Heart Botanicals comes to Kitely

Lilith Heart’s Heart Botanicals is now on the Kitely Market, with a Kitely Market store selling exportable sets of palm trees for $4.95 to $9.95 each.

Three of the items available on the Heart Botanicals store on Kitely Market.

Three of the items available on the Heart Botanicals store on Kitely Market.

“Exportable” means that the plants can be taken to other grids via OAR region exports or, once testing is complete, via hypergrid delivery.

Ilan Tochner

Ilan Tochner

“This is a big win for Kitely Market and an even bigger win for the metaverse,” Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner told Hypergrid Business. “A big name Second Life brand has just started offering its quality items to people of all hypergrid-enabled grids.”

Kitely allows merchants to accept payment in either Kitely Credits, which can only be used on the grid and cannot be redeemed for cash, or in US dollars.

According to Tochner, the market’s top merchants are already each earning “hundreds of dollars” a month on the grid’s marketplace. Once hypergrid delivery is enabled, instead of just reaching Kitely’s approximately 600 active users, the market will become accessible by around 8,000 users of hypergrid-enabled public grids, plus potentially thousands of other grids run privately on home computers and by schools, companies, and non-profits.

Currently, those users typically have to choose between building everything themselves, using freebies such as those by Linda Kellie and OpenSim Creations contributors, or hiring developers to create custom content for them.

A hypergrid-enabled Kitely Market not only offers a convenient, one-stop shop for people looking for legal, licensed content for the grids, but also provides content creators a single place to check to see if their content is being re-sold illegally.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

44 Responses

  1. georgeswalsh@gmail.com' George Walsh says:

    Heart items are somewhat expensive in Second Life and it looks like Heart is attempting to obtain similar prices on OpenSim based grids, good luck with that Lilith.

    One of the main problems we are faced with getting people to try and then become regulars of OpenSim type grids is people from Second Life being unwilling to ‘invest’ again in yet another inventory. You will probably need to be less greedy Lilith to entice people to purchase your stuff yet again.

    • d.t.matrix@icloud.com' Dot says:

      Granting that these are probably not impulse purchases, Lilith’s prices are in line with those of other high-quality, export-enabled items on sale in Kitely Market. For items that are core elements for landscaping and used time and time again, such as plants and trees, roads, rocky outcrops, etc., the quality and assurance of provenance together with the export tag makes them worth the price.

  2. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

    I think it needs to be highlighted, this “plus potentially thousands of other grids run privately on home computers and by schools, companies, and non-profits.” which is a mostly unknown number that some commercial grids’ folks like to overlook when they tout their own “padded” numbers.

    So I will paste it again…lol

    “plus potentially thousands of other grids run privately on home computers and by schools, companies, and non-profits.”

    and, here….

    “plus potentially thousands of other grids run privately on home computers and by schools, companies, and non-profits.”

    I think that this is also the first grid other than SL she has gone to, AFAIK anyways, which, all in of itself, is very interesting, at least to my eyes.

    Interesting times we live in.

  3. joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

    Sadly her items are all over the place, Almost every grid has those items as “Take Copy” not sure how much of a hit that will be being of the large amount floating around. The hypergate makes it available to all open platforms.

    • Danko Whitfield says:

      it is sad…but then she has nothing to lose, only to gain by selling the items.

      i like but won’t use her most-ripped off item – the pine tree often known as “Boom” tree – in OpenSim because I know it was ripped. But if she put it on sale on Kitely Market, I would buy it and use it…just as I bought and used it in SL.

    • There are three types of users.

      1. The thieves. They will always opt for hunting down pirated content (no matter how much time it takes) instead of buying it, and are willing to risk lawsuits, trojans and viruses.

      2. The law-abiding citizens. These folks will always buy legitimately, or do without. These are folks who can’t afford the lawsuits, viruses or, a bigger deterrent for schools and companies — negative publicity that comes from being outed as a user of stolen goods.

      3. The folks who walk the gray area in between. They’ll use stolen content if nothing else is available but, when given the option, they’ll happily switch to Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, and other low-cost, legal, convenient platforms.

      The thieves are not anyone’s target market because they never spend any money. And these guys are everywhere — not just in OpenSim, but in Second Life, and everywhere else.

      The law-abiding citizens are a GREAT market. Because they’re willing to pay any price for legal goods. If there’s no marketplace to buy from, they’ll hire custom developers. These are the schools, companies, and non-profits that have moved to OpenSim as well as those commercial, non-profit or community grids that bend over backwards to be good at copyright protection.

      And the people in the gray area in between are a potentially HUGE customer base in OpenSim because, up until now, they haven’t had a legal, convenient place to shop. Now, maybe they won’t buy Heart Botanicals but might opt for a lower-cost competitor — though $10 for 12 different types of palm clusters that you can SAVE TO A LOCAL BACKUP or TAKE WITH YOU TO OTHER GRIDS sounds pretty reasonable.

      • joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

        Well lets be realistic on this, The majority are in your #3 category can you imagine every free item in the metaverse getting high scrutiny before anyone takes it? I myself have many regions visitors mostly don’t take time to enjoy creations but what’s a Take Copy item. Like I said landscaping tree’s/grass/waterfalls in opensims there is plenty of for free. The hypergate allows many to find these grids/standalones in a type of scavenger hunt. Lets not fool ourselves the majority are here for the hunt. And the tragedy of this all is top creators in SL are subject for the thieving actions of the lazy. Nothing surprises me anymore as I have seen entire regions placed in opensims with the rezz box still attached and creators name all over it. So what do you recommend we do? Buy from the marketplaces and not take anymore free items. There is a huge problem going on here and I’m not 100% sure a marketplace with a price tag will fix this. Another thing I do find funny is when people make excuses or spin the facts they talk about RL items and comforts. Hmm Virtual world and the Real world is apples and oranges.

        • This is why I don’t take any free items from any OpenSim grid unless the provenance is crystal clear. For example, if there’s a sign that says “Linda Kellie creations” or clear license terms posted (such as what Lani Global has up in their stores).

          Just because you *can* take free stuff, doesn’t mean you should.

          Say, for example, if you’re putting up a new website. You could, if you wanted to, go around the web, copying text and images wherever you wanted, and paste them into your site. The more you do it, however, the more likely you are to run into content that has a legal team behind it who will hit you with take down notices to start with, and lawsuits if it’s clear you’re deliberately distributing pirated content.

          But most people don’t do that. And companies and schools, in particular, will hire content creators and pay for the text, images, and designs that they use.

          There are people out there who enjoy hunting for freebies, and possibly some of them don’t realize that the content is not legal (or maybe they just cross their fingers and hope that it’s legal, and try not to look too hard). But overtime, the biggest distributors of pirated content are being shut down. The more traffic, the more likely that someone will notice and report it to the grid admins, who’ll take down the content and remove it from in-world inventories as well. Startup grids operate on shoestring budgets — nobody wants to deal with a lawsuit.

          So, over time, it will get harder and harder to find the illegal stuff, without going to high-lag grids based in North Korea or Mongolia or Siberia.

          And easier and easier to buy low-cost, legitimate content from convenient marketplaces.

          This has already happened in the movie industry, with Netflix cutting a huge dent in movie piracy. And it’s happened in the music industry, with iTunes.

          It will happen here, as well.

          • joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

            I see it a bit differently Maria, I see more and more copied items coming across than even before. With the new release of Firestorm/Singularity viewers. These 2 main viewers are host to a lot of major Coping programs, That within 5 sec of seeing anything in view its copied. If its a avi or a complete region, These things are copied in seconds. As far as Lilith Heart goes, she just made it easier to copy her items than before sadly. Even though Tobias Novi and ee Oh are the 2 biggest beach landscape creators from SL are hit most.

          • I agree that stuff gets copied faster than ever, as pirates improve their technology, their access, etc… But if I was a pirate, I’d go to where the contents is and grab it for free, via copybot, than spend the money buying legal copies!

            Piracy is getting faster in all other digital fields, as well, such as movies, music, and video games, with pirated copies hitting the Net often even before the legal versions come out.

            But the AVAILABILITY of pirated content is not related to the sales of legal content. Again, look at the Netflix example, or iTunes. Even though there is more pirated music and videos out there than ever before, people are also spending more money on legal goods than ever before — simply because the legal goods have good distribution channels, convenient, reasonably priced, virus-free, are well marketed, and, of course, are legal.

            Don’t forget that pirates can’t market their stuff — if they do, they get noticed and shut down. Similarly, pirates have a hard time making money off their stuff — if they get too visible, they get shut down. At the end of the day, pirates are pirating to show off for other pirates, and to share stuff with other pirates. And these are folks who were never going to pay for their content, anyway.

          • joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

            Very true, Its always a gamble in virtual worlds when your a creator and you introduce your items either for sale or free. Someone out there is going to take them and redistribute them in there grid or sandbox with different permissions. We sorta have to bite the bullet and except that, Its just the way it is being a virtual world.

          • kissmyassyoubastard@gmail.com' $92909390 says:

            It is very true half the grids in the metaverse are filled with heart trees she will have to compete against her own stuff…
            Hard to compete against free…
            Secondlife is just a..Big Candy Store… they go & fill up on gumdrops & taffy then head back to their little grids..
            Using illegal viewers of course the norm..
            My thoughts are only schools or a business with tax write offs will buy these high prices things because many are here to save money or do not have it…
            (Compared this post to forum rules..looks clean?)
            Anyways I did my best to remain sheepish

          • ilan@kitely.com' Ilan Tochner says:

            Most of the sales in Kitely Market so far have been for people’s personal avatars and for their own worlds – most of which are not work related. I’m sure the people who bought those items could have copybotted them inSL or brought them over from a grid where someone else copybotted them but the fact is they didn’t.

            I think Netflix, iTunes, and the other content marketplaces outside virtual worlds have proven that there are quite a few people who are honest and will choose the legal way to acquire content when it’s affordable and easy-to-use.

        • I think the main point your missing here Joe is this:

          Scenario 1 – Lilith stays in SL

          Outcome: her trees are ripped all over opensim, Lilith makes no money from Opensim at all.

          Scenario 2 – Lilith comes to Kitely and sells export goods

          Outcome: rippers carry on ripping just like they do now, honest people shop at her store and Lilith makes money she otherwise would not have made.

          Everything else beyond this point is just hot air. A marketplace with a price tag is the ONLY viable solution beyond totally recoding the perm system, and even that is only buying time until the next RipperViewer comes along.

          You know when people buy something from Turbosquid or similar marketplaces there is no DRM at all? Just an agreement. How terrifying is THAT?!?!! 🙂

          Your customer can go and use that model or texture in literally thousands of different ways. You just have to trust them that they will not violate your terms. This DRM freakout is pretty unique to virtual worlds now. Most other formats got over this 5-10 years ago.

    • rhilkenbach@yahoo.de' Sheera Khan says:

      I think a great test for the acceptance of legal wares by the audience would be to put the most pirated items on the market and I’m quite sure Lilith knows about those. They are available for free already, so not much ist lost if the experiment fails. If those items sell nevertheless we can say that there is a significant amount of people desiring legal content and only went with ripped content due to the lack of alternatives. Give them the opportunity to buy legally and they may do.

  4. While I am delighted to see another great creator come to Kitely (I wondered why Lilith stopped by my region a month or so ago), I have to point out to Mariah that this is yet another article you published without revealing the RL name of the creator. When I approached you to let you know I had made over 300 USD and 50,000+KC in my time at the Kitely Marketplace you declined to run the story without disclosing my RL identity.

    With respect, Lilith has done nothing notable in virtual worlds outside of SL besides listing 3 items. It seems the bigger names are allowed to sidestep your editorial standards. It would seem to me that the bigger the name, the greater need for transparency.

    So I have to ask, why the double standard?

    • I didn’t quote Lilith Heart in the story. I quoted Ilan, under his real name.

      The reason I ran this story is because Heart Botanicals is a major brand name, and a brand often cited when people talk about piracy in OpenSim.

      The goal of Hypergrid Business is to demonstrate that virtual worlds aren’t just for games, that there are serious applications for them – in business, in education, for non-profits. As part of that, we use real names, and real photos of people, whenever humanly possible.

      Of course, we’re not the only game in town — plenty of other online publications don’t have this policy. Plus, we set up a comment section so that real names aren’t required, and people are welcome to post relevant links to their own stores on Kitely Market.

      (As a side note, Heart Botanicals is a brand I personally have experience with, since a lily pad I had accidentally picked up in a reputable freebie store turned out to be pirated. The freebie store — and the grid it was on — had long since addressed the issue, and removed the offending items, but I still had a copy of it in an OAR export that I uploaded to the Kitely grid. It was extremely embarrassing for both me and Kitely when this became public, and taught me a very valuable lesson about checking the provenance of items!)

      • So…. if the person is quoted this disclosure rule applies, but if not it is inconsequential? Surely if the objective is to present
        virtual worlds as a whole as “business-worthy” then the objective is to name each business owner you feature, regardless if you are quoting them or not? I don’t see how the inclusion of a quote tips the scale in one direction or the other.

        But if that is indeed the case then maybe we were at crossed purposes last time we spoke. I was not looking for a store exposé or anything like that. I would have been perfectly happy to have never been quoted or talked about anything in the article. In fact, I would have preferred that. It was you that wanted/requested quotes and suchlike. I just wanted to spread some positive news for my adoptive grid. Call me nuts, but I thought the fact “Merchant makes nearly 600 USD in Kitely” might have been somehow newsworthy.

        • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

          well, you may, or may not be, nuts….but you sure seem to have a valid point, regardless-))))

        • I’ve quoted Ilan in several articles saying that merchants have been earning “hundreds of dollars a month” in Kitely.

          And I would LOVE to have merchants go on the record talking about this stuff. In any grid, not just Kitely.

          But I want to quote a real person talking about it. (Again, there are plenty of other outlets out there — this is just me!)

          The way I see it is, say I was writing a story about McDonalds and their latest earnings report. I would have no problem saying that, say, McDonalds has outlets in such-and-such countries. That’s easy enough to check.

          But if I’m going to cite actual figures, I want to be able to attribute them to credible sources. So, for example, I might quote their annual reports to the SEC. Or I might quote their CEO, Don Thompson, or their CFO, Peter Bensen. But I’m not going to quote Ronald McDonald, because he’s a fictional character.

          Now, if Don Thompson adopts the name “Ronald McDonald” for business purposes — the way, say, that movie stars and musicians often change their names — then I might quote Thompson under that name.

          But too often, it seems that in virtual worlds, people use avatar names not for the marketing of their real identity, but to hide their real identity. So, for example, everyone knows who Madonna is. She isn’t using that name to remain anonymous, but to better promote herself as a brand. If a business magazine interviews her, they might quote her as Madonna, or they might quote her as Madonna Louise Ciccone, but either way, everyone knows exactly who they’re talking about.

          It gets even more confusing in virtual worlds when an avatar is used by several people — say, a shop hires multiple employees to embody a particular avatar in order to have a consistent sales experience for customers. The way that McDonalds hires lots of different actors to wear the clown outfit.

          I’m sure this will all shake out over time. But, right now, since many people still think virtual worlds are just games, I want to err on the side of “no, this is real people, real businesses, and real money.”

          • ilan@kitely.com' Ilan Tochner says:

            Hi Maria,

            Would a quote from me confirming how much Ozwell’s store has made in Kitely Market so far be sufficient to enable the story to be posted in Hypergrid Business?

          • I would LOVE detailed commerce statistics. And I’m sure other merchants considering Kitely would, too!

            Second Life used to publish these — how many people made over X a month, how many people made over Y a month, what the top-selling products are, etc…

            If these numbers are high, that’s great, but even if they’re low starting out that would be very useful, as well, if you could track the growth over time.

            Right now, no grid releases these numbers. If Kitely does, it would set itself apart dramatically.

            And any specifics about individual merchants (with their permission) would be fantastic, as well!

          • ilan@kitely.com' Ilan Tochner says:

            I’ve just checked the numbers Ozwell mentioned for his Kitely Market store. As of right now, his store’s sales volume in items sold for USD is close to $540 and its sales volume for items sold for Kitely Credits is close to 57,000 KC. This adds up to a current sales volume of about $825 in value (buying KC at undiscounted rates).

          • Oh cool, that surprises even me 🙂 I knew it had gone up since the topic last was raised, but I didnt want to risk overstating it.

            Its difficult to keep track without a quick way to export a csv *hint hint* =)

          • ilan@kitely.com' Ilan Tochner says:

            It’s one of the features on our roadmap. In the meantime you can see aggregated payout information for USD sales (including cleared and withheld money) in your Store Payouts page (which is accessible from the Manage Store page).

          • To come clean over my reservations regarding RL identity, the one and only sticking point is the fact that I am an aspiring RL 3D designer, and for better or worse virtual worlds currently carry the stigma of “amateur” and “possible sexual freak”. I certainly don’t rule out moving into adult items when conditions in the market improve.

            I hate that stigma as much as anyone else, but If I go to an interview with my portfolio, I am sorry to say that at this point nothing I have ever done thus far Virtual Worlds would feature. Its a sure-fire ticket to awkward questions and implied assumptions.

            “So Mr Wayfarer, you like to dress up as a tree-man-thing in your spare time, tell us a little more about that….” Furries know exactly what I am talking about here.

            Its not just the general public that think this way, many industry people do too. Paradoxically, it is exactly your observation of “right now, since many people still think virtual worlds are just games” that is the problem here, for me at least.

            If this was my main breadwinner, then I would have no problem giving you all the details in the world, heck, you could probably even come over to my house and party.

            But, sadly its not, and the real world currently takes quite a dim view of us virtual people. From professional considerations alone, that is enough for me to want to maintain a firewall.

          • I understand — I hear this a lot! And it’s a chicken-and-egg situation. Until more people come out as doing real things in virtual worlds, there will continue to be a stigma. And while there’s a stigma, people will continue to be reluctant to come out.

            One thing I would recommend, for those people for whom this is practical, is to separate their personal virtual world activity from their business side.

            So, for example, there’s nothing wrong with listing “3D building designer” on your resume. I am certainly public with everything I do that relates to virtual worlds.

            But if you also engage in weird sexual fetishes (and I’m not saying whether I do or don’t!), keep those under separate avatars and just keep that identity private.

            Again, I don’t know if it’s practical in your case or not.

            But switching to a new platform is as good an opportunity to make the change, as any.

            So, for example, someone known as XXXSuperCreepy TreeSex in Second Life, can create a new avatar as, say, Adam Jones (or whatever their name is) in Kitely, open up the Jones Virtual Apparel and Building Shop, and in the description point out that you’re selling legally licensed copies of stuff from Second Life’s XXXSuperCreepy TreeSex guy.

            And, on your resume, list the shop as selling “3D environments for virtual corporate meetings and other designs” where you might, say, have one virtual meeting space and the “other designs” being the creepy tree sex stuff.

            The reason to do this is that if you believe, like I do, that eventually we’re all going to be doing stuff in immersive 3D, then years of experience in 3D design will be a plus on anyone’s resume, no matter what field they work in.

          • haha, “XXXSuperCreepy TreeSex” I like it. Maybe thats what I will call my adult product range 😉

            I don’t do anything besides build in virtual space, but like I said its peoples assumptions that work against you. My avatar is a rather well toned Dryad. I just like Dryads.

            “But its a virtual world, like second life, so it MUST be a sex thing, right? What else do people do there? Oh, you build……but you have a lot of sex too, right?”

            I have had plenty of these conversations. Personally, i believe it tells you more about the general public than people who use virtual worlds, but there you go. In an interview situation, listing “3D building designer” just is not going to cut it. Potential employers want dates, facts, figures. What platform? What design program? Architectural or game design? realtime or rendered environments? the list goes on.

            Then there is also the point that SL failed for big business and the whole world knows this.There is the assumption (and this is harsh, so I stress here that this is NOT my personal opinion) that you are designing in virtual worlds because you cant cut it elsewhere. To be fair, my RL friends are often impressed, but only after you show them the money. Thats all most people need to prescribe respect to something these days, sadly. But those numbers are not going to impress many people outside of your circle of friends and family.

            Like I said before, if people could derive real meaningful incomes from creation in virtual worlds I think many more would be happy to have their RL identities known, as they wouldn’t have to chase “serious jobs”, because virtual world creation would essentially be their job. We are kind of stuck in the middle of being important enough for the IRS to care, but not big-time enough to be considered anything above hobbyists by the industry.

            Sadly at this point, its better to just not go there.

            I think the day most of us will be happy to take off the mask is when a platform (and I doubt it will be SL or OS) gains more social acceptance. That day when we can turn round to our friends and say “Ha! Whos the weirdo now?”………it might take a while yet.

            ….but don’t quote me on that 😉

          • That’s actually the nice thing about OpenSim — nobody’s heard of it, so no “Second Life stigma” attached!

            You can just say, “I make 3D content using Blender (or whatever) and internal building tools for OpenSim, an open source platform for creating immersive virtual environments backed by IBM and Intel.”

          • Hmmm. Kinda, maybe but not really IMHO 🙂

            It only takes a quick Google and it doesn’t help when certain websites dedicated to Opensim *cough cough* regularly feature SL related news. But as I said in the comments of another article, its good for both platforms that a synergistic relationship exists. It enables content creators to jump between worlds fairly painlessly, and the process is improving all the time.

            But that’s also why I don’t think were going to see mainstream acceptance on this platform. I hate to sound like a pessimist, but I think we have fallen too far behind the curve in so many areas. The reset button needs to be hit. Mr. Rosedale knows this.

            It might be practical for someone exclusively OS based, but that’s not me.

  5. kissmyassyoubastard@gmail.com' $92909390 says:

    Well now one issue she has is a huge amount of competition from herself.
    All that involuntary donations of her content all over the metaverse.
    Wising her the best while I fear the worst due to the freebie mentality opensim laid its foundation on.
    It will be a success the marketplace.. for Kitely and its proprietary on demand technology ..while killing other grids inworld commerce & loss of revenue from land sales.. Indeed a sign of things to come.
    I believe just like second life helped fuel its own competition by making its viewer available any grid of a commercial nature that allows business with kitely will suffer from the same fate …. Kitely grows stronger while weaking the other grids.
    I do hope all works out well only time will tell indeed.

    • I believe a lot of other grids will be STRENGHTENED by this. My company grid, Hyperica, for example, will now be able to buy legitimate content instead of me having to make everything from scratch. (Because I suck as a builder!)

      The grids that suffer are those that have a business model based on renting land to merchants, but that’s a small fraction of the grids out there.

  6. kissmyassyoubastard@gmail.com' $92909390 says:

    Sorry not everyone will see Kitely they way you might like or agree with him but to make it public the thread here means you have to understand some will provide valid challenges to disagree

    • Sorry, I don’t know what you’re referring to here, either. Feel free to provide a link to where this issue was discussed on other sites.

      I personally haven’t received any complaints from merchants who couldn’t get their products approved on Kitely Market — they should feel free to email me directly at [email protected].

      I *have* received complaints about, say, their new pricing, or how long its taking them to get on the hypergrid. (And have written about both of these issues.)

    • lmpierce@alcancemas.com' lmpierce says:

      Hi SoftPaws,

      As moderator I deleted two of your posts. Please refer to our discussion guidelines which were recently implemented (the link is at the bottom of this page). If you like, email me directly and we can discuss specifics: [email protected]

      • kissmyassyoubastard@gmail.com' $92909390 says:

        Hi Impierce,

        Well thank you but its my convection the post was valid if you choose then just ‘quote’ my comment then publicly point out were this violation and it show more transparency=) Just a suggestion..
        Maybe others are unaware?

        Otherwise it will just be seen as an attempt to intimidate those who do not share this forums approved thinking but that is just
        my god giving opinion…

        • lmpierce@alcancemas.com' lmpierce says:

          The reason I don’t explicitly point out the issues in a comment as part of the discussion is that reprinting a comment that is contrary to the discussion guidelines rebroadcasts and compounds the original problematic post. In other words, if it wasn’t appropriate to appear in the first place, it’s also not appropriate to reprint it. As noted, however, I’m available for reviewing these issues outside of specific discussions, and in that case I could be specific with you and quote the parts in question.

  7. services@farworldz.com' Gaga says:

    I think this is great, another brand lands in Kitely and that means properly licensed goods that were available in Second Life are now available in Opensim grids and the one thing I know for sure is I can prove my purchase using Kitely as the market place to buy these branded goods. I will be a lot more comfortable now knowing I can prove license whether it be from a reputable freebie site like Opensim Creations or a commercial site like Kitely. In the past I was much against web Market place sites because the SL MP certainly helped kill off much of the inworld trading and I know that first hand but with Opensim grids I think it is the safest way to get properly licensed goods now especially if you have account records which is certainly the case with a Kitely account.

    I am just waiting for Kitely to finally enable Hypergrid but as a beta tester of the MP delivery system I am confident it will all happen very soon. We just need more branded goods available so bring it on!

    • kissmyassyoubastard@gmail.com' $92909390 says:

      Very sure one day your going to be your going to be rewarded for all your work 🙂 .. I can feel it .. best wish’s to you old friend
      Make a wish.. 🙂

      • services@farworldz.com' Gaga says:

        Sure, thanks for the best wishes. I wish for the free Metaverse to grow and get stronger and for everyone to benefit and have a jolly good time. Love Love Love. Is all you need!

  8. fleure@techie.com' Fleure Darknight says:

    i am glad i found this website because i didn’t even know u coild get hearts stuff in opensim this is great and its legal i was just reading over the license. hope to see more content.

  9. d.t.matrix@icloud.com' Dot says:

    The (infamous) lilies have just been made available on Kitely Market: http://www.kitely.com/market/product/3521994/Heart-Nymphaea-Water-Lily-Arrangements-With-Sword

    Thanks, Lilith! They are lovely. 🙂

  10. joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

    I can see the future of more commercial grids popping up to join to price tag game, The free Market is less and less Opensim creators are not placing there creations for Free. Once the bugs of greed are exposed and the simple way of just placing it for free will go away. As we see the future of opensims becoming many mini SL’s. Licenses are not all that dependable as many countries don’t recognize many of the virtual laws in place. There is a lot of people who claim there all for a Free openism but look at them close, They talk on the left side of there mouth. As I do not see this happening any time soon being opensims runs on a skeleton crew compared to the Home grid SL. This is just another reason opensims will shy more SL creators away. Many already talking in SL that just makes there creations more accessible to the shady type. I do think there is a valid reason Heart brought a few items into the kitley market though. Being she brought the most copied items, Thinking maybe the 100’s may delete the Take Copy version and replace it with the paid version. Lets looks at a better picture, A new person comes into opensims, They look around over the HG system and stumble upon a few tress’s with the Take Copy option. Then hear of a marketplace that has the same for big money. One don’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure out which that new person will take. There is a lot more ways but that’s just 1. Introducing a paid opensim as 1 fella is trying to impose for his own self recognition is very humorous at best. Personally I know where this is going, As history shows us nothing more powerful than money, Soon the word Free Metaverse will be a thing of the past.