Anyone can link to a Hypergrid Business article, review, vendor listing, or other content without asking us for permission.

In addition, you can include any or all of the following to accompany the link:

  • Title of the article, or a translation of the title
  • Up to three paragraphs of the article, or their translation. Those can be the first three paragraphs, or from further down in the article if you are mentioning a specific piece of news or commentary.
  • A thumbnail of one of the images from the article. The thumbnail should be a proportionately scaled-down image, at 200 pixels maximum width or height, or smaller.
  • A Hypergrid Business logo. Scroll down for logo images.

Please note:

  • Do not reprint full articles, or translations. Reprint first three paragraphs, then link to the full article, or to the Google Translate version of the whole article.
  • Do not imply that a mention of your company, service or product is an endorsement unless it is, in fact, an endorsement. Endorsements include inclusion on the Editor’s Picks page or a review article that makes the endorsement or recommendation.
  • Do not imply that a good showing in a Hypergrid Business reader survey, or quotes from users, are official endorsements from Hypergrid Business itself. So, if your grid ranked first for technology, you can say that your grid “ranked first for technology in a Hypergrid Business reader survey” but not “Hypergrid Business says we’re the top grid for technology.”

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