Metaverse Communities

Recent attendees at an OpenSim Community Conference load test. (Image courtesy Stephen Gasior.)

Useful OpenSim and hypergrid-related Google Plus communities and collections.

Last updated: 4/23/2017

3D Broadcasting Network Immersive World Statistics OpenSimulator Community Conference
3rd Rock Grid Immersive Worlds in 3D Stereoscopic Opensimulator DreamWorld
3RD Rock Grid Foundation and Community Infinite Metaverse Alliance Opensimulator Hypergrid Collective
Adventure Bay Inworldz OpenSimulators Gridcache
Alexander City InWorldz, Second Life, Opensim, Metaverse OpensimWebUI
Antiquity iPelago OpenWorldsProject
ARiELSIG Island Oasis Opinion Outpost
Arts in Virtual Worlds Japan Open Grid in English/Deutsch OSGrandPrix
Atek Grid Kadobikrew Server
Avatar Safe Haven Kalasiddhi Grid Practical Uses for Virtual Worlds
AVATARFest 2015 Keng City Pro Racer Motorsports
Avination Kitely Virtual Promotion for virtual worlds and everything in ’em
AviWorlds Grid Littlefield Grid Psicologia Virtuale
Baller Nation Lost World Grid Radioactive Grid
Baroque Roleplay in Opensim LSL scripting Raz Cafe
BDSM in Opensim Mac Users in OpenSim and SecondLife Refuge Grid
Blender for OpenSim MacICT: Virtual Worlds in Education RezMela
Content creators of the virtual worlds Mental Design Sanctuary
Cookie II MetaMeets Seanchai Libraries
Corran Journal Metaverse Authors Second Life and other Virtual Worlds
Craft World Metaverse life Secondlife & Opensim Hypergrid Role Players
De Landria Worlds Metaverse Tours Sim on a Stick Users Group
Dereos Metaverse University of DigiWorldz Space Life
DigiWorldz Metaverse Week in Review Summer of Arts 2015
Dublin 1904 VR Metropolis Metaversum Tangle Grid
El Blog Del DJ Mobius Grid The Adult Metaverse
End of the Metaverse Neon Evolution The Hypergrid WIP Show
Entertainment on the Hypergrid Neverworld Grid The Lisbon Loft Expats
European avatars New Media Arts The Next Reality Grid
Firestorm on Opensimulator New Opensim The Realm of Rygeon
Forum Virtuelle Welten New Vinland Colony The Twilight Grid
Francogrid New World Studio The Virtual Micronation of Neuanzere
Free 3D Olantica Grid – The Lost World TheKaz Grid
Friends of Arcadia Asylum Open Virtual Time Paradox Grid
Gamification of Opensim Community Development OpenSim UFSGrid
Genesis Global Journey Opensim – We speak German Utherworldz Community
Genesis Metaverse Opensim AAM Virtual Performers Vapers In OpenSim
Get Your Cornflakes Week Info Here!!!!!!!!! OpenSim Advertise VIRTLANTIS
GIL – Hypergrid Life OpenSim Bloggers Virtual Highway
Gloebit on OpenSim OpenSim Business Virtual Identity
Great Canadian Gridders eh OpenSim Collection Virtual Life Grid
Greekifour virtual world OpenSim Creations Virtual Lisbon
Hypergrid Destinations OpenSim Destinations Virtual Museums
Hypergrid Directory OpenSim Everything Virtual Pedagogy
Hypergrid Entrepreneur Group Opensim Free Virtual Photography
Hypergrid Events Opensim Free Resources Virtual Role Play Developers
Hypergrid Hypergrid OpenSim Medieval Roleplay Virtual Scuba in Virtual Worlds
HyperGrid instruction Opensim Middle Earth Virtual World Blogs
Hypergrid Resources Opensim Misfits Virtual World Video
Hypergrid Role play Opensim Performance Improvements Virtual Worlds
Hypergrid Safari Opensim Resources Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable
Hypergrid Sex OpenSim Scripters Virtual Worlds Stats
Hypergrid Shopping OpenSim Scripting Showcase Trail Virtual Worlds Teacher Network
Hypergrid Story Opensim Standalone Diva + Sim on a Stick VirtualmintaKa
Hypergrid welcome center Opensim Technical WhiteCoreSim
Hyperlicious Events OpenSim Vehicles Women in Virtual Reality
HYPEvents Opensim Veranstaltungen WorldThreeD
Immersion One OpenSim Virtual Worldwide Crowdfund
Immersive World Learning Opportunities OpenSim Working Radio Streams ZanGrid
Immersive World Newbie Help Desk Opensim Worlds ZetaWorlds