Hypergrid travelers search for shopping

Hypergrid travelers are more likely to be looking for shopping than any other kind of individual destination, according to May visitor statistics of the Hyperica hypergrid destination directory.

The top five pages viewed overall were the full list of hypergrid-enabled grids, the hypergrid-enabled regions on OSgrid, the list of hypergrid-enabled freebie stores, directions on how to travel the hypergrid, and the list of hypergrid-enabled regions on ReactionGrid. A total of 5,695 pages on the Hyperica hypergrid directory were viewed in May by 409 unique visitors.

The top five individual destinations were Humbug Cove, Ellis Island Shops, Snoopies, Wild Shopping, and Samsara, all shopping venues.

The top five non-retail category pages viewed were Germany, art galleries, France, colleges and universities, and 3D design services.

Shopping totals include both individual destinations and category pages.
Maria Korolov