X 300 dollars month – do the math

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

      100 bucks a month you can own your very own grid with 10 standard size Sl regions with 15 k prim each. Visit SkyLifeGrid today website registration and much more

    • bagman1673@gmail.com' Allan Carr says:

      Another option is to buy some cloud server cycles, download the application and connect to an existing grid that allows you to connect your own sim, such as OSGrid. You can get started for a little as $10/month, and if you feel the need to expand you can do so in a couple of minutes while knowing exactly how much it will cost.

      • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

        If you’re able to run a server and set up the application -what do you need the grid for? lag? drama?

        • bagman1673@gmail.com' Allan Carr says:

          1. There is a lot more overhead involved in running a grid which I do not need and which eats expensive resources.
          2. The asset data store/table is a pain to back up/restore.
          3. I can rent out pieces to defray server cost.
          4. My standalone looks like one of those houses from that show about hoarders only virtual.
          5. I like to throw out stuff everybody and anybody can use.

    • tribe_gadgets@gmx.com' TribeGadgets says:

      I know all this. And I read here regularly. Point is – I am a customer. I can easily set up what ever I want. It is trivial.

      Why should I bother when I can spend Z in SL and bugger all in OpenSim with any of the shouties here?

      (Asking on behalf too btw as I have established on several ‘commercial’ grids for a few years)

      • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

        I find a lot more freedom in Open Sim personally at a more reasonable rate. But at end of day only the customer can decide which is best for themselves SL or Open sim although a lot of people do maintain a presence on both.
        We fly planes in these vitual worlds so the VAR regions in Open Sim suit us perfectly, I’m not aware SL offers them.
        So its really what suits your needs,most of the hosts will work with you to provide this.

        • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

          I’m *NOT* sure why the question you’re replying to was deleted -I read it, there’s no reason to censor it. Whomever is moderating should be aware that I’ll be posting a screen cap on G+ if my comment is deleted …on opensim virtual.

          First off, a note; there’s no var regions in SL because there’s no *need* for var regions in SL. None. Vehicles are able to cross regions almost effortlessly, far far more efficiently than they’re able to in opensim.

          To reply to the deleted comment who asked why rent from anyone when anyone can set up opensim themselves:

          if you’re proficient enough, it’s better by far to rent your own server and set up your own grid. Top to bottom control and the empowerment that brings is the most tragically overlooked feature of opensim …it’s overlooked because it doesn’t make anybody money.

          That said, it’s fair to not want the hassle, and not everyone is proficient. For those folks, they should look for a community they get on well with, and rent from there. There’s really only two reasons to not go the DIY approach: 1)you don’t want the hassle 2)to be with friends.

          For everyone else; there’s diva distro 😉

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            Vehicles cross regions on VARS effortlessly in UBODE! With no rubber banding or spinning out of control.
            Tbh the crossings we are experiencing on the VAR’s leaves SL crossings for dead.
            Should try it and see some time

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            I have tried it, it’s nowhere near as stable as secondlife’s region crossing.

            Once you’re able to cross regions, there’s really no compelling reason to mess around with var regions, particularly with the problems they cause with most viewers.

            Of course, this is ignorning the elephant in the room; what are you going to do with $125 worth of empty space?

            All that land and no people (compare SL’s concurrency numbers and show me the grid that gets even 10k users online…ever) hardly seems like a bargain. 🙂

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            if you come to kea ill guest a plane for you.
            give it a go. i think you will be suprised

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            Again, I HAVE flown planes on 0.9 on my own server -it’s better than 0.8 (though at a heavy price …all of JCC’s optimizations were thrown out in the avination merge), but not as stable as SL.

            I have friends in the SL aviation community -they’d laugh at what we have out here. And they’d be right to.

            Speaking in general terms …people are sick of opensim evangelizing. You have to take a good, honest look at its’ defects *acknowledge them* and then address them. Over the years most people advocating opensim have been too disingenuous and come off like snake oil salesmen …and that’s only gotten worse with the advent of the $20 regions.

            As a result when you talk to people (in SL, outside of HGB) about opensim, they mostly roll their eyes.

            To fix that, you have to show people what they can *do* out here, and show that people *are doing it* (admittedly, a chicken and the egg situation)…otherwise they’ve no reason to pay $10, much less $125.

            Once 0.9 is stable (0.9.3? 0.9.5?) and the physics engine’s improved we’ll have something to shout about. But for now, SL does vehicles a lot better and trying to blow smoke around that fact does no one any favors.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            oh yes I totally agree you are right. We like flying our VARS give us room to fly, linked I personally think our crossings are better than SL, but I’m not everyone. When we came to Open Sim we were told you would never get planes to fly, VAR’s don’t work. The Thing is Planes do fly and cross, VAR’s do work. In SL the SL Aviation community tends to have its head in the sand and won’t try anything new out of fear of trying…..that’s only my opinion. In open sim with effort you can work at building what you wan’t. a 2048 x 2048 region compared to a 256 x 256 region what would you rather sail or fly in?

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            >a 2048 x 2048 region compared to a 256 x 256 region what would you rather sail or fly in?

            That’s the thing I’ve been trying to communicate; you’re not limited to 256 in SL. Planes can fly across region boundries just fine.


            As I said originally; SL doesn’t have var regions because SL **doesn’t need them.**

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            of late say the last year i have found that most Sl crossings are terrible for aircraft, especially mainland.
            The topic here is Regions so I apologise for getting off subject. But on topic Open Sim gives an individual far more options either single standard regions, VAR regions or your own grid. SL really gives you 3 options a parcel (part of a subdivided region) a homestead or a full region . Some will opt for SL others for Open Sim who is to say is right or wrong? Han is right SL doesn’t need VAR’s but then does SL need residents once Sansar is launched in LL’s View

          • asgowf@gmail.com' Fli Girl says:

            Im not sure which SL sims your crossing, but my experience with sim crossing in sl is you have to constantly watch where you are slow down when crossing, adjust to cross sim straight, and still get rubber-band or worse find yourself flying across the ocean floor.. Simply flying SL means constantly adjusting rearranging, and watching for the ever present ban line or security orb.. Where as flying in a var is freeing you have literally 64 less sims regions to cross and when you do cross it tends to be more smooth than I experience in SL. SL is great for social as they have huge numbers but In my opinion Flying SL is no comparison to flying a var!

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            Thats how I see it Fli Girl. The Size of VAR’s make flying so more enjoyable & crossings are fantastic. That is not to say that SL is not a good option for some.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            I disagree and think you haven’t really tried hard enough. In short I know planes fly better on a VAR’s than in Sl and believe me when I say this I have flown sl a lot.
            By any chance are you a linden? or are you hoping of becoming one, Fact is SL vehicle crossings were ok two years ago since then they have degraded, unless you crawl across a crossing
            Just because you can’t get VARS to work I think you the one blowing smoke. Expert Geez.

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            I am not a linden, I have no financial interest in secondlife.

            Conversely, neither does my livelyhood depend on asking people to pay me cash money for region rentals which deliver an experience that is inferior to what people can get on the blake sea and in aviation groups in secondlife.

            I’m done here. Goodbye.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            Blake sea you are lucky to cross 4 regions with out rubber banding all over the place
            You are totally out of touch bro, one thing you can not argue with me on is aircraft performance in sl.

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            The blake sea works for hundreds, if not thousands of people every day. Anyone reading can join the “passengers of SL” group, get a free ride and test it out for themselves.

            You want to call names (“are you a linden”,”you’re out of touch”) but you’d be far, far better off if you’d chill out take a step back admit that OS needs to catch up and get to work on closing the gap.

            If you want people to pay you money, you need to prove that you’ve got your feet on the ground and are trustworthy. That means copping to the weak points and focus on selling OS for it’s strengths (it has them, right?).

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            I am and VARS are better and Cross Better. If you are good little boy Ebbe may let you clean his car. ROFL you have no idea do you glad you are done here. He is to open sim

          • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

            Opensim has its strong points and weak points … Secondlife also has its strong points and weak points ..

            Im sorry but i share a diffrent view on this and im tierd of people saying Opensim needs to catch up … catch up to what exactly … shite customer support … expensive prices …. mainland thats 3/4 baron …. OpenSim was opened as a alternative to Secondlife … OpenSim should be doing its own thing not tryin to play catch up to SL.

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            I was wrong, I’m not done here yet.

            Secondlife does indeed have it’s weak points. It’s a closed platform, backups are next to non-existent and on several levels it’s unbelievably consumer hostile. That’s just for starters.

            Let’s split a hair here: opensim doesn’t have to do spit. It’s software, a platform -it can be used for a variety of purposes. It needs no justification as long as people are interested in developing it.
            PEOPLE ASKING THE PUBLIC TO PAY MONEY FOR OPENSIM REGIONS, on the other hand got a lot of explainin to do. Saying “I can give you for $20 what you can get for $300 in SL” isn’t enough -particularly since I can rent a server from kimsufi and have all the regions I want. Particularly since they can pay for a parcel in SL and have access to far more people, assets and events than is available out here.

            If you want to ask people for money, then you need to either deliver an equivalent experience to that which they can get in SL, one that matches the stability, one that matches the concurrency, one that matches the capabilities …or you need to figure out what opensim’s unique strengths are and sell them in an honest manner, free from dissembling and hysteria.

          • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

            I share a diffrent view and if your that smitten on SL maybe try the SL forums and hype them up a bit, after all they sound like your cup of tea, your welcome of cause to pay thier prices 🙂

            As King Leonidas once said:
            You bring the crowns and heads of conquered kings to my city steps.
            You insult my queen. You threaten my people with slavery and death! Oh,
            I’ve chosen my words carefully, Persian. Perhaps you should have done
            the same!

            THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!

            I say : you bring the bain of Secondlife to this community steps, you insult us with the very mention of SL, you threaten our community with raised prices and shite customer support, oh ive been in SL a lon time, even own 80 sims there .. maybe you should go back to them
            THIS IS OPENSIM!!!!!!!!!

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            Been out here since 2010, and I’ve done a thing or two out here -in fact, I’m doing a thing or two out here even now. I’m well known in some circles and not going to type out my resume.

            But thanks for the memes, I guess.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            ok not going to argue with that.
            as i say you are welcome to come and try kea.

          • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

            np at all

            everyone has thier own views, everyone is diffrent, yes you may be secondlife sided, but to compaire OpenSim to secondlife is just narrow minded, yes opensim has improvements that can be made … as does sl lets face it they arnt as good as they claim either .. but to say we cant chare for regions is a bit below the belt .. not everyone is tech saveey, not everyone knows how to bring a region online .. so basicly your saying that we give them away free because opensim is not as good as secondlife and we foot the bill for servers we have and spend hours coding, scripting and looking after …. why not go to ebbe linden and say hey ebbe we code for hours we build for days we should get free regions and see how far he laughs you out the door

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            I didn’t say “. but to say we cant chare for regions is a bit below the belt”.

            I said that you need to be able to explain to people what they’re getting for their money, in clear terms, and be ready to acknowledge the spots where OS is weak and highlight it’s strengths relative to what they can get elsewhere.

          • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

            its a service thats supplied, yes it has flaws, and thats reflected in the prices of the regions … would we all like to charge what sl does for a region, hell yea, but we know it has flaws so we charge much less .. even sl has flaws .. do they even look into fixing it … sometimes when they can be arsed … how lon has the terraforming bug been in sl, you know the one that leaves mounds on certain servers when you flatten it, you have to open a support ticket and wait 2 to 4 days for a linden come and do it …its been there YEARS since 2008 as far as i remember have they fixed it .. have they buggery and do they offer anything in return … yea attitude when you ask for help.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            yes that is a good point. so As i say login to kea, we are new and still building but we do have flying aircraft. You say you have flown SL and Open sim. if you don’t like fine i can’t argue with that but what have you got to lose by giving it a go? SL wii be around as long as LL keep it up and thats not a bad thing but the aircraft in my opinion and Im only giving mine fly better a cross better. Nothing to lose by giving it a go is there?

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            That goes back to what I was trying to say earlier. I do think it has potential, and I intend on watching it and tracking its’ progress.

            I would love to see aviation groups move from SL to opensim, I simply don’t feel like it’s in good enough shape to be able to sell to them today. Hopefully in the next couple of years it will be.

            I think this would be a good time to lay the groundwork, recruit people and start exploring the possibility of aviation groups across the hypergrid. It might not be “ready for primetime” yet, but it’s heading in the right direction.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            k well you want to pop in and have a fly do so look me up and you can ghet a freebie plane. It is early days and you are right there is a lot of potential.With aviation groups moving from SL thats a different story, you will know gfor yourself some groups are so one eyed they cant see the forest for the tree’s. Some may come others definitely won’t just to spite themselves but thats people. Once again you are welcome to give Kea a go

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            No, you can’t get everyone -and not every aviation group. This is one of those rare “ground-floor” opportunities, though and I’m sure that with networking you’ll find some folks who want to take advantage of it. I’d just advise presenting the limits and potential as clearly as possible, is all.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            oh yes
            we try and keep everyone informed in our little group. there are risks involved and like every other grid including sl there will be periods of downtime, nature of the beast and all that. But I can see the open sim grids as a great opportunity for everyone

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            Secondlife will end, maybe in 3 years maybe in 10 -but it will be gone, nearly all of it’s assets along with it.

            My grid will last as long as I’m able to run mono/NET applications -5,10, 20 years if I’m able to live that long.

            I agree that opensim provides a great opportunity on multiple levels; that’s what I’m here for.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            lol yeah that always the thing…time.

          • 1derful61@gmail.com' 1derworld says:

            I tend to agree that SL crossing isn’t to bad if you have the right vehicles. Best part about SL is the sky’s and roads are full of drivers. In opensims you are more or less alone. That’s one of the factors that keeps people in SL.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            True with the right Vehicles Sl crossings aren’t bad. I still think Open Sim has far more potential than SL though.
            As you said anything is possible. The Main factor I see for people staying in SL is the amount they have already spent on inventory,& who can blame them for that. One thing is for certain though if you don’t try you don’t succeed.

          • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

            The main flaw with opensim .. im kinda oin out on a limb here, grids open .. grids close .. take the stats page here at Maries or on binders stats … each and every month 50+ grids close … and 40 to 50 openup, no one is makin any long term plans .. why i tend to ask myself? … well take a look around, grids open up as they think they can be the next secondlife that just wont be possible, secondlife have the manoploly on that thats why they called secondlife … to many rids are closin after they arnt makin the cash they want, and lets face it, with the amount of grids goin up and down, down and up even big grids it will never happen.

            Avination is still down and refuses to let anyone know whats been oin on, 2 months they been “provisioning new servers”, ive personally tried to contact melene for the past month via facebook, twitter even by a direct im in IRC chat to enquire how much to purchase Avination and keep it goin and add it to our grid, but to date ive had zero reply at all.

            Grids come grids go so where does everyone put thier trust ….. ill tell you where, no matter what any grid does, they can claim this and claim that claim to be the next big thing … but the bottom line is this where do they actually trust … Secondlife, its the lonest standing virtual 3D world, yes they are expensive and cashing in on the creators that are there, but everyone trusts them so they always keep goin back …… Opensim no one trusts anymore as grids are open and closed like a pair of whores legs (excuse the pun there)

            If opensim is to achive something rid (yes i do mean all grids) need some sort of union somewhere that if the crap hits the fan then people know there creations are protected, screw this “tos states this or that” its bullshit im sorry to say .. a union and maybe some sort of rid trademan agreement needs to be put in place, yes people may get moved to a new rid if the one they are on oes tits up … but is that better than nothin at all … i for 1 am contemplating doin a grid union scheme over the next few months, lets see if we can get some users from Secondlife and make them worry about the opensim community rather than what they see now.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            Hear Hear!

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

            I have to Disagree Sl Sim crossings are JUNK compared to Opensims UBODE crossings.. I design Aircraft Boats and Blimps in Secondlife and my products work 1000% better in opensim than in secondlife.

          • same goes for regular sim crossings with UBODE. so much more smoother and faster then sl.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            Any comment expert?

    • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

      Let’s flip this on its’ head; what are you doing in SL right now that you cannot do in opensim for much cheaper? Apart from people, more events, more stable vehicles, a better marketplace, better content protections and actual customers …what does SL have to offer that opensim hosting providers don’t?

  8. lmpierce@alcancemas.com' lmpierce says:

    Just a reminder… Comments about moderation are not permitted in the comments following articles. Comments about moderation should be sent to [email protected]. Alternatively we allow comments to be posted with links to other blogs or forums where readers may be invited to continue a discussion in the event that the discussion guidelines for Hypergrid Business are considered unsatisfactory or a different venue is preferred.

  9. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    Not so fast. AviWorlds is coming back in the summer of 2017. We will continue our free region offer with the same business model that AviBrasil had before it was hacked to the ground.
    AviWorlds will offer free 15000 prim regions to anyone who signs up.
    We will announce when we will start taking pre orders.

  10. skylifegrid@gmail.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

    More power to you Alex … I hope your new team will accept Food Stamps

  11. 1derful61@gmail.com' 1derworld says:

    I think you completely missed what Alex said, He mentions a key word no one else here dares to say “FREE”. Like it once was many mango seasons ago. So I for one say Great, If he can do it Perfect for Opensims being we need much less GREED here. Example LOL look at some of these prices mentioned Yikes.

    • dharmalittle456@aol.com' Dharma Little says:

      Most of those prices look realistic to me considering the hosting and backups while many of them are running custom solutions of OS Code, want free hook up then try Osgrid,Metropolis or hundreds of other smaller grids or just run your own sim on a stick.

      I have not missed anything, many of us have witnessed this ending and returning for several years, while i have little opinion towards it, besides all the people who lose money,time and property each time it happens.
      personally i try not to mislead people out here into situations that will make them become angry quitting OpenSim or forcing them back to SecondLife to just feed self-admiration.. FEED IT!!!FEED IT!!.. that’s so often the case in this very reoccurring situation.

      • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

        prices look ok to me too

      • 1derful61@gmail.com' 1derworld says:

        You mention us? Who is us. Where you a resident of Av-Brasil or Aviworlds. Being part of the beat em up crowd does not make one knowledgeable. I’m only pointing out your error to his above comment. His comment mentioned Free is all, Not a reason to make a mountain out of a mole hill.
        But do continue with the beat him up comments its entertaining the things some people come up with.

  12. uh DigiWorldz has always have had stable staff, its been the same staff since launch, Terry is just now bringing on more people because of growth. Only reason i left as staff was for personal rl reasons, it had nothing to do with the grid or terry and i still do coding for Terry from time to time.

    • dharmalittle456@aol.com' Dharma Little says:

      Excellent Christopher! perhaps terry might be so enlightened to step in sharing further staff retention techniques in regards to OpenSim he was accumulated all these years. we can always learn a thing or two from others experiences.perhaps, maria might even run a story on it, surely i would find it interesting.

      Myself, i would love to read tips on how to successfully Co-Lab with other grids in development for mutual success and features, this might also be helpful to others.

  13. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

    I don’t know how you come to this statement “Opensim is in decline” as it is completely untrue.

    • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

      yeah! If anything open sim looks to be on the rise to me

      • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

        And by several disparate indicators. But some people still espouse such things as the truth, despite evidence to the contrary.

        Some, I think, because others they consider authority figures or those “in the know” say such things…and they have little to no ability to find out for themselves. Some, of course, by those self-same authority figures in a, as far as I can tell, attempt to liken to “if I say something enough times, some people will simply believe it”.

        Of course that leaves out the majority of people who can in fact think for themselves, know better, and often don’t comment or are just lurkers.

        It works to some extent of course but it is a tactic of people who have no clue how to be more excellent and thus take the low road.

        bleh! lol

        • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

          i think one of our biggest challenges in open sim is getting people to look outside the box. sure I know with my own grid we have a long way to go. But we will keep plugging away and try to make it better. That’s all we can do.
          Reading most comments and replies in the forum I think a lot of people get misunderstood I was definitely guilty on that with certain things Hans posted and do apologise for that. The SL vs Open Sim thing is really a mute point we are in open sim so we make our best with that. Except when i stress out ROFL.

          • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

            It’s sure easy to be dragged into such things, I have done it also. Of course with me the entire Hypergrid is my home and my base for travel (and some prim playing) is in Metropolis, non-commercial, which my old hippie soul absolutely loves!!

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            and at the end of the day this is what its really about, enjoying ourselves.

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            Hi, our conversation had it’s rough spots, that’s for sure …but I think it ended well and cleared the air, at least.

            Opensim puts power into the hands of the individual to realize their own visions, and that’s no small thing. It’s something to celebrate -which we’re doing at this week’s Avatarfest hypergrid festival (avatarfest.net:6000, Sept 31 to Oct 2nd ; disclosure, I founded Avatarfest but handed control of it it over to Eryn Galen after my heart attack). There’s a lot of folks out here using opensim to realize their creative, intellectual and recreational visions, and if they were stuck to $300/region many wouldn’t be able to do so.

            When it comes to the places SL is ahead of us, I believe we can and we are closing the gap. I don’t believe that SL will EVER offer the empowering factors that opensim has (backups, top to bottom control of one’s experience). High Fidelity might, but I’m skeptical of that, even.

            There’s a lot of ways we’re ahead of SL out here, we have a lot to offer the individual, there’s no doubt about that in my mind.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            I totally agree. Events like avatarfest and others are great and can only be good for all our communities. SL has an advantage of being around a long time and in my view really got the ball rolling so to speak. However OS, as Han has rightly pointed out does have a lot of its own advantages over SL.

    • dharmalittle456@aol.com' Dharma Little says:

      Well then, please explain in statement what is true then in your opinion if wish, a very long and detailed on is fine. some aspects you have growth and some you don’t, feel free to enlighten me and others how ‘COMPLETELY'(Splitting Hairs) and i assume absurd statement that might be to you then. maria just had another Article on Moses, were developers spoke about OpenSim Development being stalled and the reason why some alternatives are being offered, maybe to get things rolling again the effort is being made, maybe core development is in decline that seems admitable by most.

      One of the first things about a Free Metaverse is understanding people have free will of thinking and will differ in opinions that may not always aline with our own, i can see this view as productive, maybe you do as well.

      • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

        Hi Dharma, I said, “I don’t know how you come to this statement “Opensim is in decline” as it is completely untrue.” I don’t really see why I would give you some detailed response, as you ask…I had assumed you read Maria’s mid-month reports and see her graphs, which even alone is quite clear.

        If not, you are welcome to do so. I have been reading and watching them for some years now and when at a time I was more interested I had a little g+ community where I attempted to put different stats into one place.

        Eventually I realized that it is not really the specific numbers, which people can find all sorts of real, or perceived problems with, that it is the trend which is most telling.

        But see now you expand on the blanket asseveration “Opensim is in decline”. Which is in fact the issue; “some aspects you have growth and some you don’t”.

        Opensim as it relates to the hyperverse is growing and has been growing for some time. Of course the disclaimer that it is in the bare hundreds a month often need not be stated. but there it is.

        Other aspects are in decline and this is indisputable. One need only see this graph of Maria’s to know it….anyone who says otherwise is trying to fool some people which will never work in total.

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e1e1f252084f5f531cb281253537fca9739a79469a8e110b5948477db2f06be.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fec2da4b040310f6ea30185a419576f2a6de7969c7b6bec06c10c7fe5e4450f4.jpg

        While there are lower numbers in past numbers, one at least was due to a grid removing a large number of regions for their own reasons. You can see when they came on in the middle of the graph where there was a steep incline…then when they went down towards the end.

        Still in all, the “TRENDING” is upward for those using core opensim and connected via the hypergrid.

        I don’t understand this “enlighten me and others how ‘COMPLETELY'(Splitting Hairs) and i assume absurd statement that might be to you then”

        I made a simple statement where you are answering here that had nothing to do with whatever you are trying to say.

        Now this “maria just had another Article on Moses, were developers spoke about OpenSim Development being stalled and the reason why some alternatives are being offered, maybe to get things rolling again the effort is being made, maybe core development is in decline that seems admitable by most” is not what I was referring to. I was referring to growth and now you want to refer to development work.

        That’s different but even so I am very against the now increased rudeness and bashing of core developers that Doug has brought into play which is only an extension of what some inworldz people have been trying to convince us of for some time now.

        It is also untrue and anyone who has watched core opensim knows this.

        Core opensim has been ahead of inworldz development until they finally added materials, and just prior to when they added NPCs…which now put them on a more par with core tho without vars and hypergrid I say core still is more desirable…and it is reflected in the numbers that users agree.

        It hardly matters if some people can shout louder than others.

        And then you say “One of the first things about a Free Metaverse is understanding people have free will of thinking and will differ in opinions that may not always aline with our own, i can see this view as productive, maybe you do as well” which is another facet of all this.

        Hardly anyone mentions the free metaverse (which is really just some large grids and many smaller holdings)…I would suppose due to that it is antithetical to the commercial grid supporters.

        But it is the very best of our little slice of the net, and there are amazing things being done in the space.

        I assumed you were aware of this, but if not may I direct you to my region in Metropolis, the HG being hypergrid.org:8002:yes we can where you can find, among other things, all issues of the VisionZ magazine which only still can highlight “some” of the things going on.

        As well, I have the Fest’Avi information which continues to be enjoyed and marvelled at, I highly recommend you see that.

        In any case, it’s all good, but the bare statement I addressed to you is false…tc

  14. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

    For some reason I have to refresh the page to see your responses to me. Others just come up on the stream. I don’t know why.

    Anyway, and I have to apologize but I am getting tired for this day, this:

    “It works to some extent of course but it is a tactic of people who
    have no clue how to be more excellent and thus take the low road.

    bleh! lol”

    Sorry, i cannot agree to that extent, one of the many reasons from those i have talked with in SecondLife who left OpenSim is that they felt others tried to push a certain way of thinking on them,pressured to conform or be an outcast for being independent, one of the biggest complaints was many forums out here became toxic and that if someone did not like you, they would follow you or harass you until you left, myself i would love to bring those same people out here today,so they can see something different, to be empowered being free of the troubles that happen in SecondLife(LindenLab) and i would have more friends here.”

    This also goes into undiscussed things but that’s ok for now. You keep bringing up new topics and ideas where I get slightly confused.

    I was referring to people who say things that are not truthful, are disinformation, or partial information. So your response to that seems to go to another topic.

    And that I actually do know what you are referring to, tho I guess you don’t want the bullying that is typical from those people in response, of which I don’t care at all about-)) heck, do what I finally have done and block them.

    You are referring to the inworldz forums, that while it has been said have had increased moderation, doesn’t in truth. Still the drama blows up there regularly and I know well the type you refer to.

    Only in sl universe have I seen more children play, mostly because there are several inworldz people there also. Drama queens have to have their pedestals.

    I would suggest doing as I did years ago, don’t use those forums! You will be much happier.

    I get the impression that your main focus has been with commercial grids…since in the free meta specifically none of that happens. I would recommend you and your friends get away from all that drama and loin up with some of the non commercial grids, make your own fun and make new friends, and you will have a much more pleasant time, I can assure you that.

    Metropolis or OSGrid or FrancoGrid or Craft-world are some of them. No reason why you can satisfy whatever commercial things you might do while having a refuge in the much more fun places.

    I don’t have any issues with you stating your thoughts or opinions, so I don’t understand this either, “Tactic or god given right to expression within the limits of civility, i will leave that up to you to decide.”

    be well

    • dharmalittle456@aol.com' Dharma Little says:

      “I would suggest doing as I did years ago, don’t use these forums! You will be much happier.”

      Thanks, but no thanks!, by making comments here it helps show people are active in discussions regarding OpenSim showing an overall greater activity in and unless i am breaking the rules then it should be OK (main reason i prefer to have my comments approved before they are posted.)

      Who knows some might even enjoy my comments in discussions here? maybe and maybe not but i have enjoyed reading articles all these years and felt the need for the first time to be active by commenting instead of being a lurker. no good deed ever goes unpunished always my grandmother would say.

      I like OpenSim and promote it in my own way, if you can leave things at that it would be great, while i am not overly sensitive a quick google search of some persons leads me to believe in not having to combat conversationally with someone who may feel they are the sacred holder of all things regarding the free metaverse. it might be best if we do not become obsessed with each others comments(Maybe you can ignore me and I’ll do the same) in all politeness i can see we are not going to agree on many things,that’s a natural thing, so how about agreeing to disagree then leaving it.

      • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

        that’s a weird response, and as soon as I can figure out why disqus hasn’t allowed me to block you, you will be…tc

        • dharmalittle456@aol.com' Dharma Little says:

          Wish granted from your previous comment, because looking at my emails today i got 15 positive reviews on my SL Marketplace store and it made me really think regardless if on this forum or HG to some new world no matter what i do out here in OS i am not liked,maybe that’s why most of core is gone they never felt appreciated that’s just a guess on my part.
          It makes me feel great people like my creations and often request new work from me,i will stick were people want me,tomorrow i will just start repromoting my brand again with my 1500 group members while completely forgetting all about this. tired of the struggle when i know others still care about me elsewere,
          maybe i just needed someone to help knock some sense in my head to see were i need to be Thanks!
          and speaking of region pricing i will gladly keep spending $125 a month for my main store just knowing my work brings joy to others.

          I will revisit on Osgrid, my true home from time to time, but that’s about it. 8yrs is too long FINISHED!

          • fatgirlsrunningwild@gmail.com' Dan says:

            Dharma, how it pains me to hear you wanting to leave, you’ll always be welcome in osgrid no matter what happens elsewhere.

            Feel free to return to our community forums anytime to converse openly anytime, we’ll always protect members with a helping hand from flaming or condescending persons who attempt to undermine individual efforts for selfish ambitions, this is achieved thru fair transparent moderation on our end.


        • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

          just a little fyi for those one or two paying attention….I had said to dharma in a discussion I admittedly should not have involved myself in the first place, so my bad there, this:

          “I would suggest doing as I did years ago, don’t use those forums! You will be much happier.”

          dharma then responded with this:

          “”I would suggest doing as I did years ago, don’t use these forums! You will be much happier.”

          Where she decided to change “those” to “these”.

          Which of course makes quite a bit of difference as I was not referring to posting here, in what she thinks are forums, but that I think of as just commenting on Maria’s articles. The dharma went on to say:

          Thanks, but no thanks!, by making comments here it helps show people are active in discussions regarding OpenSim showing an overall greater activity in and unless i am breaking the rules then it should be OK (main reason i prefer to have my comments approved before they are posted.)”

          Which was based on her changing my “those” to her “these”….I don’t see any other purpose in doing this except some kind of weirdness that I find disturbing.

          I never said I don’t like her, since I don’t even know enough about her as she doesn’t even have a disqus account. And that doesn’t matter either as she is welcome to do as she wants, even to changing an “o” to an “e”.

          If dharma wishes to do such things more power to her. But that just made it to weird to bother with anymore for myself tho unfortunately I can’t even block her since she doesn’t actually have a disqus account….grrrr lol

          over and out-)

    • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

      Well crap, sorry to intrude again here folks. I have been thinking on this a bit and it occurred to me dharma somehow took something I said to @da_hayward:disqus as my referring to her. I had said this to da:

      me:””It works to some extent of course but it is a tactic of people who
      have no clue how to be more excellent and thus take the low road.

      bleh! lol”

      then dharma copied it and added:

      Sorry, i cannot agree to that extent,” then later “Tactic or god given right to expression within the limits of civility, i will leave that up to you to decide.”

      Which is what I was confused about as I wasn’t even talking to her then, but to da hayward.

      So I see now why the, what I had thought of as just a conversation, matter seemed to go south so quickly.

      I don’t understand how this could have been misunderstood at all.

      Anyway, it’s not for me to apologize as it wasn’t my issue, but I just wanted to say I understand this better now and sad to see it happen.

  15. fatgirlsrunningwild@gmail.com' Dan says:

    Just to point out, Osgrid is free to use at zero cost, easily anyone can connect by using your own PC or with one of the many quality hosting services available for opensimulator, members always have access to hypergrid capabilities to visit other grids for business or pleasure + receive goods & services from marketplaces such as Kitely.

    Osgrid will always be free, while we stand with the greater Opensimulator community proudly! .

  16. sethnygard@gmail.com' Seth Nygard says:

    I think it is important to mention that the “free” grids are not truly free. Examples of this can be seen with both OSGrid and Metro. They rely on donations to keep the bills paid. Look at OSGrid’s donation usage page to see just how much it costs each month to keep things running. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that model, but please people understand that for those free connections someone is paying so you can enjoy that. It would be good to donate to help those grid if you are using them.

    Even self-hosting carries its own costs, direct and indirect. The cost of the equipment, internet, and power are very real as is the time to set things up and all the necessary time to keep things running. It is easy to ignore these costs since it may be a computer you have laying around and you are already paying for the internet and power anyhow but regardless they are real costs. Time to keep things running is minimal, but there will always be things that go wrong sooner or later that can chew up a lot of time. So while those may not have a direct monetary cost, they are also real.

    In other cases there are some very low cost offerings. These are often geared to attract lots of people quickly but usually don’t last. Some of the prices I have seen posted are not sustainable long term and are only possible with servers that are over allocated. This is one area where what you pay can have a bearing on what you get.

    Everyone has to determine what their unique needs are and what that is worth. There are lots of choices and the upfront money cost is only one factor to be considered. Do your homework and chose wisely …

  17. tanglegrid@gmail.com' TanGLe Grid says:

    At TanGLe Grid the $15.00 US per month is for 20,000 Prims BTW. Smiles

  18. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

    Well thank you Adam, but I don’t think I am in any way smart, just the opposite actually.

    elenia undercover lol…that’s a funny one (psssst is that you Beth?) hehe She does such things but it really doesn’t matter.

    I don’t really want to flog this dead horse, the issue happened, I made an error in not just keeping quiet, it got misunderstood, and things happen.

    • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

      lots are misunderstood.
      Nature of the beast I guess, but tbh while following it I was kinda confused what was going on as well

      • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

        Yes, misunderstanding are a problem especially when there was no bad intention meant. Confused, heck it took me having a good sleep to wake up and reread it all to try and get my head around it.

        It’s not even the subject at hand on this article. I just wish I had stayed my hand and the whole sad affair would not have interrupted the previous flow of important information relating to whether or not a $40 buck region is any worse or better than a $5 one.

        And that doesn’t even concern me….heck, it’s my fault I actually even read this article! I am doomed, I am doomed I say!

        • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

          I don’t know is a 40 dollar region better than a 5 dollar one? I personally think that if renting regions $5 would be the lowest you could go. The grid after all has to provide the server that region is on. But some grids do offer free regions and rely on donations and item sales to cover that, one would assume that it would depend on the model the grid is based on. We for example don’t intend getting rich quick in open sim but do wan’t to provide our residents and visitors with a relaxing enjoyable time.

          • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

            Well, on that subject I think it is all arbitrary anyway. One person’s machine may be another person’s trash. It hardly matters to the basic users, which is reflected in one regard by the few people who even comment on it vs. the total user base.

            SL set the bar of course, and the benchmark, but down from there if someone wants to pay a certain price another is asking, or if someone just likes a grid and/or the people in it….price matters little (to a point of course).

            I’m getting tired for the day now tc

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            sleep well

          • Great Canadian Grid started out with $5 regions, becoming I believe the first in OpenSim to do so. In their case their servers did not cost much and the grid owner Roddie Macchi did not gouge his customers to build and maintain the grid. As demand for the grid grew, going from 50 to 4,000 members and 50 to 800 regions it became necessary to charge more. This was not the result of Roddie becoming money hungry rather the increased maintenance support and providing members with a more stable and developing grid cost more money. He doesn’t run the grid to make a profit and money he makes goes back into the grid operations. Right now a 15,000 prim standard region is only $15cdn (about $17cdn with tax) still far less than some grids and the tech is stable and competitive with many of the longer established grids with teams of techs and administration behind them. The point is, a $40 region can be better than a $5 region IF the grid owner is investing any money they make back into the grid and not into their pockets.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            so right

  19. The prices sure are super attractive. I pay 40/region in InWorldz per mainland region. I don’t mind the 40.00 because at peak OpenSim hours, there is usually about as many people on InWorldz alone as there are in the next top 3 or 4 grids combined. But I also LOVE my 4×4 varregion in Kitely that only costs me 40 bucks also and gives me so much space to play with. It sure is a lot quieter in the hypergrid enabled grids, but at the same time there is freedom to travel around. I love having the best of both worlds. I also have a region hosted on OSgrid via Oliveira hosting so that a friend and I can test out scripts on a OS 9 grid. When using OSgrid I try to donate when I can because as Seth says – free isn’t really free. Someone has to foot the bill to keep things running well. I just think it’s great that we have so many choices. I love that freedom.