Virtual Lisbon, Space Life migrates to DigiWorldz

Space Life. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

Space Life. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

Carlos Loff has moved his Virtual Lisbon and Space Life projects to DigiWorldz, with plot rentals available for interested residents.

He was previously hosted by AviLabs, the hosting company behind AviWorlds, which imploded messily and publicly last month.

Even before AviLabs fell apart, Loff said he was having trouble attracting residents.

Carlos Loff

Carlos Loff

“No one will trust in a grid hosted at AviLabs,” he told Hypergrid Business.

Loff said that he decided to go with DigiWorldz because of the professional service and attitude, a growing and active community, mainstream OpenSim support and support for both major physics engines, good performance and “unparalleled” customer service.

The Virtual Lisbon project is a recreation of the city of Lisbon, and now extends across the equivalent of 320 standard regions. The teleport address for Virtual Lisbon is Lisbon.

He said that there’s an advantage to having a large land area on a stable, existing grid.

“It is better than running my own grid and being responsible for every user´s inventory,” he said.

Loff said that he is currently spending $150 a month for a private server on DigiWorldz.

Space Life

Space Life is a new project, with a large area that users can travel across.

Space-based condos, moons, and even full planets are available to rent and colonize, Loff said.

Space Life. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

Space Life. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

The planets are designed so that users can travel fully around the planet, and also explore the world’s surface.

“Each oneis  specifically designed with exotic atmospheres and people can travel form one to another and on every planet they have cave systems with traps and aliens and in others they have weird floating creatures and on others they have missions like treasure hunt type challenges where they get a prize if they finish the missions,” he said.

Space Life. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

Space Life. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

“I’m being very much inspired by Star Citizen and No Man Sky,” he said.

Visit Space Life by teleporting to Life.

Freebie swap

Loff has already began running a freebie swap — kind of a virtual swap meet — with themed weeks.

This coming week, the theme is chairs, sofas, lounges, and other seats, he announced in a post on Google Plus.

The hypergrid address is Land.

Freebie swap. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

Freebie swap. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

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17 Responses

  1.' Da Hayward says:

    Congrats Carlos! Here’s to all the best with your project. pop in and see us some time at Kea

  2.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    Very cool Carlos :). When it’s up do the people that donated to your crowd fund still get the house/store ? I would love to have a spot in Lisbon

    •' Carlos Loff says:

      Yes, I sent you several IMs long time ago, I have only 2 bungalow islands taken and there is one surely for you, not yet in Lisbon town but in the Lisbon Welcome utopia, it is all HG tuned so people don´t need to register on Digi and still can enjoy all features – Please visit and send me an IM

  3.' Minethereé says:

    Keep up the good work Carlos-)

  4. Welcome to Digiworldz eh 🙂 glad you switched 🙂

  5.' Carlos Loff says:

    Thank you all, I will drop many info panels at Space Life so people knows exactly what it is about and how it works, Im very excited and although Virtual Lisbon will take it slow, the utopic welcome area will start very very soon to have activities – time to act and not only plan, HERE WE GOOOO – And thank you Maria, for your support

  6.' Carlos Loff says:

    There will be signs and a whole info room with easy diagrams at Space Life but one experience everyone can do right now is navigation on the huge universe – You can get to Terra Space Port at Space Life var and just fly up up in the sky until you reach (be teleported) to orbital height and than you have already a universe with planets and moons circling that spawns over 4 clustered VARs of 4X4 each – You can fly along that universe and to enter a planet just bump into it and to enter a moon just touch it – on either case you get teleported to the inside of planet or moon (big lands/areas under construction) – Whenever a person wants to leave a planet or moon just needs to fly again up in the sky and will reach (be teleported) to that specific planet orbital height to go on the huge free space area travel on the point it paused to enter the planet or moon – So it is already possible to see how it will all work but each planet area has only the base surface, all the details are to be built – just wait for the info panels and you will all see how crazy it will get with missions, lost asteroid fields, suns and pulsars and even death situations on caves at planets

  7.' Butch Arnold says:

    Very nice builds Carlos! Thank you for your support of DigiWorldz!

  8.' Carlos Loff says:

    I wish to say Im sorry to everyone trying to get into my worlds – All my regions are inaccessible right now, I sent a Ticket to customer service that usually is very fast and efficient, let’s make it a test – I have chosen Digiworldz for many reasons and one is stability – Let’s see if it lives to expectations

    UPDATE – The minute I finished writing this, I got an IM from inworld saying all regions are up and running and YES, they are, so the time between Ticket and Solution was around 3 minutes – AREN]T THESE GUYS AMAZING AT DIGIWORLDZ ???

    Let’s just hope it is a rare occurrence

  9.' Merrie Schonbach says:

    Best of luck Carlos! It’s a good grid overall.