New UK grid offers gambling, $20 sims

A new U.K.-based grid, Tescos, is marketing itself as a gambling destination, with an added bonus of low-cost regions.

It’s not the first grid to have gambling in-world — Avination has a number of sims dedicated to gambling — but it is the first to promote itself in this way.

Eon region on the Tescos grid, currently under construction.

“We have currency and slot machines and other gambling devices,” grid owner Juozas Niurnaitis told Hypergrid Business.

A new grid, it currently spans just 18 regions and has just a dozen users, and is still very much under development.

It is also hypergrid-enabled, which Avination is not, allowing visitors to teleport in from other grids. It is part of  The Hypergates network.

“I’m very much for the hypergrid,” said Niurnaitis.

The servers for the grid are based in Europe, where the gambling laws are different than in the U.S.

The grid’s currency is redeemable for US dollars, said Niurnaitis.

“The ability to change Second Life Lindens to Tescos should be available later next month,” he added.

Full regions are available for US $20 a month, payable by PayPal, in-world Tescos, or in Second Life.

Maria Korolov