Utherverse hosts virtual Royal Wedding

Press Release: Utherverse Hosts and Provides a Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to Virtually Participate in and Attend the Royal Wedding Over its 50,000 Site Virtual World Web (VWW) Network

Open Event Provides PC and Mac Users the Opportunity to Become Royal Family Members or Attend Nuptials, Wedding Reception and After Party as Themselves, Intermingling with Fellow Guests

Vancouver, BC – While this Friday’s Royal Wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton is expected to be the most watched event in television history, members of Utherverse, the creator of the Virtual World Web (VWW), have the opportunity to virtually attend and, if they so desire, actually participate as one of five Royal Family members, including the bride and groom.

Utherverse’s hosting of the virtual Royal Wedding, as well as a post-ceremony reception and after party, marks the debut of the Vancouver, B.C.-based company’s use of technology allowing the creation of avatars that resemble real people; in this case, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles and the inimitable Charlie Sheen, among other surprise after-party guests.

Virtual Royal Wedding attendees who invest a $20 (US) monthly fee to become Utherverse VIP members can “become” any of these five Royal Family members; “commoner” event attendees are welcome simply by registering and downloading the required software at: www.princewillswedding.com.

Utherverse hosts Virtual Royal Wedding.

The VWW has 7 million PC and Mac users that use Utherverse’s downloadable 3D Web browser to navigate a network encompassing 57,000 virtual 3D communities where members interact, socialize and conduct business in ways not possible on the “flat” Internet.

Brian Shuster, Utherverse founder and CEO, views this virtual groundbreaking event as the perfect setting for attendees to meet in the romantic atmosphere afforded by the grandest wedding of all time. “From the ceremony itself, and the exclusive setting of the wedding reception and party, the virtual Royal Wedding provides the unique opportunity for guests to meet and let their hair down in a safe environment,” he said. “It will be quite like a virtual masquerade ball where people are free to openly communicate and express themselves.

“Where else for $20 can you become a virtual Royal Family member, or at no cost, attend the Royal Wedding?” Shuster asked, noting that significant numbers of Utherverse members regularly meet in-person, approximately 1,000 of whom got married in 2010 alone.

Just as the World Wide Web is comprised of websites, the VWW is made up of virtual worlds where users of the sophisticated, interactive virtual spaces have videogame-like avatars, although in this case everybody’s a real person. Avatars/real people in the virtual Utherverse engage in real experiences, such as shopping for clothing that can actually be purchased and shipped. They can visit communities like the company’s Virtual-Vancouver, which, in addition to shopping, includes nightlife, dating, concert and other kinds of satisfying venues and types of experiences such as those enabled by Utherverse’s 3Dtunes.com interactive karaoke platform.

Some members also routinely attend otherwise unreachable virtual parties held in all four corners of the Earth.

A virtual Royal Wedding preview that provides a flavor for the event can be viewed at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4LaXr4Hca4.

Shuster sees the virtual Royal Wedding as the first in a virtually limitless array of celebrity focused member events utilizing Utherverse’s enhanced avatar technology. “We’re continually keeping our eyes and ears open for new things, world and celebrity news and developments to inspire future virtual experiences,” he said.

For example, he envisions parody inspired events engaging members’ avatars with those of political figures including President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin. “Just think of some of the heated discussions that members can participate in,” Shuster noted.

For more information on the Virtual World Web, visit: www.TheVWW.com. Additional information about Utherverse can be found at www.utherverse.net.

About Utherverse.net

Utherverse is the leading developer of the 3D Web, the Virtual World Web (VWW), which currently consists of more than 55,000 independently operated virtual worlds. The company was formed in 2002 with the goal of supplementing the flat web with a 3D web that could bring a new kind of efficiency to businesses and users in entertainment, education, commerce and charity.

Among Utherverse’s offerings are the Virtual World Web – TheVWW.com – which provides simple software that enables anyone to create their own Virtual World, and Virtual-Vancouver.com, a music-focused online community.

For more information, please see http://www.utherverse.net