Hypergrid currency exchange adds Avination’s C$

Austria-based VirWoX began trading Avination’s C$ virtual currency today. VirWoX is best known as a leading exchange for Lindens in Europe, and for its hypergrid-enabled OMC currency.

Frank Kappe

“Given the strong growth of Avination and its clear focus on becoming a commercial grid, this looks like an interesting market to be a part of,” said Frank Kappe, a professor at the Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media at Austria’s Graz University of Technology, and one of the creators of the OMC.

Avination is a closed commercial grid dedicated to role playing. It is based in the U.K.

This month, Avination tripled in size, leap frogging over InWorldz and other grids to become the second-largest grid running on the OpenSim platform. It gained over 600 new regions and almost 8,000 new users over the course of four weeks, on the back of marketing campaigns inside Second Life and on radio stations on the U.S. west coast.

Today, users can trade Avination’s C$ for US dollars, Euros and Lindens on the VirWoX exchange.

“Depending on demand, we may later add the ability to directly exchange C$ for OMC without going through another currency,” Kappe added.

This is the first single-grid OpenSim currency traded on a third-party exchange.

Avination marketing image. (Image courtesy Avination.)

On VirWoX, Avination’s C$ currency is listed under the symbol ACD, and currently trades at 255 ACD to one US dollar.

Maria Korolov