OSgrid down, Zetamex offers early migration to ZetaWorlds

Update 8/21: OSgrid Dan Banner posted an announcement saying, “OSgrid has suffered a critical failure in one of the primary drives in our RAID10 array. This is a matter of the gravest technical concern, and while we are working diligently with our datacenter services provider to resolve this issue without data loss, it is imperative that utmost care be directed at this process. This means that it will take time to resolve; even time and the greatest of care are not guarantees that we will come through it without data loss. Consequently, the grid is offline at present, and will be until we can get this issue resolved. We will do our best to keep everyone up to date on the issue and its resolution as we go forward, but please understand that no news is good news, and that we will have the recovery operation as our first priority until some disposition of the issue has been achieved.”

Update: OSgrid was still down Wednesday morning, but with a new status update: “The techs are working on the server attempting to get the RAID [asset storage] rebuilt, they have not said how long this might take.”

OSgrid went down unexpectedly yesterday with no communication other than a terse Twitter announcement yesterday, followed by an update earlier today that the part of the grid’s RAID storage that handles assets has been lost.

There was no information about how long the downtime was expected to last.

OSgrid is one of the largest and most popular grids running on the OpenSim software. It is also the oldest grid, and, more crucially, the main development grid for OpenSim.

OSgrid celebrated its seventh birthday this summer. (Image courtesy OSgrid.)

OSgrid celebrated its seventh birthday this summer. (Image courtesy OSgrid.)

Community reaction has been varied.

David Daeschler

David Daeschler

David Daeschler, co-founder and CTO of the competing InWorldz grid, offered his help.

“If you could use any assistance at all don’t hesitate to give me a shout,” he said in a Tweet yesterday. Daschler is also known as Tranquillity Dexler in-world and on Twitter.

Others reacted with snark to the OSgrid Tweet which said “Grid is currently offline, no ETA at this time. Sorry folks!”

Thank goodness I stocked up on ETA at the store this weekend,” Tweeted SecondLie.

Other users took to Twitter and Google Plus communities like OpenSim Virtual and the OSGrid community to look for more information.

One company, Las Vegas-based OpenSim hosting vendor Zetamex, took the opportunity to offer early access to its planned ZetaWorlds grid.

“ZetaWorlds offers almost all the same feature as OSgrid,” said Zetamex president Timothy Rogers in a letter to customers. That includes hypergrid connectivity to other grids, free accounts, free uploads, unfiltered OAR region and IAR inventory uploads and downloads. The grid will also have its own proprietary backend improvements, he said.

“We are not hear to replace OSgrid or Metropolis in this market, as we do not allow home connected regions to allow us better control over the grid to make sure things remain stable and controllable,” he added.

OSgrid and Metropolis are both open grids, allowing users to connect regions that they run at home. These regions are often only up part-time, and may be running on underpowered computers over slow residential Internet connections.

Zetamex customers who currently have regions on OSgrid that they can’t access can also choose to move those regions over to Metropolis, he said.

Metropolis has a larger German population than OSgrid, but also runs stable, official distributions of OpenSim instead of cutting-edge development code.

Zetamex currently offers the choice of connecting regions to OSgrid, Metropolis, and Pillars of Mist  and has just added ZetaWorlds to the list of choices for both its low-cost regions and its standard simulator plans.

Zetamex itself will be having some downtime as well — the company has announced scheduled maintenance for the entire day of August 25.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

52 Responses

  1. hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

    osgrid being down is a non-event.
    It’s a testing grid; sometimes tests fail.
    There’s always sim on a stick or metropolis grid for your home-based sim-owning needs until they come back.

  2. godisinthewind@yahoo.ca' Birch Wind says:

    The big issue was lack of communication. I don’t have a financially vested interest in OSGrid but I do have two sims there and having nothing other than one ‘sorry folks’ tweet in a 24 hour period was a bit frustrating. Happily I have a home in Metro too, (with InWorldz being my main home) so there was no withdrawal 😉

  3. me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

    It should be noted, this is EARLY ACCESS. ZetaWorlds is not ready for prime time just yet its in testing. The back-end is there, just our user interface tools are being completed and the site being finished. The ONLY reason we sent it via EMAIL to our customers instead of blogging is so we can move existing customers over to it till things are stable. If you need a grid that is stable and commercial, I suggest going to http://kitely.com/ and registering an account.

    • godisinthewind@yahoo.ca' Birch Wind says:

      Inworldz is stable and commercial too – with great content (I’m biased – it’s my full time home) Metropolis is good also and has regions for 29 Euro/month single or varregion. Lots of options. 🙂

      • me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

        Oh I agree InWorldz is a good commercial grid. The only reason I listed Kitely is they are hypergrid enabled and commercial and as far as I know they are the only grid to have done that successfully so far. Metropolis is a great choice if you want a free and open grid, and their staff is amazing and they are all very intelligent. Metropolis is still my favorite open to connect grid.

    • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

      Yea, after Metropolis, Kitely, hands down, for the best innovations in a commercial environment.

  4. me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

    It should be noted, this is EARLY ACCESS. ZetaWorlds is not ready for
    prime time just yet its in testing. The back-end is there, just our user
    interface tools are being completed and the site being finished. The
    ONLY reason we sent it via EMAIL to our customers instead of blogging is
    so we can move existing customers over to it till things are stable. If
    you need a grid that is stable and commercial, I suggest going to Kitely and registering an account.

  5. amy88smith@yahoo.com' Lani Global says:

    It is quite rare for OSGrid to be down. But servers and disks do fail occasionally in any internet system. There have been very few OSGrid outages over the past serveral years, but the grid’s management and techs have always fixed it and things went back to normal again.

    • me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

      Oh I completely agree, it has been almost a 2 years since large downtime has occurred for OSgrid. It is a very rare sight to see this go down at this scale.

      • sjatkins@mac.com' Samantha Atkins says:

        The point is in a decently run database dependent system there is no real excuse for any data loss more than a day at most and for being down more than a day. We really need to be sure, those of us who care about osgrid being there, that this is so going forward. It isn’t that hard. It may take some donations and donations of tech time.

    • amy88smith@yahoo.com' Lani Global says:

      “OSGrid temporary outage brings grid-sharks circling” 🙂

      • merries59@gmail.com' Merrie Schonbach says:

        Lani perhaps I should put some sharks in my beach region 🙂 Yes I am offering folks a place to come to on Pillars of Mist I certainly hope the community does not see me as a shark. LOL I don’t have a shark avatar. *Hums* Wonder if I should consider one. All in good humor Lani!

      • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

        yea, but these occasional grid wars mean nothing…it always boils down to just a handful who drown out the others and who have nothing better to do…or, folx from commercial grids with agendas.

        but it will all quiet down soon….

  6. fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

    Opensim was a great thing but when we go for long term projects one must choose wisely – That is why I started investing loads of time and money on a professional opensim platform – Kitely and soon will launch a 16 Sims London, already started

    • me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

      I want to point out that yes Kitely is a professional platform, however the issue is not opensim’s fault The issue was a hardware failure unrelated to anything opensim at all, the server with the raid failure didn’t even run opensim at all. It ran SARS which is a third party Ruby server that handles assets, that you can use instead of running opensim’s default asset server that tends to choke as it gets big. That being said, it is not about the platform, but the provider. Make sure whomever you go with does backups, and never just on-site or 1 off-site. I am the owner of Zetamex and we use 3 places to backup, all are full copies of our entire infrastructure, we use Amazon, Google, and CrashPlan all to backup ALL our data so in the even something like this happens, we just say “just pop in new hardware, we will restore” instead of where OSgrid is having to cross fingers and repair data and hope its all there.

      • fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

        I wish you the best for Zetamex and I hope OsGrid soon comes up but the Users base can be ruthless and leave at first troubles, the fact is that it is down and Kitely has never gone down like that – There is always a hardware or software reason for every bug but a professional Grid must be able to Backup even more, I speak for me that need reliable service with events scheduled and many land investment

        • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

          >but the Users base can be ruthless and leave at first troubles, the fact
          is that it is down and Kitely has never gone down like that –

          Promoting Kitely is fine, but spreading “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt” is not.
          This is not the article to do the former, and please refrain from doing the latter.
          Thank you.

      • geir.noklebye@dayturn.com' Geir Nøklebye says:

        Even though OSGrid is a test grid, your production database(s) and the file system for them is probably the only place where you don’t want to skimp on resources or use untested solutions. I checked the SRAS source repository and it had not received any updates for about a year. Hopefully the developer is still around to help them.

        • me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

          Well the reason SRAS hasn’t received much updating is because it hasn’t really been needed because assets are still saved the same exact way. Opensim assets haven’t changed much at all, I personally have made my own tweaks to for newer version of ruby. But honestly there is no need to update it as it is fully functional and opensim still is doing assets the same way.

          The only thing SRAS could have added, is the HGAssets permission but robust can control that pretty well using the inventory control for hg.

          • geir.noklebye@dayturn.com' Geir Nøklebye says:

            I understand that. I am still skeptical of trusting production data to storage systems that have a very limited distribution and may be dependent on less than a handful of developers. I hope the PGSQL option will get some more love so it stops being a bleeding edge option as PostgreSQL has a lot of qualities over MySQL that makes it more robust for production environments.

          • me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

            Oh it has by me and Oliver of Oliver Lands. We originally developed the module for opensim to use. I personally use both PGSQL and MariaDB with TokuDB for better results. We even have our own de-duplicated asset server that is built into opensimulator, it was never taken into the code base because we never made a tool to go in and de-duplicate the existing assets because that is something that could crash a lot of servers a query like that. You can find it here on oliver lands github. I can’t post the link because this post will be moderated goo.gl/hwYPzN so remove the dash in front of the link.

          • geir.noklebye@dayturn.com' Geir Nøklebye says:

            So if I understand you correct, you have done some good development on the asset server with support for PostgreSQL that has not made it into the official distribution? If that is the case what can be done to promote your work into the distro to make it more solid and scalable? – I have no idea how that process works – so anyone?

          • me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

            The PostgreSQL support is already in the lastest version of opensim, all I am stating is the code Fernando worked on that contains the better de-duplicating asset server part was never adopted back in. But the PostgreSQL is in the code base just not his new de-duplication system that helps manage assets better.

          • geir.noklebye@dayturn.com' Geir Nøklebye says:

            How solid do you think the PostgreSQL support is as I would like to switch over if it holds water? (Wiki says it is bleeding edge…)

          • me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

            Honestly I been using it for several regions, and it has double the performance, when me and fernando were working on it we got some crazy test results both OARs and IARs both load like 4x-6x faster. Granted Fernando made a tool for converting but never had much luck with it. But, migrating regions too it is very simple, just save OARs and reload them. As far as the grid part, that’s where it is tricky, if you look at his personal github you can attempt to use his tool, but like I said I haven’t had much luck getting it work sadly.

          • geir.noklebye@dayturn.com' Geir Nøklebye says:

            Sounds like I have a little project ahead of me, hehe

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            ^This is an example of valid, detail criticism which ARE appropriate for both the situation and the conversation. Certain Other People in this comment section should read this sub-thread and take notes.

    • susannah.avonside@gmail.com' Susannah Avonside says:

      Opensim still is a great thing. It is also worth reiterating that OSGrid has never presented itself as anything other that a test grid for OpenSim with the concomitant risks that things might not work, or might break. Sensible people approach this risk by either ensuring that they back up their work, or that they only upload that they can afford to lose. That rule is also good for any commercial grid as they can just as likely fail. go bankrupt or use any of the other ruses that the commercial capitalist world uses to avoid liability.

      With OSGrid and other open source projects there is no warranty, implicit of implied, and it is the user who takes on the responsibility when they started using the software, often produced by an amazing community of people who deserve far more credit, (and perhaps be able to make a decent living from what they do) and who will often go that extra mile to help solve issues. To me it appears that the open source community promises very little but delivers by the truckload, whilst the closed source, commercial world promises the earth, but delivers very little in reality, and that’s after they have reduced our bank accounts considerably.

      If I was to embark on an important project, I would ensure that it resided on my own equipment. No offence to anyone, but I don’t trust anything that important to anyone but myself, and in any eventuality, the liability of any hosting service would likely only be limited to a refund of the time lost whilst the servers were down anyway, as it’s likely that it would be impossible to value anyone’s creations objectively.

  7. Carlos – you do realise that Kitely is Opensim as well right? Surely you also realise that OSGgrid is a test grid only and not “a professional grid” as you stated. It’s primary purpose is to test Opensim software and in so doing provides a FREE no guarantees or warranties offered or implied (probably the same as Kitely as well) for people to connect their own regions to.

    It doesn’t charge for this, nor does it advertise itself as being a “professional” or commercial grid, so I would say that either you are ill-informed, naive or deliberately trying to knock OSGrid and shamelessly promote Kitely because your future project is going to be based there – in any case it isn’t helping the situation at all.

    • ilan@kitely.com' Ilan Tochner says:

      Hi Justin,

      I completely agree that OSGrid is an important test grid for OpenSim development versions. It’s crucial that people continue to use it (once it’s back online) so new bugs can be found and fixed during OpenSim’s development process.

      Just to clarify some things about Kitely:

      1) Kitely is based on the latest OpenSim release (not the bug-prone development branch) and includes more than 400 proprietary patches (some of which comprising of several thousands lines of code) that significantly improve on regular OpenSim in stability, performance, and correctness (things work more like people expect them to).

      2) Kitely uses various proprietary systems that are much more robust than the open-source alternatives other grids use (e.g. Kitely developed its own distributed cloud-based Inventory and Asset systems).

      3) Kitely stores multiple dynamic backups in multiple data centers, and it can restart the entire service from those backups to any one of those data centers within minutes. This makes it significantly less likely that Kitely can be affected by the type of hardware problem that is now causing OSGrid’s downtime.

  8. hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

    Your case is not valid, rather your post and rhetoric are disproportionate to the situation, and that disproportionate fear-mongering is not warranted in an otherwise professional conversation.

    You have no interest in osgrid, beyond using it as a launching point to boost kitely while simultaenously tearing down osgrid over matters it never even claims to support (your alleged “long term investments”).

    I respectfully ask that you cease your inappropriate fear-mongering.
    Thank you, and have a nice day.

    • lmpierce@alcancemas.com' lmpierce says:

      Hi all,

      Please keep in mind that all views are permitted as long as they do not violate the discussion guidelines.

  9. bagman1673@look.ca' bagman says:

    The asset server should been have moved to a cloud years ago already, and the code needs to be ported to a more robust platform (JBoss, EJB). The non-profit business model is questionable, at best. OSG users seem to be under the impression that this is a stable platform upon which a second-life type community can be built, while it is, in fact, a platform for doing some kind of informal testing of opensim code. And I really do not understand what sort of useful software testing can be done in such a way. Just do stuff with it and see what has been broken in this build? Have we never heard of functional testing? Opensim development seems to be circling the bowl.

    I have not been able to retrieve my inventory for months when attached to OSGrid, unless I visit a plaza. Nor have I been able to tp from my region unless I go through a plaza. Based on continuing awful asset server performance, I took a precautionary IAR a little while ago, and I do a daily backup of my mysql database. After it became obvious after a couple of days the osg server was toast, I started a hypergrid enabled standalone and restored my inventory. If the grid comes back up, I will connect and try to pick up the gaps in my inventory. After that, I may or may not reconnect. It could be OSGrid has simply outlived its usefulness.

    • geir.noklebye@dayturn.com' Geir Nøklebye says:

      We clan only speculate if moving the asset server to a cloud service would have prevented this failure. If it is a pure raid crash without a restore point from secondary media, then most likely a more professional data center operation would have brought back the system live in relatively short time.

      If it is, however as I suspect, software corruption of database records that have made the main asset database inconsistent to the point were recovery is very difficult, then a cloud service would not have helped much at all.

      What bugs me, after learning about the SRAS software used for the asset service (see below), is that on THE test grid they are not using, and thereby not testing the full functionality of what is shipped in the release distribution.
      I thought the entire idea was to put every nook and cranny of the opensim release distribution through its paces on a big test grid, but for the asset server something else – some piece of software that is mentioned with a link somewhere in the wiki is put through the test.
      Everyone who have experienced and observed SecondLife over time knows that the asset database is the achilles heel of that grid, something that is also true for any opensim grid.

      What I am saying above is; it would be good if the developers tell us if the distributed asset service in opensim is not good enough or tested enough to scale a grid, hence the need for a third party product. And if it does not scale, where is the break-over point?

      I have not had the case that I could not retrieve my data without having to go to one of the Plazas, but I have had to send quite a few people there for whom their inventories would not load elsewhere. What I have observed through, is that textures typically, no longer can be retrieved from the asset server and will have to be replaced. This is most likely a consequence of the SRAS software which I understand store the textures on the file system with pointers to the files from the database.

      Yesterday I converted my standalone where I had more or less a current mirror of the OSGrid sims, but of course not my entire inventory. I was also able to retrieve terrain edits that I did not have copies of from my local grid database and apply them to the standalone. Then the standalone was converted to grid mode.

      I am a bit hesitant to take it public till I know exactly what happened. I may try and convert it to PostgreSQL first before doing so, but I am not sure if the PGSQL code is sufficiently tested and supported.

      I certainly hope they manage to get the grid back up running, even with loss of data.

    • susannah.avonside@gmail.com' Susannah Avonside says:

      How on earth is the non-profit business model quastionable? It’s capitalism with it’s constant greed that is questionalble – not the non-profit model. Even given that drivel, it has absolutely nothing to do with the present problems with OS Grid. All of those of us who are regualar users of OS Grid are well aware that it is a test grid running experimental server code and is thus likely to be a little unstable at times. We know this. Personally I hope you do set up your own little domain and never retuern to OS Grid. It’s not perferct, and all of us grunmble about the asset server. Loading times will be slow and will not work that well in regions that are not Plaza regions due to the very distributed nature of OpenSIm. Sure, things could be better, and I’m sure that given the latest huge problem with the asset server that something pretty major will now be done about this issue.

      OS Grid will never outlive it’s usefullness so long as there are people who realise that covering costs is all that is needed, and not some rapacious obsession with making money as the overarching driving force.

  10. susannah.avonside@gmail.com' Susannah Avonside says:

    Anyone connecting to OS Grid, fully realises that those running the grid have no obligations whatsoever towards it’s users. That said however, those running OS Grid do have tremendous good will towards users, and I’m sure will do their utmost to resolve things. None of us enters OS Grid blind, (or we at least shouldn’t) and all of us have the option of making our own inventory backups whenever we want.

    Even given the status of OS Grid as a test grid run by a group of volunteers, and we as users, have the status of unpaid testers, (many of us even pay for the privilege) the ‘customer service’ we get is far superior that that commercialised grid run by Linden Labs.

    Ultimately, as we all know, in the capitalist world there is no comeback for such things as poor customer service, even though that corrupt system likes to present the illusion that all is well, and that guarantees are in place. There is only one steadfast, sure rule with anything in this nature, and that is caveat emptor.

    My response to you was hardly ‘hysterical’ though this comment of yours is unduly chauvanistic – but not surprising. Your ‘honest criticism’ is nothing of the sort, as it was a criticism of something that just isn’t the case – OS Grid does not, and has never given any guarantees – like most open source projects maintain, ‘if it breaks you get to keep both pieces’.

  11. sjatkins@mac.com' Samantha Atkins says:

    What the heck? Didn’t this start back in mid August? Are there no backups of the databases? If not then why not? What is needed and how many donations to have full replication of the databases when it does come back up with offsite spooling? I am very unpleasantly surprised that this apparently was not how things were done before. If they had been this would have been resolved with in one day max. At the least they would be up with very little if any data loss. Instead it has been over three weeks and counting.

    • geir.noklebye@dayturn.com' Geir Nøklebye says:

      Not to be a doomer, but most likely it is all gone. I am rather surprised there is no restore point to revert to it seems.

    • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

      well, they are a non-profit living on donations which likely are never enough to do the primary things, let alone desired things that cost money they likely do not have…done by volunteers, and it is, after all is said and done, and as is stated clearly, a test grid.

      most everyone, i would imagine, knows the pitfalls of being attached to a grid which has simulators running on dev releases to flush out any issues….

      but in any case, those ppl who do their own oars and iars regularly have no problems afaik, many have just run up their own hg enabled simulators or temporarily [some maybe permanently] attached their simulators to grids such as Metropolis, Zetaworlds, and even Craft-World recently announced a softening of their rules to allow attaching.

      I have noted a rather large increase in activity in Metropolis which has welcomed with open arms past users as well as new in the true spirit of the free Metaversum, and even added a server to help with the influx.

      I suspect Kitely has likely seen more activity also since their pricing and enhancements not found in any other commercialized OS places, along with their hypergate enabling, and being a stable grid mode place, might seem more an option to some, also.

      In any case, it is not all that serious, really, and the sky is not falling…give any commercially run grid-mode that has gone down for whatever amount of time and ppl start running around like chickens with their heads cut off, this is much simpler.

      just a passing imo…lol

      • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

        edit: I don’t think zetaworlds allows attaching one’s own simulators, but i do think they allow oars, and I am positive Tim will correct me on any particulars…lol

        • bluestar@avacar.net' Avacar Bluestar says:

          I heard Christina suggest that the zetamex rates for zetaworld regions allow one oar restore per region. and you are correct on no self-hosted sims.

          • that is correct, i did say that however i am unsure if tim allows for the cheap $3 to $7.50 sim renters to load a oar or if he only allows oar loading from zadaroo. I know the $15 and up sim rentals do allow oar loading and backups.

  12. lobowolfy@starmedia.com' FJJB says:

    Gretings All. Apart of that OSgrid continue down (and in a norma cases after 20 days was passed enough time for solved this trouble and restart again). i use the moment for let us the opinion after read all yours and i want in some way “make a call of attention” not only to the people that managment OSGrid also to another people that in my opinion are a bit “wrong” or is excesivelly polite withthe OSGrid Team.

    Of course not is my wish create a bad critic in the worse way, only explain my opinion as part of my experience and way to hink abut OSgrid Opensim and in general all inthe life related with computers in special.

    I am old user of SL ,yes from 2008 (6 years ago) and about 1 year more later member of OSGrid and i was sse a bit of the evolution and way to management this. I disagree withthe people tha is so polite and say “not have to be upset excesivelly with OSGrid tam why OSGrid is a ‘test’ Opensim wolrd’ and they also are volunteers and not received money for their world.” why missed 3 very important things:

    1- yes OSgrid is “permanent” beta test world , a world that have 7 years of existence, but the idea of OSgrid not only was be only a betates world, also was have as goal be a good and open source alternative to SL and another way to create and raise about this virtual wolrds and al their detais, by these reason these people that management this world also was “work” for allowed also and let that people conect and link their own Virtual worlds and try have also life and activity here as in sl or another ,virtual wolrds ,, comertial or not.

    2- OSGrid have itself MORE THAN 7000 Sims created and management and storage inthe servers of OSGrid.,these demand not only a big space of storage, also more attention and control of the same world and their servers why allthese huge amount of information and data also demand more resources and work inthe server, and is clear that if only was be planed that be “a simply test or betatest world” not was leave or try that raise to thes big number of sims. and nort forget tha also have active and support Mesh and another things that is an extra demand of resources and work.
    Also we have to count tha way Hypergrid , registry ,have near of another 1500 sims, and some more not register but linked and comunicated temporally way “teleports Hypergrid”. these is more work and also demand a bit more attention, and a responsability include if you are volunteer an attention that sadly and from some years ago and more in last times not was give almost by nobody, and at the moment OSgrid was have a lot of lucky that not was have in 7 years more serious troubles that now.

    3- OSgrid have also another bad handicap, and is in good way direct result of the managers of OSgrid and also of the owners of the diferents sims. (also linked by Hypergrid), their handicap is that have more than 101200 accounts create and actives but only have a rate of 3200 users at mount, (usualy notmnore than 90-120 at day inthe very vest of the cases and of these 10 or 20 way hypergrid) these mean that we can talk a lot good of OSGrid ,but are almost in a state of abandon permanent why have excesivelly sims and almost the 99.99 % always empty , and mostly of the days include with troubles for go teleport to nothing place and move by excesivelly lag or cache full, a thing that can be cleaned without stop OSgrid or include with a restart-in-hot of regions/sims as by example have SL and we have also in Opensim.

    Anoither sample of thes “abandon” and fault of interest of the people that management OSGrid is that if you go to the web and try navigate in some pages or see tutorials or some, can find pages that need a bit of update of info and not was be updated from ¡2009 or 2010! adn sincerelly ok tha tare “volunteers” but not is so hard enter in one of these page a put something, include some setions are empthy from the first day, bad help too.
    Anmore, i fear that also the delay of this is why sadly NOBODY of these “volunteers” was made none backup of OSGrid in iars and oars (at least the oars of some of the main sims) and with these can restart OSGrid,

    And about the theme of the reason of the crash and falldown of OSgrid, well if is true , Dan Banner was tell us that “was crash one of the main disks of the server” that yes is a serious trouble , BUT OSGrid are strtorage ina server in mode RAID-10, these mean that yes is a bad trouble ,but if is only one of the HDs, exist a second with allthe information and datas complete and safe, then include if need be stoped the system for preserved these second hardisk, meanway is repaired and fixed, the way to fix is clear and more easy tha seems (At least for restart again OSgrid almost as before to the crash): buy a new HardDisk with same capacity as the broken (or if is old and not find, search 2 hard disks withsimilar capacity” and make a copy of their Hard disk with aprogram type Norton Gosht or anther ,and programs for these and for recovery datas you have in internet a lot include opensource and free, and if the trouble is “not have money for buy these hard disk” is clear: Callto people and start a donation event, and sure that inthese way can reunite the money for these hard disk/s news and sure somebody near or withphisical acces to the Servers can change these disk and make the copy and restart OSGrid again, and is much more cheap tha the money that an official technicians go to demand by the recovery of allthe system and can realize these more later and without delay so lot time.

    My apologies but for be “test world” as some explain and say and with
    this low ratio of users at day, not need more than 50-70 sims (and these
    is excesivelly) and less the excesivelly space and amount of resources
    and broadband conections that need for maintenance and run this
    “monster”. Stop now and forever f talk about “test grid world” when is
    one of the 5 more big Virtual Wolrds actives made in Opensim, and if i
    remeber well in teh opensimulator web inthe grid list we see a list of
    almost 200 and have to include to these list and alwo we have to count
    anothers worlds tha not are show inthe list as Kitelly and others, Then,
    please a bit of common sense and callthe things withtheir name and give
    the interest teh value and the relvance tha we have.

    Sorry if i was seems excesivelly rude, i know that a situation not is onfy for nobody and less (imagine) to the managermets of OSgrid, but as i was explain the situation have ways for solved more easy and fast that the time that are all stopped and seem , that not is more a question of hardest or technicians or “be volunteers” and yes a questionof a NULL interest of restart the System. and is a thing that include some time ago was be coment include for people of another virtual worlds, and one of the mau in reasons that they was try create their own Opesim grids or migrate to another places ,include when not was closed their accounts.

    Only a last detail,,, when i try log to OSgrid ,me as all people, see the “status” window in the login screen and not only say me “offline” also sayme that except the last 2 days was have permanently conect to OSgrid 9-10 users. if the main HArdisk are off the infohave to say ZERO users connect. why logically the grid info services have to be also OFF and not give none information, a bit strange , not?

    Sincerelly i hope OSgrid back to the normality, deserve more than this why is also an important thing and point of relevance in Opensims Worlds, but hope that this event be a lesson for from now the volunteers and maneagement also take a serious choose for do things there and put a bit more of their part or better. and us, only by the value and relevance tha have OSgrid, we have to be more “demanding” for have a world that be more better that now, and not forget taht OSgrid not is the only one wolrd that theyr managements are “volunteers and not received money by their time with thesy
    include some litle “comertial” or half comertial wolrds the money that received not is for these people is for spend and invert exclusivelly in the maintenance and payment for trythat continue active and alive.

    Waves to all.
    Lugh Kondor.

  13. kenvc73@gmail.com' Ken says:

    Hmmm this whole article sounds like an advertisement for Zetamex.

    OSGrid is and has always been an alpha test grid for the purpose of testing the latest bleeding edge Opensim software with the load of real users in place. Without the testing platform provided by OSGrid, the software used today by other grids would not be nearly as reliable and stable and many of the other grids would simply not exist.

    I had over 200 sims connected to OSGrid and you won’t hear me whining or complaining. I am thankful a grid exists for the primary purpose of running, testing, and developing the latest Opensim software. When it comes back up, I’ll disconnect my opensim database from my private test grid, and reconnected it to OSGrid and will be back up and running in just a few minutes. All sims and sim assets will then be in place on OSGrid exactly as they were before the crash.

    If they aren’t able to recover any of the AV inventory, then I’ll reload my AV inventory from a recent iar file… or maybe starting with an empty inventory might actually be easier and better than trying to clean up and organize my old one! lol