Hypergrid Business is an online publication indexed by Google News that covers enterprise uses of immersive virtual reality environments and virtual worlds, with more than 185 contributing writers and over 60,000 unique readers a month.

Launched in 2009, Hypergrid Business has a particular focus on OpenSim, a scalable, open-source peer-to-peer virtual reality platform that allows users to transmit messages, virtual objects, and even their avatars from one world to another.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for new opportunities, a business manager interested in new collaboration tools or new market opportunities, or an educator interested in new platforms to deliver content and experiences to students, immersive virtual reality environments offer — literally — new worlds of possibilities.

The Internet created a new class of millionaires, upended entire industries, and changed the way we work, learn, and socialize. Immersive virtual environments will have a similar impact. The Web changed the way we communicate information — virtual reality will change the way we share experiences. 

It will dramatically transform business, education, politics, and entertainment — even more than the Web has.

How do we know this? Because people are already voting with their wallets — immersive, three-dimensional video games outsell all others, and the market is global and fast-moving. The education sector was the first to embrace virtual environments, as a way to deliver training simulations, seminars, and lectures at a low cost and without geographical constraints. The military has long been using training simulators, as has the health care industry. Today, immersive 3D videos and virtual reality applications are becoming a popular marketing channel and over a million Google Cardboard-compatible headsets are in user hands.

How fast will it happen? There are physical constraints — the speed of connections, the graphics capacity of individual computers. These challenges take time to address, but progress in this area is inevitable. There are also cultural constraints, as it takes time for people to learn how to use a new technology. However, the Internet has accelerated the pace of technological adoption, and it will accelerate the move towards virtual environments as well.

How do you stay on top of this? By reading Hypergrid Business. We offer in-depth and up-to-date coverage of the OpenSim technology and community, which is currently the leading contender to be the hyperlinked 3D Web, with news, case studies, opinion, and feature stories. We also cover alternative open source platforms like Open Wonderland, and proprietary enterprise platforms like ProtoSphere and Teleplace.

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