Last year’s OMC growth on shaky ground

In-depth OMC Growth Review (via

Article Updated, Read bottom of article for update In a recent post on Hypergrid Business, we heard that OMC has dramatically increased in activity this past year. We wanted some more details, so we went out in search of all the details we could get…'

Timothy Rogers

Timothy Rogers is founder and owner of Zetamex, a company offering low-cost hosting of OpenSim and Aurora-Sim regions.

  • The concept of OMC is good. But what bothers me is that VirWox is the sole exchange handling the transactions. Which of course makes sense as it is their currency. What would make more sense to me is if Linden Lab were to allow the use of L$ in OpenSim grids. With these kinds of problems, it’s no wonder that some grids prefer to use PayPal.