The hypergrid is like the World Wide Web of 3D worlds. You can create your own world, at your company, school, or government agency, and link it to worlds owned by partners, clients, or information providers.

Hypergrid teleports look and feel much like regular, in-world teleports. In fact, usually the only way to know that you’ve done a hypergrid teleport and not an in-grid one is that your user name changes when you land in the new world. For example, if you were Bob Smith when you were on YourCompanyGrid.com, when you travel to a different grid, your name will now be displayed as something like bob.smith@yourcompany.grid.com:8002.

You have to hypergrid-enable your grid first. Or get a new avatar on a grid that’s already hypergrid-enabled, such as OSGrid.

Travel instructions from Hyperica:  How to travel the hypergrid, or click here for help if you have problems with hypergrid teleports.

And check out Hyperica itself, for a directory of hypergrid-enabled destinations.

Full list of hypergrid directories:

  • Hyperica — the largest hierarchical directory of hypergrid destinations, human-edited
  • The Hypergates — searches all the regions that have “The Hypergate” portals installed
  • Metaverse Ink — searches every item in a region for keywords
  • HG URL — searches every region that has an HGURL “thumbtack” placed on it
  • Grid Hop — a listing of hypergrid destinations manually added by users
Maria Korolov