VirWoX draining OMC accounts

A few months ago, I wrote about the VirWoX exchange having tons of money just sitting around in the OMC accounts, OMC being a hypergrid-enabled, multi-grid currency used by several OpenSim grids.

Well it turns out that money is now starting to drain from those accounts.

This was brought to our attention by DreamNation, the largest grid using VirWoX money back end. They recently had a few returning members claiming their accounts had been drained of their money. Some balances were completely drained down to zero.

(Image courtesy Zetamex.)
Unused but still falling OMC balances at Island Oasis. (Image courtesy Zetamex.)

Why this is a big deal is that here in the United States, we not too long ago had a new law pass that credits of any kind cannot expire. This was brought up in a couple law suits where people sued gift card issuers for charging inactivity fees. As a result, gift cards are not allowed to expire in the United States any longer.

While people’s opinions on this can and do vary, the VirWoX situation has caused a bit of an uproar at DreamNation.

DreamNation users cashing out after learning about the charges. (Image courtesy Zetamex.)
DreamNation users cashing out after learning about the charges. (Image courtesy Zetamex.)

DreamNation is now currently in talks with the Podex Exchange to manage their currency. Several grids already do this. Zandramas switched over earlier this year. Virtual Highway and Avination also use Podex for currency trading.

Meanwhile, any one or any grid that uses the OMC currency from VirWoX should be sure to keep the account active — or cash out. 

(Article reprinted with permission from Grid Press.)

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