Wolf Territories rolls out speech-to-text to help the hearing impaired

(Image courtesy Wolf Territories Grid.)

In a move to make the virtual realm more inclusive, Wolf Territories Grid, announced the launch of its new speech-to-text function today, in order to improve the in-world experience for hard-of-hearing and deaf community members.

With the commitment to ensure equal participation for all users, Wolf Territories Grid’s new speech-to-text feature will convert spoken words into written text in real time, breaking down communication barriers that have long posed challenges for individuals with hearing impairments.

Paul Clevett

“This is a pivotal moment for Wolf Territories Grid,” said grid owner Paul Clevett, also known Lone Wolf in-world. “Our new speech-to-text function is more than just an upgrade – it’s a statement that our community is for everyone. By providing tools that facilitate ease of communication, we are taking active steps to embrace diversity and foster a more inclusive virtual society.”

The speech-to-text function seamlessly integrates with the grid’s existing communication system and will be available across all regions, he said in an announcement. Residents can use this feature during various events, meetings, and everyday interactions, ensuring they never miss out on the vibrant social tapestry Wolf Territories Grid offers.

“We’re delighted to roll out this feature that aligns with our vision of a grid without limitations,” said Wolf Territories co-administrator DJ Illusions. “Accessibility is at the heart of our ethos and with this advancement, we’re excited to see our community grow even more connected.”

Residents can find detailed instructions on how to enable the speech-to-text function here and in the video tutorial below:

Users looking to explore the grid’s vast array of regions, including the tranquil Breathe Resort or the futuristic Europa, can sign up by visiting the main website and can purchase lands to construct their personalized space. Prices start at US $25.40 a month for a four-by-four region with 20,000 prims.

Founded in 2020, Wolf Territories Grid is an OpenSim-based world, known for being the largest grid in terms of land area. It offers users an expansive virtual world experience, consisting of a total land mass equivalent to 28,544 Second Life regions, numerous social venues, and the freedom to create and explore without bounds.

Maria Korolov