Genesis Metaverse switches to DigiWorldz hosting

Genesis Metaverse. (Image courtesy Karl Gandy via Facebook.)

Genesis Metaverse, a company which previously ran its own grid and also provided hosting to other grids, has left the hosting business and is now using DigiWorldz to handle its hosting and OpenSim management.

The company was formed after last summer’s disastrous flameout of the AviWorlds grid and its associated Avi-Labs hosting company, and two of Avi-Labs previous customers, Baller Nation and Kea Nation,  switched to Genesis Metaverse for their hosting. But about a week ago, Baller Nation announced that they were leaving Genesis Metaverse in favor of DigiWorldz after Genesis Metaverse suffered a hacking attack that exposed problems with its technical infrastructure and a lack of backups. Kea Nation had left earlier.

When they left, the company’s former customers cited a number of technical issues, on top of the backup problem, that hadn’t been addressed by the company.

Cliff Hopkins

Genesis Metaverse grid owner Cliff Hopkins told Hypergrid Business that it is technical issued that caused him to decide to go with DigiWorldz.

“We’ve been plagued with issues from groups vanishing to terraforming coming back flat after a region restart,” he said. “We have decided, in the best interest of our residents, to bite the bullet — so to speak — and will be moving our hosting.”

It will cost more to use an external company than to run their own hosting, he said, but it also offers a number of advantages.

“Things such as land sales, search, classifieds, money transactions in your dash, and so on will all be working correctly, so the money spent is well worth it,” he said. “We feel it is what you all truly deserve as loyal Genesis residents. Our home will become a lot more stable and secure. Everything will be backed up and saved, so no more worrying if you’re going to log in and have no friends on your list, no inventory, and no groups.”

Plus, it will free up the time of grid management to focus on bringing bigger and better things to the grid and to OpenSim.

“We can concentrate on what’s important,” he said. “On our homes, and on making Genesis Metaverse bigger and better.”

Welcome area of the Genesis Metaverse grid. (Image courtesy Genesis Metaverse.)

He said that he plans to put more efforts towards marketing, on adding a VIP membership level, and on updating core systems.

“It’s basically a huge, huge update to our home to make it the best possible place ever,” he said.

Despite only being launched this past September, Genesis MetaVerse quickly took its place among the top 10 percent of all public OpenSim grids by traffic, with 362 active users last month. The grid’s land area was the equivalent of 757 standard regions, making it one of the top ten grids by size.

Expect downtime, price increases

There will be some downtime during the transition, Hopkins warned, and the bulk of work will be done this weekend.

“We are going to do our best to make this as seamless as possible for all of you considering all you have gone through with us,” he said. “Downtime will be as minimal as possible to backup all assets, inventory and data. With that said, we truly hope to see you in a much better place when all this is over.”

The biggest change for users — other than better stability, security and performance — will be a price increase for new regions.

Current regions, and those ordered before February 1, will be grandfathered in at the current prices.

For example, the current basic 20,000-prim “Jaguar” region costs about $6 per month, which is a very low price. That will go up to around $15 in February, still a bargain in OpenSim, where the average region price is about $20.

“Those that take them now will remain at these grandfathered prices as long as they keep the region,” Hopkins said.

The grid also offers varregions from four to 64 standard regions in size, and prices for these will roughly double in February, he said.

Billing will also change. Instead of PayPal subscriptions, the grid will switch to recurring PayPal invoices, instead.

“It’s much easier for us to manage on the back end,” he said. “And you can also see when your regions or due. We’ve been getting too many skipped payments.”

The deal with DigiWorldz

So why does it seem that everyone is moving their grids to DigiWorldz hosting lately?

Terry Ford

It’s a relatively new company, having launched in 2015. But founder Terry Ford, also known as Butch Arnold in-world, had a solid reputation from the early days of OpenSim, when he founded 3rd Rock Grid in 2008. When he left to start his own grid and hosting company, the parting was amicable, and DigiWorldz continued to provide tech assistance to 3rd Rock Grid. He is also a respected and valuable member of the broader OpenSim community, and led an effort to raise funds for OSgrid after that grid had a significant outage in 2014.

His reputation and technical skills quickly made DigiWorldz a popular grid, and drew customers to his hosting company. DigiWorldz was the third-fastest-growing grid in 2015, by both active users and land area.

Last month, DigiWorldz ranked among the top three most respected hosting companies in our annual hosting survey. Dreamland Metaverse was in first place and Zetamex Network rounded out the list in third. The full list of OpenSim hosting providers is here.

In addition to providing hosting or other regular technology services for the DigiWorldz grid itself, Baller Nation, and Genesis Metaverse, the company also provides hosting 3rd Rock Grid, and the Encore Escape.

DigiWorldz also provides some technical services to the Great Canadian Grid, but does not host the grid. The grid has its own servers, though they are located in the same data center as that used by DigiWorldz.

“DigiWorldz is a reseller at our data center and we have grown to become one of their larger customers and they take very good care of us due to our volume with them,” Ford told Hypergrid Business.

All of the grids mentioned use the DigiWorldz version of the OpenSim code base, which adds custom management and backup features and some tweaks to the standard distribution of OpenSim.

The company also works with other grids to provide them with occasional help as they need it, he said.

Customers who rent servers from DigiWorldz for other purposes use them for web hosting, private grids, streaming, database storage, voice servers, and one for a small content delivery service.

Altogether, DigiWorldz manages 74 servers in total, 30 of which are used just for the DigiWorldz grid.



“We do not provide OpenSim support for Linux based machines as I do not know the Linux systems well enough for me to be efficient using them,” Ford added.


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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

88 Responses

  1. title is wrong. Says they switched to dreamworldz but in your article you say they are switching to Digiworldz

    • arrgh. second time in a row i mistyped the grid name in a headline. What was it last time? DipiWorldz? BipiWorldz? what is WRONG with my fingers this week?

      • it was Diviworldz last time

        •' Dragon Heart says:

          hey chris thanks for the chat, sorry was really pre occupied in our group lol, was nice meeting you again on better terms this time, past is the past, lets leave it there and move forward 🙂 may have some work if your interested once were settled ect, want some scripts ect doing.

          • sure and now that your with Digiworldz you can have that arranged that through terry. “Chris i need a script made for Dragon” “Sure what does he want?”

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            sent terry some info on scripts we want in GMV 😀

          • hey cliff, terry told me. sorry nothing against you but i refuse to do breedables for everyone. It’s too complex and would take weeks to get something stable enough for testings.

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            no worries bud, we may have found one, seams a sl breedable is showing a lot of intrest in adding to our grid as well 😀 still got other plans tho for more inworld stuff i could use help on 😀

  2.' Jessie Black says:

    title is incorrect. Says they turned to dreamworldz but in your content you say they are changing to Digiworldz

    Espiar WhatsApp

  3.' Fanny says:

    Awwww, did da ickle dragon get out of his depth and have to two wunning to someone to bail him out.. It’s so laughable you couldn’t make this up could you?

    Will Candi still be banning all talk about Terry and Digiworlds in Genesis like she suggested at the last meeting? Or has everyone kissed and made up now?

    Pass me the popcorn, I have a feeling the drama has only just begun.

  4.' Fanny says:

    They are still blocking ALL outgoing hypergrid items. I hope any seller on the grid is aware their market is purely users of Genesis.

    •' Da Hayward says:

      I think they still in the process of setting up with DigiWorldz Fanny. So to be fair to Cliff (which is totally out of character for me) it may all be sorted in a few days

      •' Dragon Heart says:

        thanks da 🙂 we just dont allow export from GMV currently due to to many copying items and reselling, its one reason weve some amazing creators in 🙂

        •' 1derworld says:

          So its ok to bring in bad stuff? Just not export them hmm interesting.

          •' Minethereé says:

            lol you can be really funny sometimes Joe-)) (other times, well…..)

          •' Minethereé says:

            Your other comment to me seems to have been moderated out…I didn’t notice when it arrived in my email that it had anything objectionable, but there it is.

            As well, I was going to answer it here as I think it is pertinent to some basic issues. I had to sleep and forgot that I have thunderbird set to delete trash on exit, where I had put it before I decided to comment.

            In any case, the real issue to me is that those like yourself, who are in fact a strong supporter of the hypergrid, in your own inimitable ways. You have also found a special and important niche selling your OARs which I think it very, very good.

            The essence of the issue is that while you are such a supporter of the Hyperverse you also apparently enjoy being a provocateur at times, which goes against the grain and only succeeds in causing strife when we all who use the Hypergrid should be trying to get along better.

            This is what I find disappointing.

            It’s not a major thing by far but it would be nice that if people have some issue with “whatever’s” to try and keep in mind we are still one big family, tho understandably somewhat dysfunctional at times.

            But it serves to stir up things that lend to outsiders fodder for their disinformation campaigns to denounce core opensim in all sorts of negative ways.

            And as well it gives other well=meaning people a somewhat sour taste towards what we all enjoy (one must assume as if someone does not enjoy something why are they having anything to do with it?)

            Anyway, I think you are an interesting guy and I think most of what you do elsewhere than these places is very supportive and helpful.

            I just would hope that you and others try to understand what is at stake here and try to understand that those who would love to see our special places go down and us go back to our asylums (that last part is joking around because while on the one hand a serious issue, it is, like all things, not really all that important to life and living which is getting increasingly difficult for many).


          •' 1derworld says:

            Not sure what your saying, But you can call me Donald Trump I say what others are thinking. I have many many friends and yes not all see eye to eye on things I say. It does not change who I am. I not only Sell OAR’s i give anything I build or have away Its always XMas at Lost World, Again my Friends or the word of mouth about Lost World is all I need nothing more. Yes again many here are Bias or love there horse blinders. It is what it is. If i see foul damn right i’m gonna call it foul. No way is opensims perfect and yes I will call it as I and many others see it. Now if you or anyone want to run around being fake then hmmm so be it. Lastly the hypocrites that have that foul taste well try using scope mouthwash and stay away from me is all I can say. Its really no great loss. I’m not a happy camper lot of pots here calling the kettle black.

      •' Butch Arnold says:

        Hi Da,

        DigiWorldz simply supplies the hosting, code, management, tech support, backup and other automation processes. The grid owner chooses the settings for their particular grid, in this case, Genesis has chosen to not allow things to leave their grid.

    •' Dragon Heart says:

      Hi fanny

      ok ive no idea why you have a bee in your bonet obout what we let out of our grid, anyway, yes we restrict items leaving our grid (its on our website),

      All our residents know this and dont have a issue 70 to 85% embrace it that thier items are same from being copybotted when allowed to take off the grid and used on someone elses home system and information chanced then they sell it on at a fraction of the price.

      We are adding in (eventually) where a user can say if they want a item to leave our grid or not its thier choice, at the moment we do not allow any export (maybe thats why in 3 months we are in the top 10% of grids)

      •' Fanny says:

        Can you show me where on your website it shows you state that? I can’t see it anywhere.

        •' Dragon Heart says:

          youll see the site has changed from the purple one to a better looking one, the page isnt there currently, but it will be first on my list to put on tomorrow, almost 5am here been working all day so need a break from coding

          •' Fanny says:

            So what your saying is this hasn’t been stated on the website previously and the 70-85% of your customers that you state embrace this policy actually aren’t aware this is the case?

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            Hi Fanny

            I really fail to see what your big issue is here with GMV, what we do on our grid should not be any of your concern, if you are a resident of our grid then you can bring it up at the meetings we hold and we will explain our reasons why we do not allow export off GMV.

            However if you feel that GMV is in the wrong here and wish us to follow the flocks of other grids out there i am affraid you will be in for a disapointment, i noticed you dont pick on any other grid that do not allow items to leave thier grids, just seams to be ours which makes me belive you have either some sort of grevance against us or just expecting us to fight back, again you will be disapointed with this expectation.

            There are plenty of grids out there that allow you to export items off thier grids, osgrid is the main one, or simply set up your own grid, however youll find a lot of the best creators will refuse to even enter those grids out of fear of copybotted items they create which i can truly understand, some of these builders, mesh designers ect spend hours, weeks sometimes even months creating items for thier passion, why should thier items not be protected from people who want to steal them and make a quick buck out of stolen items, i for one wont allow that to happen in GMV.

            If anyone has a issue with a non exportable grid they are always welcome to go else where, however we will be remaining a non exportable grid.

          •' Fanny says:

            My ‘issue’ here is that you have suddenly made this change unannounced. I have sims and shops on your grid on the understanding that others from across the hypergrid could come and buy. Up until about a week ago that worked fine. Now that’s not possible I’ll be looking elsewhere.

            Incidentally, copybotting not the same as exporting. If your residents are under the impression they are safe from copybots, they need to learn a lot about how copybot viewers work, the clue being in the word “viewer”.

          •' Fanny says:

            No Export Policy

            Here at GMV we want to protect our builders and creators, weve got
            quite a few really great creators that are not found anywhere else in
            OpenSim, We run a no export policy which means anything that the creator
            does not want to leave our grid can leave, If a creator allows it to
            leave thaen that is upto them, Creators spend days, weeks even months
            building and coding, here we protect thier investments and appeciate
            what they do for our grid. Please read our T.O.S for any more information.

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            Hi fanny

            ok let me explain someting here and dont take offence, weve been no export since day 7 ish of the grid being alive, even under alex we were no export, its one of the resons so many great creators come to our grid besides hypergridding over to buy something isnt going to work as hypergridders dont get our currency system and we are one of the very few grids with a working econonomy that you can cash out.

            A creator can open a support ticket with us if they wish thier items to leave our grid, which weve explained countless times at meetings, its a little messing around for us to do but since its the only way currently until we get things situated again and look into adding new functions we offer a iar export and email it to your customer, again this is a little more messing around for us to do, and again as they cant get our currency when hypergridding its really a mute point.

            Please do not break copywrite by pasting snippets from our website on anywhere that is not official GMV websites or channels please read our TOS regarding our website information.

            thank you for understanding

            Lastly im sorry you now feel that GMV is not the place for you since our export policy, i do wish you all the best in where ever you choose your next grid to be, im sorry that we can not please everone at the same time, were tryin our best to but sometimes unfortunatly this is never possible to do.

          •' Fanny says:

            Ok, a few points.

            1st, not everyone can make it to your meetings, you should consider having someone take a note of the main points so such residents are aware of issues raised.
            2nd, in all the months I’ve been on GMV hypergrid export has worked.

            3rd, you need to check your configuration as I’ve been told there’s still a way of exporting items.
            4th, I have nothing against you or your grid, I just expect any grid I am a member of to be open and upfront with their user policy.
            5th, it does make me wonder if other grids will see the block you have in place as being unfair and start blocking you.
            6th, your TOS makes no sense at all.

          •' Fanny says:

            from your TOS:

            If it is found that you are employed on another gird you will be asked to step down or be terminated.

            Death threats too? :O 😉

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            we have every right to request our team do not work on other grids causes a conflict of intrest and opens the possability to advertising another grid on ours and vise virsa … why is everything we have such a big issue for you, export, currency, staffing

          •' Minethereé says:

            Strong in the force I see with Arnold…

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            if other grids want to block us because of a no export that is thier choice, please stop trying to cause a huge issue out of this, if our no export policy is not to your liking then move along, there is really no need to try and belittle us into doing things your way it will never happen

          •' Candi Genesis says:

            Actually Fanny that is NOT correct as this was discussed at a Community meeting months ago. Our residents know about it and know that as owners we are trying to protect their creations.

          •' Fanny says:

            You keep going on about these meetings you held, not everyone can or wants to attend such meetings or was a resident months ago. I guess your happy they where left in the dark.

          •' Candi Genesis says:

            Fanny, as Dragon has stated MANY times to you, if you are that unhappy with Genesis, please feel free to use the delete account button in your dashboard as we’re both done feeding into your drama. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

      •' Alex Ferraris says:

        My two cents about closing the grid’s item exports.

        Opensim is not Second Life. I know you are trying mimic SL trying to make it more secure for your creator’s content.
        The truth is Dragon: any one who wants to export an item from ANY grid will do it. Its called COPY BOT.
        The idea of making the grid a closed commercial grid like SL does not work. Trust me I tried that business module once and I had a lot more creators than your grid does.
        The best way to do it is to try to EDUCATE your creators on this subject. I say TRY because a lot of times it is a lost cause. People still think that preventing exports will make their items safe and that is so far from the truth …
        Dragon you are going through the same problems I did go long ago. These a phases and you are now experiencing demands from creators or maybe not …maybe you think that by doing this they will go to your grid.
        There are probably thousands of grids, mini grids…what would be the difference?

        Anyway good luck..

    • i actually love the idea of no exporting. Makes giving freebie items to just local residents alot easier.
      I hope (don’t know if terry has yet) that digiworldz does no exporting soon.

      •' Fanny says:

        Digiworldz are currently “filtering” outgoing, to what extent I don’t know as they to have never made their policy public.

        •' 1derworld says:

          May as well just make it a closed grid with all the don’t do this and don’t do that. Wonder if it was on the original TOS if there was one.

        •' Butch Arnold says:

          Hi Fanny.. DigiWorldz does not filter any content incoming or outgoing on the DigiWorldz grid.
          Of the grids we host.. the owners of those grids choose what they allow, not DigiWorldz.

          •' Fanny says:

            My last post isn’t showing up so 2nd try. Accoding to this very website, at /2015/03/what-are-the-best-grids/, Maria states Digiworldz is a filtered grid.

        •' Da Hayward says:

          As far am I am aware DigiWorldz does not block any outgoing or incoming content. We have creators on Kea who have set up shops on other Grids

  5.' Butch Arnold says:

    Hello Fanny.. sorry for the confusion. That article was almost 2 years ago, just a couple of weeks after we opened. We were indeed filtered at that time, that lasted only a few weeks while we tested and due to use requests, we chose to be unfiltered. DigiWorldz has been a “NON” filtered grid for approx. 1-1/2 years. and do not plan on changing that.

  6.' Da Hayward says:

    Oh Btw Congrats Dragon and the Genesis team you have picked what we believe to be a really good host.

  7.' 1derworld says:

    No I wasn’t referring to DigiWorldz.

  8.' Justin Time says:

    Digiworldz does a great job hosting their own grid, so I can only assume they are no less efficient hosting other grids as well. I am not a personal friend or even an acquaintance to Butch Arnold / Terry Ford, in fact I would not recognize him if I fell over him in world, but I can attest to the fact that Digiworldz grid is well maintained and has been for some time now. No grid will run by itself for any length of time before something awful happens. Without constant intervention, any grid will crash in time. Without precautions, a crashed grid is often unrecoverable. Digiworldz is maintained with experience, and that experience is very evident. Been there, seen it, many times.

  9.' F4 Forzane says:

    Hello everyone i would just like to say that Genesis metaverse people are thieves and liars and i got banned for telling someone that thier oar was uploaded for me to get my items without permmission from the sim owner who left the grid so they ip banned me and wouldnt pay out my money which i may get my lawyer to look into on principle. I advice all creator to watch out for them as they have most likely alrrady taken copies of my item and a dmca will follow if i see any on there or elsewhere, TIPTOE Designs has gone from there and will never return thankyou F4 Forzane

    •' Alex Ferraris says:

      Sorry to see that going on ..

    •' Dragon Heart says:

      Hi F4 your account was suspended after making threats towards the grid (also making threats via a 3rd party grid), please if your going to say things tell the whole truth instead of snippets, then you came in on a hypergrid account and made more threats to the point we had to contact that grids owner, so please try telling the truth.

      GMV holds a ZERO tollerance policy on threats and as written in our TOS ANY threats towards the grid, its staff or its agents will result in suspension of your account for a period of time, however you could not talk about it rationally so we could try and calm the situation, instead hypergridded over using another grids account and made even more threats, so at the moment your account is ip banned due to making these threats, and as stated in our TOS your money is still there, its not going anywhere until you rationally decide to chat via our support tickets.

  10.' Alex Ferraris says:

    After all the experiences that I had with hosting services and even techs I have hired: I basically have learned many things about this business or you may say GAME.
    When you rent a server from a data center you are not that server’s owner and they have a TOS. This can be a problem.
    When you pay for hosting and that hosting service rents a server from a data center…oh man…you are paying a lot and now you have to pass that on to your residents…
    Opensim region prices are so low now in days that it would virtually impossible for a grid owner to make money.

    I am re building Avi-Labs slowly and at the same time I am doing it in a way to completely eliminate the data center cost which certainly makes a profit when you rent a server from them.

    So by doing this I am cutting huge amounts and because of that I will be able to under price ALL these hosting services around and plus even offer 1 year free subscriptions for GRID HOSTINGs.

    Anyway Avi-Labs OWNS its servers we do not RENT them from anyone anymore.

    Something great will happen next SUMMER! All I can say!

  11.' lmpierce says:

    Just a reminder… A comment below was deleted for violating the discussion guidelines. The comments that followed that comment were also deleted, not because they were at issue, but because comments that follow a deleted comment are usually also deleted, otherwise they have no referent and no longer are applicable in the discussion.

    •' Da Hayward says:

      Ok fair enough
      Seems to happen a bit regarding this aticles subject

      •' lmpierce says:

        Thanks for understanding. The procedure is also indicated in the guidelines. Indeed, this is a topic with some impassioned responses.

    •' F4 Forzane says:

      if my post was deleted how come i am still getting comments and as for dragon he says i am ip banned and i cannot get on the site to do a ticket so cannot ask anything maybe he should find out how to ruin a grid, feel free to delete me from this forum bracuse this is my last post on any subject i will be leaving any hypergated grid, so dont need to hear all the rubbish

      •' Da Hayward says:

        Hi F4 apparently a few posts got deleted. It just happens.
        I did read your comment before it was gone

      •' Fanny says:

        I think he knows already how to ruin a grid.

      • wow chill girl. impierce is just doing his job. he has nothing to do with what dragon does. i been hard on impierce before and i shouldnt of. he is just doing his job for maria.
        (yes lawerence this is me saying sorry)
        also F4. i like you but this leaving and coming back is starting to get as old as aviworldz opening and closing all the time.

      •' lmpierce says:

        One comment was deleted initially because it violated the discussion guidelines – there is no reason any comment should ever need to be deleted, but Hypergrid Business has discussion guidelines that are posted ( ). If readers do not observe the guidelines and/or write whatever they feel like writing, then sometimes those comments will violate the guidelines and be deleted. Comments are not otherwise deleted.

        Comments can be positive, or they can be critiques. The goal is not to restrict ideas, discussions or points of view. The goal is for discussions that are civil. The guidelines spell out what ‘civil’ means in this context.

        Alternatively, you can post a link to any other blog or forum and invite readers to continue a discussion at that location.

  12. dont know if its my happy meds (yes, doctors have given me happy pills for my BPD) causing me to think like this or i just suddenly had a change of heart but i need to say something now.

    im not to happy with Terry giving support to Genesis Grid BUT it’s not my place or anyone else’s place to tell Terry who he can and can not help just like its no one’s place to tell Cliff what he can and cant do with his grid (except for the techy stuff :P)
    All these “he did this” and “he did that” is just all drama. If cliff blocked ya from Genesis its most likely because of drama.
    If ya want drama in your life go watch a soap opera or a reality show. Don’t be putting a man down all because you dont agree with what he does. Either leave or just live with it.
    Terry is helping Cliff so i just gotta accept it and move on despite our past differences. I know terry will make cliff’s residents happy so i vow to help with whatever i can to help terry achieve that.

    We should be coming together as one HUUUUUUUUGE happy opensim community where we help each other. NOT be going at each other’s verbalial throats. As a panda in a very popular video game once told me “slow down, life is to be savored”.

    ok adhd kicked in, end of my speech since i just lost my focus on this. good night and happy building eh.

  13.' Me Ini says:

    There is something that needs to be discussed since creator content and ownership is held at such a high level , as if should be.
    I am not bringing this up to aim blame as this needs to be understood by all grid owners that this can happen.
    Whatever the cause of Genesis crash at the end of new year there was an unforeseen consequence that has gone unspoken here.

    When all the users uuids were lost and the oars reloaded onto regions, as we know the owner and last owner default to the region owner as the new owner of items that they may have not owned. This is bad to happen but with some work the damage can be mitigated.

    The fact that the creator of the items changed is not something that can be corrected. It appears anything in a grid that was created in grid IF the creators uuids are no longer available then the oar assigns the region owners name as the creator/owner/lastowner leaving the creators no where to be found. So fair warning to grid owners if you do not have whatever backups necessary to preserve the integrity of the creators you risk being blacklisted in the future . Creator content even if in a virtual world is still protected by law when it is in a business name . Sorry to say but losing the creator content ids/ownership and sales of the products and speaking about preserving
    creator content is a bit off. I am not writing this to assign blame as everyone should take note to prevent this from happening again and move on. ( yes i like my name )

  14.' Fanny says:

    I’ve just got wind that Dragon has left Genesis and now just Candi will be running it.

    •' Da Hayward says:


      •' Fanny says:

        I had a message from them saying so. I’d post it here but last time I did that I got told off by Dragon as apparently its against Genesis’s copyright.

        •' Da Hayward says:

          wow! Just gets stranger and stranger

        • post it anyways, its called freedom of speech.

          •' Fanny says:

            GMV News
            Sat, Feb 04 2017 6:22:16 AM PST

            As of this morning, Dragon Genesis has left so to keep our grid up and running I will be taking over. Please cancel any and all subscriptions you currently have with GMV and until i can get the new website up with our regions listed, contact me directly for new orders.

            More will be discussed at today’s Community Meeting.

            Hugs, Candi

          •' Candi Genesis says:

            Seriously Fanny? From all of your posts you can’t stand Genesis so why do you care what happens IN Genesis other than to post your nasty comments here to feed the gossip?

          •' Da Hayward says:

            so its not true then Candi?
            I know this dosn’t sound like me but I do want to see Genesis survive even if Cliff and I arenot exactly friends

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            that can very easy be changed don lol, yes weve had our diffrences, but past is the past, water under the bride or over the dam so to speak

          •' Da Hayward says:

            it was all last year,its a new year now I think you being bit hard on Fanny though Cliff obviously someone is giving her this info so might pay to get with her and see if you guys can work out who is.
            Best of luck with the grid

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            thanks bud but i dont think im being hard, this is actually around the 15th time shes posted about genesis in diffrent posts, export permissions she didnt like, cancelled meetins she didnt like due to ilness, hypergridding she didnt like, seams everything thats in genesis she dont like, funny thing is shes still paying for her region lmao

          •' Da Hayward says:

            I just think she is concerned, we all know there are those who out there who just love to throw a spanner in the works, she strikes me as a concerned resident who is just up front with it.
            And any comment is an opportunity to reply, and get in some “good” free PR

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            yea i know bud lol but genesis is going no where, im going no where, candi is going no where.

            Genesis is covered for the next 58 months (in revenue and investments i have in my personal paypal) and also thats expanding every month by another 1 1/2 months per month, so were deffinatly not going anywhere exept forwards and onwards, were in the top 3 to 5 in binders world and in the top 10% in less than 3 months in marias stats (not trying to plug here lol) plus our avrae daily users is over 50

          •' Da Hayward says:

            good stuff

          • ok now im confused. are you gone cliff or is all this about you leaving just another fake news?
            im actually get sick and tired of seeing fake news pop up all over the place now.

          •' Sally says:

            Just a small bit of advice, as a former resident of Inworldz I witnessed first hand how harmful it can be questioning your customers right to express there opinion in public, now as far as I can see she has been within guidelines and not on a genesis metaverse server. can your other customers have opinions or critical viewpoints outside your own server without intervention?

            Linden Lab rarely if ever responds to any comments outside there own system, while some might think that’s bad customer service, is what your doing better? linden lab sure has profited well from that approach.

            You seem like you might be newer out here, wanted to give you some positive advice, hopefully it can help you:)

          •' Fanny says:

            Seriously Candi? YOU posted that as a notice to all of Genesis.

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            ok let me go on record here

            1st I HAVE NOT LEFT GENESIS
            3rd find another grid to put down cause quite franky im fed up of it fanny